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Top 6 Best Pens For Executive! (Review For 2022)

You may have been or are about to be hired as a new executive at a company, so you need the best quality pen that will always be with you and that that’s why today my article is all about the best pens for executives!

So if you want to improve your executive life by using a professional pen, you must read this review because here I’ve shared the professional quality pens that help executives like you!

Top 6 Best Pens For Executive


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My first pick of choosing the best pens for executives is the Pilot Metropolitan Collection, and yes! It’s a fountain pen! When you’re thinking of selecting a pen for an executive, there are so many pens that you’ll find on the market, but in terms of your needs, I think you should try to use a fountain pen!

I’ve found this pen to be the perfect deal out of so many pens. One of the first things most executives love about the Pilot Metropolitan collection fountain pen is its design and build quality. 

If you select the Silver one when buying, you’ll love its beautiful design, the body, ink quality, and more. The complete body is made of brass with a coated brushed silver finish, so the Metropolitan has some heft to it, and the steel accents and clip provide it a premium feel and look.

Some people found that the Pilot fountain pen is so extensive, but they don’t know that quality products are a little bit pricey because quality means extra options, features, and more. So you need to pay a little bit different $ to buy this one.

The body seems soft and round. When you remove its cap and leave the body sitting on a table, the pen will roll! However, the hat, which snaps on with a perfect click. It has a clip that prevents the pen from moving if you have it posted.

You may love to use your preferred ink to your fountain pen, right? Then there is good news for you; the Metropolitan comes with a unique ink cartridge and an easy to use a converter for the fountain pen lover who would like to use their ink into their pen at any time.

I can’t think of many fountain pens at this price point with an included ink converter. Now let’s move onto the other reasons anyone would try this Metropolitan– the smooth and skip-free writing experience. 

You can use the pen with posted or unposted the way you want. It felt perfectly balanced. The pen uses a Japanese M size nib that also looks good because it’s a steel nib, so it has little-to-no flex, but in terms of ink flow, the average user of this pen is quite scratchy writes well right out the box.

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Suppose someone suddenly asks me to recommend a good quality pen. In that case, I will recommend this one without any question Because it is beautifully elegant to look at and has been created by the latest technology!

You’ll not believe the quality at this price point. This is amazing. It’s a heavyweight pen, but it doesn’t mean that a heavyweight pen is not suitable for use; sometimes, heavyweight means different quality.

The black lacquer gives an entirely professional feel and look, and the goals sections just complete the package. Writing with this Luxury rollerball pen merely is divine! The pen is so soft to write and comes in a black and gold gift pack that seems like a stylish box, perfect for use as a gift.

It sits on a layer that can be easily lifted, and there is a spare refill tucked underneath. It’s comparable to a high priced rollerball pen. The weight and size would be an excellent match for you because most people found it easy to hold and write.

If you look at the pen’s core features, you will find some features that make the pen most reliable and popular. Like it’s made with jet-black lacquer and 24 karat gold and brass, which has multiplied its popularity several times!

Moreover, another essential feature is that it uses German Schmidt liquid ink technology that offers you the most glide smooth across any paper type! 

But there are some things you must keep in mind, as it is made for professionals only, so you can use it if you are a professional or working in a professional place otherwise it is not for you. The reason for saying these instructional words is that it is a bit more expensive pen, so only those who have heavy pockets can afford it.

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The Best Executive Pen Brands

It is a type of pen that is one step ahead in terms of design at the moment, and at the same time, it will allow you to purchase at a low price.

But I have some exceptional suggestions for you about this pen, and that is you can use it as a gift, and it can be said that if you use it as a gift, your trouble will not fail. Because all you need to make your loved person happy with a pen gift is included in this pen, such as its eye-catching design, 

You’ll love almost everything. The pen comes with a classic black gift box with pure white lining. The pen and refill are held in place by a white ribbon. Its cap is nicely weighted, so when you need to pull the lid off and place it on the top of the pen, it will provide you the right body weight for nice and flowing handwriting.

The attractive business style stainless steel body is a sign of perfectness, appropriate body weight to hold and use in hand comfortably all time. You can enjoy hours of skip-free writing with no strain on your wrist.

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If you’re looking for a Natural handcrafted antique wooden ballpoint pen to make your executive life more professional, then the IDEA POOL Genuine Rosewood Ballpoint Pen Writing Set would be the number one choice for you!

This can also be an excellent option for a gift because as you can see some attractive natural features like it’s made of pure wood and I think all of the executives from any company should try this pen once.

If anybody loves pure wood products, they also like this one to discover more about a wooden pen. You’ll feel comfortable with the rosewood cover. The cartridge reaches a high standard for this pen because it’s perfect for writing on all types of papers.

If you’re using a low-quality paper or note, definitely try this one on your report. It will write smooth and soft. This feature is a good reflex of a high-standard cartridge of the pen.

It helps create incredibly soft lines and comes out looking ready great, and it also gets additional points for looking so gosh darn debonair. 

A free pen refill is included in the box. When you feel rigid, like your refill ink is just about finished, you can buy other refills available at a low price and be from the same brand!

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If you’re searching for a little bit bigger ballpoint pen to use in some particular works like a signature, critical document writing, or any of your office work, then the Parker jotter XL ballpoint pen would like to join with you. 

I’ll only recommend this pen to those who enjoy the most comfortable writing with a bigger pen and also like to use a lightweight with a retractable designable pen!

This iconic ballpoint pen has a larger body, made with Richmond matte black lacquered barrel. Write smoothly for the quick flow ink mechanism and offer an authentic and more pro-level consistent writing experience.

It features the jotter’s official iconic design elements. This edition is 7% bigger. They’ve created this one so that people can easily hold the pen and use it instantly. The large size barrel is perfectly balanced with the pen body, and the massive chrome appointment is an excellent side for this pen.

This type of pen is a must-have pen for office, school, college. If someone wants to use the pen for a  gift, there is no talk because it has a distinctive Parker gift box.

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It’s clean and straightforward to look at, but in terms of quality, the uni-ball 207 impact gel pens will surprise you! Because it comes with a 1.0 mm tip that will help you create a clean, bold line on any paper! The features uni-ball super ink mechanism protects against water, fraud, and fading.

The body is a perfect size, too big and not too small, thin or lightweight. You’ll find the clip is quite helpful and is sturdy as well. The grip is a useful feature of the pen.

One of the useful parts of the pen is thick. Standard line it puts down. A fair amount of ink that results in line with depth is a comprehensive line that seems perfect for text and illustration. The ink dries very quickly.

But one thing that you might not love about the pen is it’s not refillable, and I think it doesn’t need to be. These pens are unquestionably more pricey than a bucketful of Bic ballpoints, but if you care about your writing, you won’t mind spending the meekly higher price. You’ll be happy with them for sure!

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I’m feeling happy to review this one on my site for you! Because the Parker IM fountain pen is like a king, it offers a massive number of perfect features for an executive pen, especially when buying a fountain pen.

It seems so smart, and its polished and established designs meet the latest, tapered silhouette. It is made with a Glossy lacquer finish complemented with some gold trims.

It has a super durable steel fine nib that will deliver a handwriting experience that’s both personal and reliable. You’ll see an ergonomic and satisfying shape paired with superior Parker craftsmanship to invite the company’s rich heritage. 

Line Weight: it can write much more correctly than any expensive one. Nevertheless, it can produce lines almost as bold as any M size nib, given enough pressure. 

Left-handedness: if you’re left-handed, the Parker IM Fountain pen will work better for you and help you for long-time writing without any extra smudging. Overall this one should go for those who are left-handed.

The Price: you will be delighted and quite happy with what you paid for it. As a regulated pen, it should be more expensive (My Perspective). If you’re new to this fountain pen game, you should only spend a little money to explore one.  So it can be a great one to this!

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At this critical choosing the right one for your executive life, you might need to research a lot to discover more about a well-made pen, as a beginner (might be) you may fail to do that, 

There is no problem. I’ve come with a complete guide on how you can research in a short time just by reading a manual. Here I’ve shown some tips that might help you to go with a good one!

I’ve also covered the types of pens you’ll find in the market. Below is the detailed breakdown of how pen types compare in more premium designs.

Rollerball Pens: 

It’s the same thing as ballpoint pens and takes the same dye-in water-based ink that fountain pens use. Then put in a ball tip disposable refill. They offer a quick writing solution, and the ink is dry so fast.

Rollerball pens write very effortlessly and can create fine lines in a short time. The offered quick-drying ink is the most favorite thing for those left-handed because it helps them write efficiently.

Rollerball pens can bleed through some low-quality papers, and its ink can leak out of the cartridge when air pressure drops on a plane. But there is a solution for that. To stop this, you might need a cap to prevent them from drying out.

Fountain Pens:

They put down a massive line of pure water-based ink with barely any pressure on the surface. Market’s have so many different types of ink that can be used for refilling a fountain pen. Still, fountain pens bleed and feather on familiar note or paper, and you’ll need to be very serious when you use a fountain pen because they need messy maintenance.

Fineliner or Porpoise-point

when you use this type of pen, you may feel like you use a felt marker and a rollerball. A fineliner refill for a rollerball pen comes with a rigid, porous pure plastic material for its tip section.

You’ll see the ink, usually the same as rollerball and fountain pens. But you may notice that the porous tip puts down enough for a bold line, with an even faster dry time. These types of pens are often best among left-handed people. But with its right side, they also have a wrong side. They can dry out faster if you just leave the cap off.

Gel Pens:

Most executives love to use smooth-flowing ink with powerful colors and sharp pens, and this is why gel pens might be your great choice. But left-handed people should not try them because gel pens smudge more than other pens.

Ballpoint Pens:

Ballpoint pens are everyday use pens, and they are popular for famous sons like they are cheap and easy to use. A ballpoint pen refill lasts longer and doesn’t dry out,

But a ballpoint’s ink doesn’t flow as smoothly, so they need extra pressure when used, and the ink line is ink as bold as fountain pens.

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