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The Biggest Pen in The World (World Record)

The Biggest Pen in the world

In the current context, world records are being made in many different ways! So with this in mind, the Biggest Pen in the World was created in 2011 and whose discoverer was Archarya Makunuri Srinivasa.

Although many people have made different types of pens to achieve the reputation of making the largest pen in the world, no one has been able to present their pens as beautifully as this pen in India.

So it is safe to say that this is a shocking story and everyone should know about it. So let’s get to know a little better about this pen!

Which is The Biggest Pen in The World?

Yes! The pen that was made in India! It is about 18 feet high. It is the biggest ballpoint pen in the world.

Not only that, but it has also been ranked as the biggest pen in the 2016 Guinness Book of World Records which is the event of making the biggest pen in the pages of history!

The pen was made by “ACHARYA MAKUNURI SRINIVASA” on 24 April 2011 who is a resident of Hyderabad, India.

Why is it recognized as the largest pen in the world?

Because As per the guidelines, it Provides ink at the tip of a small metal sphere when used by rolling action!

Moreover, it measures 5.5 m (18 ft 0.53 in) long and weighs about 37.23 kg and The pen is carved with scenes from pure Indian mythology.

Why He Created The Biggest Ballpoint Pen in The World?

Acharya Makunuri Srinivasa has loved to do unique work since his childhood! his mother gave him a pen as a child and from there he was inspired to make a big pen and was finally able to do it.

And he is now recognized as the inventor of making the largest pen in the world! which he considers the greatest achievement of his life! and we should thank him 🙂

Source Link: Largest ballpoint pen on Guinness world records

Which is The Largest Pencil in The World?

The Biggest Pencil in The World

People have not only set the record for the largest pen in the world but also the largest pencil in the world and that’s exactly what I’m talking about!

It was created by Ashrita Furman Who was a resident of New York and this record was recognized in the Guinness world records on August 27, 2007

It has many features such as 23.23 m lengthy (76 ft 2.75 in) and weighed 98.43 tonnes (21,700 lb) Which plays a very important role to recognize as it is the world’s biggest pencil!

Source: Guinness world records

In addition to this record, there are a few other records that you need to know!

On October 10, 2007, another world record was set in France and It measures 1091.99 meters (3582 ft and 7.73 in) and was created by BIC

Source: Longest Pencil

The History of Pen

The pen is one of the most powerful things in the world. The word of the pen comes from the Latin word Pena.

In the early days of creation, people did not know how to use pens, they used to wave their hands and express their facial expressions to express their thoughts.

About 35,000 years ago, ancient people in the Namibian region of Africa used sharp stones to write or draw.

Gradually people began to improve. Before 4000 AD, the people of Egypt made paper from the leaves of the papyrus tree and began to write with the leaves and soil of different trees, but they noticed that it was not long-lasting.

Then they made a kind of ink and started writing with a fountain pen made of Bamboo. Which we know as Doyat.

Many years later, in 1827, Pettis Weiner, a Romanian citizen, was the first to discover the fountain pen.

But the results of his discovery failed. And later in 1884, Lewis Waterman invented the fountain pen.

He was a life insurance worker by profession. One day he was doing an important job in his office with a fountain pen. Suddenly the pen broke and all the ink fell on the paper and the job was ruined. Due to which he lost his job.

For this reason, he made high-quality fountain pens but it was too late to dry the ink of these pens.

Exactly 50 years later, a man named Laszlo Biro, a resident of Hungary, was a journalist by profession. He noticed that the ink used in newspapers dried up quickly and he was the first to invent a ballpoint pen.

At that time the price of that pen was 12$ and over time, it was further improved and that’s when the journey of this pen began!

How Does Ball pen work

The tip of the ballpoint pen takes a small sphere made of 0.7 to 1.2 mm brass steel tungsten or carbide which helps to apply the ink paper inside the pen.

And the ink used in ball pens dries thicker and faster which makes the ink of ball pens last longer.