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How Would You Sell a Pen Interview Question?

if you’re one of those people who would like to join a job in a sales department? 

I have got this question! Basically, the “How to Sell A Pen” this question is commonly asked in job interviews to see the candidate sals skill instantly.

So if you’re interested to know the secret of answering the question smartly, this is the right place!

Here I have covered four smart ways to answer the question of “how to sell a pen.

1. Try to ask the person what they do:

One thing you should remember when you try to sell anything to a person that what kind of person you’re selling to, 

How will the person use your product? If you understand that the person is in management, he probably sings important notes or documents and checks.

Listening to him will give you background and hints as to how to most practically persuade him to buy this product.

2. Try To Acknowledge how monumental his work is and get him talking about the last moment he used a pen.

Link his work’s importance to his use of your product that you want to sell. Singing notes or documents are most important. 

He commonly doesn’t want to be wasting his important time looking for a good pen. His signature should look good and important also.

So in this part, you have to show and highlight the unique feature of your pen that you want to sell. And also, you should associate it with a signature fitting for the task he’s doing.

For instance, if he is singing any kind of important documents, he should sign in your pen’s strong blue color ink, so that he can distinguish the main file from the copy.

Gauge his response to the appropriateness of the pen and the power it wields.

3. Try To Highlight An Emotional Use For The Pen

You sold him on the importance of your pen, and now in step three, you need to sell the emotional benefits of your pen to him using the pen for working/writing a handwritten paper.

To do this thing, you can tell him a short story, highlighting how you have started writing to your friends, parents, and spouse handwritten papers.

Try to get him thinking about someone in his life that he appreciates.

Create a personal and emotional connection with your pen. The handwritten bright blue color signed ink can be his trademark.

4. Hand him back the pen and Try Close The Deal

Close with connecting to the things that he linked most sharply to. If he seemed to resonate more with step two, tell him that this is the perfect season to collect a pen and get back to work signing contracts.

Or If he told you that tomorrow is his mother’s birthday and he hasn’t gotten her a gift yet, tell him this is the time to buy a pen and write her a special card.

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