5 Fat Pens For Arthritic Hands! Pick The Best One From Here!

Arthritic is one of the most common health issues that can reduce your health growth and normal writing ability as well.

You may stop reducing your health issues by getting treatment, however, it will be time-consuming, But if you are a student or someone who has to write a lot every day, you should search for a special type of pen that will meet your needs!

Don’t worry because here we have managed a widespread review about the best fat pens for arthritic hands.

Hopefully, the entire post will help you to find the most comfortable one. We’ll also share each of their features, tip points, ink colours, weight, body sizes, pros, cons, and more.

1. Galagee Wide Body Ballpoint Pens

As the first pick, we’re happy to introduce this Galagee wide body ballpoint pen just because it’s the super big fat body that will work well for people with arthritic or anyone with limited dexterity.

The ergonomic design and user-friendly holding grip are easy for arthritic hands to write faster on any surface.

It’s a well-balanced pen that will reduce your hand fatigue and tremors while enhancing muscle strength.

The most useful part of this pen is using a non-slip rubber grip, so you don’t have to worry about whether you are right-handed or left-handed, you’ll get the same writing comfort.

The non-slip rubber grip also plays an important role in developing writing performance. It comes with high-quality long-lasting ink that you can use on thick and thin paper.

The pack also included five pieces of ballpoint type pens with five desiccated additional ink cartridges, and each pen offers a detachable lanyard that is enough for daily use.

The whole body is 13.2cm long and 2.6cm in width, although it seems like a huge pen, however, it will be an ideal option only for people with arthritic.

Technical Details:

  • Brand: ‎Galagee
  • Weight: 5.6 ounces
  • Colour: Orange
  • Point Type: Broad
  • Ink Color: Black


  •  Well balanced weighted pen
  • non-slip touch
  • Long-lasting ink with two black replacement refills
  • Affordable
  • Ideal For right and left-handed writers


  • Only one colour is available for now

2. Super Big Fat Pen for arthritic

If you want to rely on a popular pen, Nothing will be better than this super big fat pen by Thixotropic, because it has got 2000+ 4.4 customer reviews on Amazon.

Like the previous pen, it also has some useful features, but did you know which is the most unique part of this model?

Yes, you are right, the body structure, if you look at the body, you may enjoy a premium feel because the non-slip rubber grip on the light blue body supports your joints to stay loose and active for a long time.

The pen is also user-friendly because it allows users with poor hand capacity to hold the pen more easily and effectively.

People with arthritic issues can’t hold a small pen, so for these people, this pack can be a fine solution and help them a lot to write easily at a ​reasonable cost.

Every time you use the pen, you’ll get a clear and solid line on your paper because the pen uses a non-smudging ink that will leave nothing on your note but clean and precise lines.

Although a pen with a refillable feature is now common, in the case of a fat pen for arthritic hands, it might be rare, but the good news is this pen is refillable so you can use another refill.

The quick-drying ink also massively helps you to write faster compared to a normal pen, although you have to maintain the pen well to get a perfect writing experience.

Technical Details:

  • Brand: Thixotropic
  • Weight: ‎1 Ounce
  • Colour: Blue Ink / Blue Body
  • Material: ‎plastic
  • Writing Line Size: ‎0.7 Millimeters


  • Provides Comfort To Your Writing
  • The Detachable Lanyard Will Keep The Pen Close To Your Hand.
  • It Accepts Parker Style Refills
  • Non-slip Rubber Grip
  • Large Diameter Barrel


  • Not Easy Detachable

3. Jetec 10 Pieces Retractable Big Fat Ballpoint Pens

What if you’re an arthritic sufferer and can do a lot of activities with a single pen such as writing, drawing, sketching?

Of course, it will be a great thing, and this is where the jetec retractable big fat ballpoint pen comes in.

It’s one of the most popular pens that offer a good number of features that allow users to handle multiple tasks using just one pen and everything you’ll get within your low budget.

The easily detachable feature makes it simple to put the pen anywhere you want and the non-slip rubber grip is always powerful support for holding the pen perfectly which is especially ideal for people with arthritic.

You may notice that the body is a little bit weighty, but it doesn’t feel heavy on the hands when writing on paper.

The pen will not only offer an affordable price range but also it’s an ideal pen for the price that most customers say in their feedback on Amazon.

Technical Details:

  • Brand: Jetec
  • Weight: ‎8.1 ounces
  • Closure: Retractable
  • Material: Plastic
  • Ink Color: ‎Blue


  • The lanyard is removable
  • Smooth writing
  • Fit for multiple jobs
  • Easy to hold
  • Can be used as a gift


  • The Detachable lanyard is a bit short

4.  Thixotropic Super Big Fat Pens

This is another fat pen for arthritic hands, and the reason behind selecting this one on the list is it will last a long time over a year at least.

In addition to this, you can write up to 30-45 minute with the pen without any pain. But you have to use your third finger on the right hand to get the actual result.

The pen will make hand-writing with arthritic in your hands much easier and less painful and provide you with a better line on your notes.

It has a patent-pending grip made of comfortable silicone, and the hexagonal grip profile anticipates the pen from rolling away.

When you finish the refills of the pen, you can use Parker-style refills from the market to use with your current pen because it’s accepting it.

As you know, Parker-style refills are available from many companies now, but we suggest you use Monteverde P-15 Super-Broad because It comes in a variety of ink colours.

Technical Details:

  • Brand: Thixotropic
  • Weight: ‎2.33 Ounces
  • Material: ‎silicone
  • Ink Color: Black


  • Easy To Hold Shape
  • Unique Design
  • Comfortable Patent-pending Silicone Grip
  • The Price Range Is Within Your Reach


  • The Ink Colour Is Not Pure Black

5.  Big Weighted Fat Pens

If you have arthritic tremors, Parkinson’s or any other tremor related issue with your body, these big weighted fat pens will be quite helpful, these pens might not eliminate your issues, but they will make them less in the case of writing.

With these pens, you can write cursive legibly without having to go smaller than your normal handwriting.

Each of these pens is easy to hold and write, but the most important part about them is you’ll get a gift box with the pack, so if you have a person with arthritic, just pick the pack and send him/her a gift!

The length of each pen is 5.12 inches and the diameter is 1.18 inches, and the wide grip design makes these pens easier to grasp.

In addition to these, The customer service is also fine because they offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee to their customers.

Technical Details:

  • Brand: ‎Wentur
  • Weight: ‎3.5 ounces
  • Material: Plastic
  • Color: Blue
  • Box Color: Black


  • Secure in hand and Retractable
  • Feel lightweight when writing
  • A premium type gift box included
  • Removable necklace band
  • User-friendly customer support


  • Fatiguing to write for a length of time


It’s always not necessary to waste time in finding the fat pens for arthritic hands because you have the power of the internet, search and read reviews.

However, after looking at many reviews, you may get confused. To solve this, we made today’s post, and if you read them carefully, We are sure that there is no way for you to go astray.

Because here we’ve highlighted each of these pens properly based on their features, benefits, customer reviews, and more.

But if you still have any query about today’s topic, don’t forget to let us know by the comment box below! Will try to answer you as soon as we can.

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