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Are There Any Best Fountain Pens Under 20 Dollars?

I’m sure that you’re a fountain pen lover or interested in using a fountain pen, which is why you’re trying to find out the best fountain pens! Right?

Your budget is under $20 and wants to buy the best fountain pens under $20! Right? I know you’re ashamed! Because my questions were sure for you!

But don’t worry! Because here, I reviewed the top five ideal fountain pens that you can buy under $20, and after a lot of research, I can tell you that these pens will provide you great value for your money!

5 Best Fountain Pens Under $20


ABS colored plastic bodyCheck Price

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Budget-friendlyCheck Price

1. Lamy Safari Fountain Pen

Why Is It Good?
Technical Parts:
Why Is It Bad?

Lamy is just the name of an excellent pen! And if you’re a pure pen user (that might be a fountain pen or ballpoint pen user) or a member of a pen community, 

You may know about Lamy because Lamy is one of the oldest and one of the most popular pen brands, and they’re the rule model of the pen world.

Not only that, Lamy’s pen design is managed by the Bauhaus principle in which form follows function.

Anyway, now let’s jump in the Lamy Safari Fountain pen review that might be your choice for its advanced features!

First, let me tell you about the durable body of it’s,

Body Durability:

The Lamy Safari Fountain pen is created from plastic, but believe me or not, the pen doesn’t feel fragile. And this is only because of it’s made of ABS plastic (acrylonitrile butadiene styrene)

This plastic-type has superb impact resistance, and it’s found in goods such as defensive housings and packaging elements.

You may know that this kind of plastic is used in making computer keyboard, LEHO products, and more, so you can rest assured with its body material!

Chiseled Grip:

It has a triangular grip that encourages an ergonomic hold, and the recessed groves will help you index finger, thumb, and central finger into a tripod position.

Cap With Wire Clip:

Without any doubt, the most recognizable features of the Lamy Safari Fountain Pen is its wire clip! Because the clip is sturdy and attach securely to your pockets and also your notebooks. 

In a word, this is an entirely beginner-friendly fountain pen, and I would like to thanks Lamy for the sturdy construction.

You need to know about the Lamy Safari Fountain pen when you posted the cap of the pen, and your pen will feel balanced and very easy to write.

Even if you want to enjoy its smooth ink flow, you don’t need to press too hard on the nib like other fountain pens.

The medium and broad nib sizes are on the juicier side, while the more acceptable nib sizes have a small quantity of feedback.

The Lamy Safari Fountain Pen comes in four nib sizes: fine, extra-fine, medium, and broad. The pen is also available with a left-handed nib size that is ground with a mini oblique tip, which is perfect for left-handed writers!

One of the best features of this Lamy Safari Fountain Pen is the ink window on the barrel that will help you see how much ink you have left in the cartridge, and you can switch out the nib to fit any occasion.

2. PILOT Metropolitan Collection Fountain Pen

Why Is It Good?
Technical Parts:
Why Is It Bad?

Now I’m going to review a kind of pen known as one of the most famous fountain pens in the current market which you can buy even if your budget is low!

In a word, the Pilot metropolitan collection fountain pen is the quintessential pen, and its simple body is sleek and professional, tapered on both ends with little bit decorations.

Aside from a pure shiny black band of strong plastic around the barrel of the pen, the pen’s brass body provides an accurately weighted feel that you may love.

This is a professional fountain pen that you may feel comfortable carrying in a suit pocket while attending an important meeting or any fancy conference!

The Pilot Metropolitan’s cap uses a snap-fit mechanism system and offers a satisfying click. It may take a bit forced to uncap, and its cap feels magnetic as it emphatically clicks into place.

 Now let me tell you more about the pen, the grip leaves much to be desired, and the black plastic becomes slippery and uneasy after long-time writing, but don’t worry about that because this wouldn’t be as much of a problem.

But there is also one thing that you have to remember that this pen’s grip is fragile that makes the pan hard for larger hands to grasp firmly.

I don’t want to avoid anything about the pen and tell you about the pen’s fact. The Pilot Metropolitan Fountain pen is shorter than other pens on my list, and also it comes with a thinner grip than my first number pick of the list, which is the Lamy Safari Fountain Pen, 

This pen comes with both a cartridge and a squeeze converter, but I love the squeeze converter because it has a metal strip that, along with the converter, can be pinched to confirm that it’s accepted as much ink as possible!

At the end of the review of Pilot Metropolitan Fountain Pen, I can say that if you’re searching for a sleek but professional looking fountain pen to take to your job, this is the perfect solution for you that offers a lot of features at a low cost!

3. Kaweco Classic Sport Fountain Pen

Why Is It Good?
Technical Parts:
Why Is It Bad?

If you’re looking for a pocket fountain pen that can be carried anywhere in the pocket of your pants, shorts, and even tiny purses, the Kaweco classic sport fountain pen can be an excellent choice for you!

 The Kaweco classic sport fountain pen sports an octagonal cap, which argues out of it from rolling on the surface, and a detachable clip is offered as well, which can be adjusted to the pen if you would like to clip it to your pocket.

On the top of the cap, you’ll find a Kaweco emblem that will offer you a classy look, and also, the cap has a screw cap action, which is quite extraordinary.

It’s made from plastic and feels a little below quality in comparison to the price! And comes with 0.9mm, which is excellent!

4. PILOT MR Animal Collection Fountain Pen

Why Is It Good?
Technical Parts:
Why Is It Bad?

The Pilot MR is a four number pick of choosing the best fountain pens, and this one is another budget-friendly fountain pen on the list that you can buy even if your budget is low!

It doesn’t feel like an inexpensive fountain pen. The plastic body gives a nice heft, and the sleek cigar-shaped style is stunning to look at!

It’s a refillable and modern fountain pen that provides refined design and exceptionally ultra-smooth writing experience and has a premium brass barrel with stainless accents.

What I most love about the pen in the box, yes! It comes with an elegant gift box that will inspire you to use the pen as a gift for your loved one!

You’ll get a Pilot Con-70 converter with the pen, and the pen is entirely compatible with that, and it can also be used with convenient Pilot IC-100 ink cartridges.

5. HongDian Stainless Steel Fountain Pen

Why Is It Good?
Technical Parts:
Why Is It Bad?

The hongDian stainless steel fountain pen is my last pick of finding the best fountain pens under 20 dollars, and this is why I finally reviewed one of the well-designed fountain pens on the market today.

It was created for those who appreciate an exceptional writing experience within their low budget!

It’s equipped with an adequate nib size to deliver an incomparable writing experience and comes with a converter for bottled ink.

This pen’s weight is just perfect because the value is carefully calculated so that writers can use the pen for a long-time!

In a word, this is a perfect and budget-friendly fountain pen that is perfect for business signature, daily handwriting, and this can also be an excellent option for use as a gift!


Fountain pens come with different types of features and prices, which would be best for you and your needs; it will depend on your purpose.

 But, if you get bored of finding the best fountain pen in your price range, you should follow the list I provided in this review!

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