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Are There Any Best Pens For Gift?

When you are thinking of buying a gift, you have many options out there! But when it comes to finding the best pens for gift giving then you must do a lot of research to find a good quality pen! Right? I know your answer will be “yes!”

So for your consideration, I’ve made a list of the 15 amazing pens for a gift. And I hope if you waste some time to browse the top 15 list then you will be able to find your perfect pen to gift your loved person like your mom, dad, friends or anyone else!

Before starting the full entertainment let’s see a short comparison list of these pens.

Try A Best Ballpoint Pen For Gift

First, you should try some of the best ballpoint pens for gift-giving because ballpoint pens are the all-time king of the pen world, it always causes happiness especially when it comes to writing or pen gift!

List of 5 Best Ballpoint Pens For Gift

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1. Waterman Hemisphere Ballpoint Pen

Customer reviews

Waterman Hemisphere is one of my favorite ballpoint pens that I suggest to my visitors that buy the pen and try to use it as a gift.

This Waterman Hemisphere ballpoint pen is hand-crafted and hand-assembled in France, and it looks like a slim and sophisticated design. Its skillfully constructed tip produces flawless lines that will dry fast and very quickly and giving you free rein for spontaneous expression. 

If someone asks me why the Waterman Hemisphere is one of the beautiful pens for a gift, I’ll say that this fantastic looking pen comes with a premium quality gift box that fit for gifting this pen to anyone you want! And one more thing that you might love about this pen is there are a gold and chrome rim in this pen.

It’s smooth. The tailored form is heightened by a pure dynamic combination of elements like the broad ring, expertly engraved nib, and slim clip. With this best selling ballpoint pen in the market, every mark you make radiates clarity and niceness.

Technical Features

Created from the Waterman, pen weight around 45 grams which is perfect for carrying, Matte Black body color and metal is used as a material in it, point type is medium and included blue ink color.


2. Stunning Black Lacquer Ballpoint Pen

Customer reviews

Are you looking for a Luxury ballpoint pen for a gift? Then just wait! The Stunning Black Lacquer Ballpoint Pen is going to be your solution!

It’s a luxury ballpoint pen by the number one pen brand Scrivener. This pen has a heavyweight body that is beautifully crafted out of brass with a pure black lacquer finish, and also, this pen comes with 24 karat gold appointments. 

The Stunning black ballpoint pen is a pen that will impress in any environment. Whether in a coffee shop or an executive boardroom. And your pen will draw admiring glances and comments.

You’ll get a superb writing experience with this one when writing because all of the pens of Scrivener brand use Schmidt refills, which are created in Germany, so you’ll appreciate its soft writing style and this pen is also ideal for beautiful calligraphy.

Exquisite Presentation Gift box:

This Stunning black ballpoint pen is nicely presented, and a hidden compartment underneath holds a spare refill. Whether for an Eid, for Christmas, for a birthday, or simply for yourself. In a word, if you’re searching for an expensive pen for a gift, look no further!

Includes one pen with installed Schmidt P900 M size black refill, one spare pure black refill in an envelope under its tray, one gift box, and a warranty card.

Technical Features

Comes from Scriveiner pen brand, and weight around 5.6 ounces which is very high, body-color pure Black Lacquer and Brass is used as a material in it


3. Nekigoen Ballpoint Pen

Customer reviews

When you are thinking about buying a gift pen, then you might be thinking you should buy a high priceable pen. Right?.

But believe me or not, you’re absolutely going to be wrong! Because there are so many quality pens in the market, these you can get at very low prices like this one! Yes, Nekigoen Ballpoint Pen absolutely low prices pen, and it comes with 2 Extra black color Ink Refills. 

It is available in various colors like rose gold, pure black, dark gray, full gray, and also it has a unique gift box, which makes this pen more beautiful. 

The super-comfortable grip might be your favorite part because the stainless steel body has a perfect grip and balance to hold in hand very comfortably for better handwriting on paper. You can enjoy unlimited writing with no strain on your wrist.

With smooth ink flows, you’ll get a unique and better writing experience from the pen, and producing pure deep lines, the super ink comes out of the pen so rich and spontaneously.

Sleek Appearance and Pro-level Design:

All the metal-body pen is perfect for anyone who wants a polished look, so with this in mind, this one will meet all needs. It a high-quality pen, but at the price point, this is an inexpensive pen compared to others.

Super Convenience:

It has a super durable metal clip that you can clip securely to a notebook or book page or even your pocket, very easy to carry everywhere!

Warm Tips:

Before you use it, make sure you remove its protective wax surrounding the roller ball fully to avoid smudging the ink flow on your writing page.

Technical Features

Nekigoen (Pen manufacturer) created the pen, weighs around 1.6 ounces that’s fine and There are many colors available so you can choose one from!


4. Handcrafted Wooden Ballpoint Pen

Customer reviews

One thing to remember when it comes to finding a gift pen, then you should find unique pens like Handcrafted Wooden Ballpoint Pen. Yes! It’s a pen that is one of the unique pens on the market.

One of the great features of this pen is it is made of wood that makes the pen more attractive than other normal pens and also, it’s completely ready to use as a gift because it has a beautiful gift box.

The box is very sturdy and of good quality. This pen itself looks good and professional, but you might notice why the pen is inexpensive? Well, this pan is made of Wood that is not so expensive, so the brand of this pen can make this type of products using Wood and offer them at a low cost, there is no problem!

If the manufacturer made the pen with metal materials, then it would be expensive, But they did not. They make the pen for everyone because it’s affordable to buy!

It feels good when you hold the pen for writing (not too thin, not too). If we look at the Wood, then we can see that it looks great, and it writes like smooth butter! You’ll need only a little bit of pressure to get very dark clear writing. 

It’s also corrosion-resistant and lightweight, comfortable grip on writing. They were nicely designed to offer a clear body that is perfect for a gift. F size medium point for precise writing, no smudges, smears, or globs, and this one can be used in office, school, signature, and business.

Technical Features

Created from the Leedemore brand and weigh around 6.4 ounces, the color used Wood color, Sheet Size available 15 centimeters.


5. Cross Classic Century Lustrous Chrome

Customer reviews

This pen always makes me happy because, from my pen review journey, I’ve discussed this one in so many pages on this site for its better quality writing. This is one of my most favorite pens! And it’s not only my favorite one, but it’s a pen that is the most popular pen by all pen users all over the world.

This is an elegantly-created handwriting tool that features a trademark conical tip, smooth and consistent ink delivery, and patented propel-repel ball pen technology.

The cross classic ballpoint pen itself arrived tarnished, slightly more than pictures, it’s a sterling silver ballpoint pen, and silver does tarnish. The pen has come up with a treat.

It’s a pure lightweight and slim ballpoint pen as you would expect from its brand. The opening-closing system is a lot softer than the approximately four-week-old chrome ballpoint pen. 

One thing that makes the pen more unique and more popular is the pen will come with a manufacturer’s lifetime mechanical warranty.

Technical Features

made from the world’s most popular pen brand Cross and weigh around 0.48 ounces which are a very great weight for carrying, Color used Chrome – Lustrous, metal is used as a material in it. medium point and ink color are Black.


Try A Best  Rollerball Pen For Gift!

We all know that a ballpoint pen is great, well balanced, but When you thinking about “is there any extra smooth writing pen that can be used as a gift”

Then you should try a Rollerball Pen once. Because a Rollerball pen will give you extra smooth writing experiences than a Ballpoint Pen. so let’s see!

List of Top 5 Best Rollerball Pens For Gift


Rollerball Pen with 24K Gold FinishCheck Price

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Very affordable price rangeCheck Price

1. PARKER IM Rollerball Pen

Customer reviews

Just tell me once that, is there anyone who doesn’t want to get a branded pen? Absolutely everyone, right?

So after thinking of you, I selected this PARKER IM Rollerball Pen, which is now the most popular Rollerball pen in the market.

Most people are now digital and smart, so they want to use an intelligent pen like this one. So if you are one of them, this Parker IM rollerball pen might be your next choice. It has a nice weight and feels to it. And the ink flows softly.

Its ink is a friendly, dark pure black and doesn’t look washed-out like other rollerball pen inks do. The pen is also dry very fast that helps eliminate smearing. Although this one is ideal for right-handed, it might be perfect even if you’re left-handed.

The painted, lacquered finish seems to be holding up well, too. The OEM refills for the pen are a little on the pricey side, but you have to know that that’s the paramount price you pay for quality.

Technical Features

Created from the modern metal material and weigh around 4 ounces which is not bad! 14-15 body-color available, Nib point is fine and it comes with black ink color.


2. Senkdia Luxury Smooth Rollerball Pen

Customer reviews

Sometimes you need to be Sirius about a gift pen because when you’re going to give an enclosure to your loved one, then you should choose a nice looking pen so that your loved person will love that!

In this case, the Senkdia Luxury Smooth Rollerball Pen will help you because it has a couple of great features with a professional body look that attracts your loved one!

It’s a rollerball type pen by Senkdia that writes very smoothly without any problem, but I’ll only suggest you this pen for your daily use; however, this one can be used as a gift, but it’s right for you that this pen is a perfect everyday use!

The ink color is apparent and profound, so you can easily see what you write on your paper. The pen oil also dries fast once it sits on your note, leaving you with precise hands. 

A rich black lacquer finish matched with its chrome trips set, made with metal material, M size nib, and weight is only about 32.3g. The ink cartridge is long time last. You can hold the pen very comfortably.

An Elegant looking gift box is the main attraction of this pen, which can be a meaningful gift for your business partners, office staff, teachers, friends, and anyone else.

When you finish the original refill of this pen, you can easily find its optional refills from Amazon cause it’s a common standard size refill. This pen is perfect for both men and women—an easily carryable pen in your pocket.

It comes with one gift packing box, one pen pouch, one rollerball pen with two extra refills: blue and black.

Technical Details

Made by SENKDIA, weigh around 1.12 ounces and available body color is Black, the material used pure Metal,

and also the pen comes with many more extra things like two Extra Refills [1 blue ink, 1 black ink] 1 Pen Pouch and one beautiful Gift Packing Box.


3. Cross Beverly Pearlescent Rollerball Pen

Customer reviews

All of the pens of the cross-brand are my favorite. The cross-brand is great because they understand the value of money. They make the best quality products. When I first saw the pen, I thought I’d review the pen on my website and recommend it to anyone looking for a gift pen, and today it’s time, so I thought, let’s share the pen with you!

In a word, it’s a beautiful pen, popular for its well balanced and easy to use. The nib flow lines well, and there is a perfect variation in the thickness of the line. 

If you’re finding a professional pen for your business meeting, this is that. You’ll love the finish of its barrel because it has an excellent pearlescent off-white enamel. It also comes in a pro-level Cross box that makes it an ideal gift.

Technical Features

Created from the world’s favorite pen brand Cross! (weight is very thin around 1.28 ounces, and I think this is the main unique of the Cross) available color (Coral, Black, White, Sea Foam, Sunrise Yellow, Sunrise Yellow)

metal is used as a material in it and available ink color is Black:)


4. Penneed Rollerball Pen

Customer reviews

Gifting a Shiny and perfect width pen is always a cause of happiness! Especially when it comes to giving an enclosure to your loved person! To make your loved ones happy, I’ve selected this Penneed Rollerball Pen.

It will provide you a 0.7mm point line with no leakage guarantee and a full steady ink flow. The body is made of copper, feeling substantial and pro in your hand when you write. 

The large-capacity cartridge and stouter spring match tightly and correctly; thus, the pen is robust and stable with a long life span. The barrel and cap are engraved with gorgeous wavy lines.

I’m sure that its shiny rose gold lacquer will feast on your eyes, and it is also ideal for gratuity. Its price is so affordable compared to others.

You were offering a smooth writing experience at this price point so that you can try this one for your everyday note writing, document writing, and much more.

Technical Details

made by Penneed, weight is great around 1.76 ounces and available color (Luxury Gold, Gorgeous Rose Gold, Fancy Dark Gray, Elegant Silver), Body made of copper and the Barrel and cap engraved with a pretty wavy line.


5. (Cross) Edge Jet Black Selectip Pen

Customer reviews

If you’re looking for a pen that has a combination of more functions and more features then it will be your solution! With this Edge Jet Black Selectip pen,

you can find a capless gel ink technology that will help you to write fast and write very smoothly better than a ballpoint pen!

the pen comes with a gift box so, you won’t need to look further for the best gift for colleagues or friends:)

and the main attractive feature of this pen is it accepts both the gel and jumbo Ballpoint (Cross refills).

Technical Features

It comes from the cross and the weight of this pen is just about 1.12 ounces. There are various body colors to choose from and it’s the body made of pure metal material that makes the pen more long-lasting and more strong!

  • Pen model NO: AT0555-2
  • Point Type: medium
  • Ink Color Black
  • Line Size: 0.7 mm

5 Best Fountain Pens For Gift

Fountain pens always play an amazing role to use as a gift and that’s why I didn’t make the mistake of adding the top five fountain pens to my list.

So if you want to use a fountain pen as a gift, read this brief discussion of mine for a while and pick your best one.

The List of Top 5 Fountain Pens


Made by Innovative technologyCheck Price

Super affordableCheck Price

Perfect for the GiftCheck Price

Easy to controlCheck Price

Premium look and feelCheck Price

1. DRYDEN Fine Nib Fountain Pen

Customer reviews

Trust me that I can’t wait to tell you that it’s the most popular pen and one of the quality fountain pens to the fountain pens users!

The pen got 5-star reviews from over 3000 pen users, Which are incredible! You might be surprised to hear that this pen has gained a lot of popularity in the market in just a few years and is being sold worldwide.

It writes wet and has a firm M size nib, and looks lovely on both sides, back and front. The converter comes with a sphere in its chamber to facilitate the flow of its ink and prevent ink pillars for your pen’s body.

Let’s see the nib part of the pen. This looks elegant. In a word, the more you write using the pen, the better it gets. At its price point, it’s an affordable fountain pen and flexible.

Technical Features

Created from the Dryden Designs brand, weigh around 3.36 ounces here I think it’s perfect as a fountain pen Because fountain pens are made by heavy material so that the entire pen can be a little heavy.

There are 10 different colors available, nib size Fine [Gift Pouch], Some innovative technology has been used, using that technology you can enjoy hours of uninterrupted writing without any strain to your wrist or hand!


2. Matte Black Forest Fountain Pen

Customer reviews

Finding a good quality fountain pen at a low price is not an easy way! You must research a lot to achieve it! So, in this case, the Matte Black Forest Fountain Pen will help you achieve your goal for just $15!

It’s the most affordable fountain pen to the over 1000 pen users, and not only that! But it can be your first most affordable fountain pen in your whole life! The Matte Black Forest Fountain Pen comes with a converter for bottled ink. This fountain is also equipped with a streamlined stainless steel extra-fine nib to offer an incomparable writing experience.

The weight is carefully calculated to provide much more suitable for your long time writing task. It was created for those who appreciated an extraordinary fountain pen—a perfectly balanced and artfully writing instrument.

Only for its metal pen case with its smooth writing quality, this one is now one of Amazon’s best selling fountain pens.

Technical Feature

Made by Asvine, weigh around 90 grams, three different types of body color and three different types of nib size available and body material are the only metal, 

One modern gift box included especially for the gift lover like you!


3. Picasso 902 Gentleman Collection

Customer reviews

I would specifically request to use this pen as a gift because all the elements required to be contained within a gift pen are contained within this one. It has Pure black gold clips (extra strong), black silver clips, and black-gold-plated carvings! Also, this nib size is perfect for creating a fine line on any paper.

The beautiful patterns lead with a noble agate red barrel looks fantastic. Its use is an excellent plating technology. Its Iridium M size nib will offer you a smooth and amusing experience. The clip of the pen is easy to insert into your book cover and pocket.

It will feel a little cap heavy when you post but not too bad for a fountain type pen, but that may or may not bother some user. If you want to get a good value for your money for getting a good fountain pen as a gift, this one is waiting for you!

Technical Features

made from the Picasso (pen company), five different types of body color available, weigh around 36g,

pen cup: Push type, Medium nib (About 0.7mm), including one beautiful gift box for the gift lovers like you! comes with one Ink Refills Converter and also comes with Velvet Pen Bag.


4. Gorgeous Bamboo Fountain Pen

Customer reviews

Are you looking for a different pen to use as a gift that can put a smile on the face of your loved one? Yes, I’m talking about the Gorgeous Bamboo Fountain Pen!

When giving something unique, the gift becomes even more attractive. Believe it or not, it is so beautiful to see that anyone will be surprised to see it. 

It lets you do writing with confidence and experience soft handwriting with no streaks. You can show off your most good writing with it. It’s a handcrafted pen, and you might know that a handmade pen is made with a good design, and this is no exception! So it can be said that it’s perfect for a gift.

The light materials make it too lightweight, so you can use it and move anywhere quickly. If you’re a pure traveler, you can keep this one with you all time.

You’ll get a pen converter that enables you to switch between cartridges and bottled ink seamlessly. But there is a little bit of bad news for you. Ink cartridges are not included. You have to buy one from amazon, or you can also buy it from your nearest supermarket.

Technical Features

  • Brand Name: MONAGGIO
  • Weight: 3.84 ounces
  • Color: Cinnamon & Spice (Wood)
  • Material Type: eco-friendly bamboo wood
  • Point Type: Fine

5. Cross Classic Century Lustrous Chrome Fountain Pen

Customer reviews

This pen company has been playing an important role in the pen market for the past few decades and is trying to offer the best quality pens at a low price.

Not only are they extremely popular in the market for offering their products at a lower price, but they also have many good aspects, maybe that’s why they are a very popular name in the pen market, Ahh, the name just adds to the mind “Cross”

Anyway, They have many good aspects of this pen. One of them is that this pen is made with a very simple design and is really a wonderful pen to see.

Another good thing is that this pen never guarantees you bad writing experience, it only guarantees you to write very smoothly without any hassle

Also if anyone asks me what is the biggest benefit to this pen then I would say that, it is thin and extremely easy to use and weighs only around 0.48 ounces!

Technical Features

  • Brand Name: Cross
  • Weight: 0.48 ounces
  • Point Type: Medium
  • Color: Chrome – Lustrous
  • Material Type: Metal

Guide For Choosing The Best Pens For Gift

Best Pens For Gift

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Ut elit tellus, luctus nec ullamcorper mattis, pulvinar dapibus leo.

There are many options to use as a gift, but there are many things you need to consider when choosing a gift-giving pen,

and that’s why I’ll share with you some secret tips and tricks that will help you find the perfect pen to use as a gift 🙂

3 Tips For Choosing The Best Pens For Gift

Believe it or not, after much searching I have found five important tips to tell you and I hope that if you follow these 5 tips and buy a gift pen then you will be able to make your loved ones happy with the gift of a good quality pen

1. Look at your budget

When you’re thinking about buying a good quality pen, you should look in your pocket because good quality pens are not available at very low prices so you have to spend a little more.

In this case, it can be said that a good quality brand’s pen can start at $ 20 and can be up to 2-3 thousand dollars.

but one of the interesting things is that I only reviewed good quality brand pens in my top list and you can buy them at very low prices like 20$- 100$.

2. Select the type of pen

There are many types of pens in the market to use as a gift. One of those pens is the Ballpoint pen, Rollerball pen, fountain pen, etc. But the important thing here is that you can not use any type of pen as a gift.

This means that you have to select a pen-type depending on who you are going to gift, If your gift recipient likes a ballpoint pen, give him or her a Ballpoint pen,

if he or she feels comfortable using a fountain pen, give him a chance to use a fountain pen, and if for some reason he wants to use a rollerball pen, select him a rollerball pen, and you become more and more dear to him 🙂

3. How is your gift recipient's handwriting?

To whom you are thinking of giving a pen gift, if his handwriting is bad, try to gift a pen so that his handwriting is a little better with that pen.

So, in this case, you can give him/her a Rollerball pen, because from my experience I can say that a Rollerball pen provides the fastest and very smooth writing experience than other pens on the market.

You can also try a Gel pen because, in addition to rollerball pens, Gel pen will give you a faster and better quality writing experience.

Let's see an infographic that might help you to choose a gift pen very quickly
How To Choose A Gift Pen

Final Advice

At your request, I’ve given reviews of five ballpoint pens, five rollerball pens, and five fountain pens.

So, I hope this entire list of today helped to find the best pen for gift-giving! And as you may know, I have tried to list the best pens at low prices.

So if you just want to finish your next gifting with a ballpoint pen, you can choose from one of my lists.

And if you want to use a rollerball pen as a gift pen then you can choose one from my top five rollerball pens list

And finally, If you are confident about fountain pens and love fountain pens, you can gift a fountain pen to your favorite person! That’s it!

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