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What’s The Best Rollerball Pen Under 20 Dollars?

People love writing with a smooth pen, and this is why they need a rollerball pen because the rollerball pens provide a smooth writing experience!

But when it comes to buying the best rollerball pen, the price range might be $10-$20 or higher than that!

So with this in mind, I have tried to share a list of the best Rollerball Pen Under 20 Dollars so that you can easily choose your favorite one from the list here!

So, let’s get started with the review of the excellent quality rollerball pen under $20 for you without wasting your time!

Best Rollerball Pen Under 20 Dollars:


Color: Black

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Line Size: 0.7mm

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PILOT G2 Premium Refillable

Provides clean flow of ink

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Color: Crimson

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Material Type: Metal

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1. Sharpie Rollerball Pen: The Best Rollerball Pen Under $20!

With bold rollerball inks, the Sharpie rollerball pen is one of the best selling and most popular bold ink rollerball pens in the pen market and delivers always-vivid writing to writers.

The Sharpie needlepoint tip is 0.5mm and is designed for precision, while its pro metal clip provides the pen a well-structured and professional finish.

One of its right sides is the translucent grip that will help you identify the ink color and provide a skip-free writing performance no matter if you’re a right-handed or left-handed person!

Sharpie will able to work on most porous surfaces. If you would like to use the pen on a glossy material, I’ll strongly suggest you let the ink dry before touching. The drying time of its ink will depend on the porosity of the surface you use, warmth, and of course, how much ink lay-down there will be!

Note: If I’m honest, the first thing that I love about the Sharpie rollerball pen is its look and quick-drying ink technology! I also like its affordable price range!

Technical Details:

2. uni-ball Vision Rollerball Pens

When someone needs a rollerball pen with free-flowing and fluid ink, they should try the uni-ball Vision Rollerball Pens once! Because each uni-ball rollerball pen comes with free-flowing ink that is similar to a fountain pen, I think you may know it if you read my previous post on how to choose a pen!

You’ll feel the ball contacting the surface, and also you’ll see the ink flowing out of the pen as you are trying to write!

You may enjoy its visible ink supply window, which lets you know how much ink remains in your pen!

The exclusive uniflow ink mechanism will give consistent regularity and color intensity. The features of uni super ink will protect your pen against water, so you don’t worry about it because your pen is completely safe.

If you already use one of the Uni-Ball rollerball pens, you already may know that they use pigment-based ink in their rollerball pens that contain particles that form an indelible bond on the surface.

When you buy the pack of these pens, you’ll get 12 black colored rollerball pens, and all these pens come with a 0.7 mm fine point size.

What Did I Like: The Uni-Ball Vision Rollerball pens deliver solid vivid colors when you write, and I think this is what I love most about it!

Technical Details:

3. PILOT G2 Premium

There are so many reasons why I’m coming with the Pilot G2 Premium Rollerball Pen at the three number pick of today’s review!

This pen is perfectly Ideal for overachievers because it has a long-lasting plastic body with a comfortable rubber grip and allows you to choose your perfect tip size from a lot of tips sizes like an ultra-fine, extra-fine, bold point, and fine!

If you like the traditional writing style, you may love the pen purely because the Pilot G2 rollerball pen is a classic choice for all kinds of writing needs.

Without any skipping, you can write quite smoothly with it because its comfortable rubber grip will always help you write correctly. The pen is retractable and refillable, which is why Pilot G2 called a revolution of the pen world!

What I Did Like: yes! What I Did Like: yes! The writing performance of it! It’s the most smooth writing pen I’ve ever seen in my whole. Although you have to pay attention to the price because nothing better can be expected from this price range!

4. Cross Calais Rollerball Pen

Cross became famous for making their ballpoint pens, and fountain pens, one of them is the cross Cross Century II Lustrous Chrome Ballpoint Pen that I love most!

But don’t worry, because they are not lagging in making rollerball pens, which is why I have tried to find a good quality rollerball pen from the Cross rollerball pen collection, and finally, I have found the Cross Calais!

The Cross Calais rollerball pen is made with a matte metallic finish with polished chrome center band appointments. This good looking pen is perfect for personalization and corporate decoration. It comes with a premium-looking gift box that can be easily used for a gift.

Technical Details:

5. Picasso 916 Malage Rollerball Pen

The Picasso 916 Rollerball Pen is designed with the theme of the combinations of pure art and life. You can also think that this pen is a kind of luxury type rollerball pen.

I’m 100% sure you’ll love the pen’s design and want to use it in your hand because the design looks much more professional and beautiful, making the pen more attractive to users.

Writers who love a lightweight pen, they will love the pen because the pen’s weight is only about 30g that is easy to carry and write!

It comes with one original pen box with one piece pen, but you may notice the pen color if your screen resolution is terrible.

Technical Details:

Summing Up:

At the end of the review of the best Rollerball Pens Under $20, I’ll strongly recommend the PILOT G2 Premium Rollerball Pen. Because at this price point, Currently, this pen is one of the best selling and most popular rollerball pens in the world.

So pick your right one and get started your journey with a rollerball pen!

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