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Pen vs Pencil | Which One Is Better? Let’s Find

Are you looking for a Pen vs. Pencil discussion? Then continue, There is no doubt that pens and pencils are writing tools used for writing, some people prefer pen is good for all kinds of work, and others say without a pencil In some places, you may be in danger.

So we should respect them for their excellent work. They play an essential role in different places. They are dependent on each other to help us. But if you would like to read a post about complete details on Pen vs. Pencil, you’re on the right page!

Here I’m going to share in-deep details and some critical things about pen vs. pencil. After reading the entire post, you can decide why the pencil is better than a pen and why it is better than a pencil. So don’t leave the page until you read the post.

Before making a good piece of content for you, let me show you a short overview of today’s post:

What’s the critical difference between pen and pencil: in this central part, I’ll show you some of the ordinary and primary difference between pen and pencil.

Section 1: Overview Of A Pen:

  • What Is A Pen?
  • Advantages And Disadvantages Of Pens.
  • Why Is The Pen Used?
  • What Are The 5 Uses Of A Pen?
  • What Is The Smoothest Pen?

Section 2: Overview Of A Pencil:

  • What Is A Pencil?
  • Pros And Cons Of Pencils.
  • Why Is A Pencil Useful?
  • What Are 5 Ways To Use A Pencil?
  • What Is The Best Pencil In The World?

Why Do You Want To Know More About Pen VS Pencil?

Maybe you are one of those people who love to write with a pen and want to discover more about pen, right? Like look at me, I love pens and use them a lot. So this kind of question may arise in my mind.

Now let’s get started with section number one,

What is a Pen?

A pen is a well-known handwriting tool used to apply ink to a surface, customarily paper, for sketching, handwriting, singing, drawing, and more. Historically, dip pens, reed pens, quill pens were used, with a pen nib dipped in ink.

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Pens.

The pens play a significant role in our daily lives, so let’s see some pros and cons about the pens.

  • The pens provide more excellent contrast against the background paper color.
  • The pens come in a variety of ink colors to choose from
  • Almost all the pens are refills replaceable, so you can change your pen refill once it finishes.
  • They write clearly and offer easy to read the line.
  • They make permanent and dark uniform lines.
  • Comfortable size to hold easily.
  • Useful for office, home, school works

Disadvantages of the pens:

  • Usually, a pen, especially a ball pen, may take up to a few times to start working while ink gets the pen.
  • A pen is not erased
  • They are a little bit more expensive than a pencil.
  • There is a chance that a pen can leak in one’s purse or pocket.

Why Is The Pen Used?

This is a question that may be asked by a school student. Anyway, the primary use of a pen is writing, like note-taking, document singing, school use, and more!

What Are The 5 Uses Of A Pen?

Pens are offering multiple opportunities to use them. If I highlight some of the well-known use of a pen, then these will be:

  1. Regular Writing: you can use a pen to write anything on your note
  2. Highlighting Text: you can use a pen called a marker pen to highlight your text when reading.
  3. As a tool: To open or tear a plastic package, you can use a powerful pen.
  4. Holes in the paper: you can put a cave by the tip of the pen in your paper.
  5. To draw attention: A pen can be used as a pointer during your giving a presentation.

What Is The Smoothest Pen?

According to Cross pen, the cross country classic ballpoint pen is one of the best and smooth writing pens in the market.

We should go into section number 2, where I’ve written some critical things about the pencil and shown the pros and cons.

What is a Pencil?

Nicholas-Jacques Conte discovered the modern pencil in 1795, And the pencil has improved a lot since then. A pencil is a daily and must-have initial tool for writing, drawing, and more!

Technically speaking, a pencil is a writing utensil with a graphite lead embedded in a wooden frame-built shaft used as an alternative to a pen.

Pros And Cons Of Pencils.

A pencil is a primary medium in light writing and drawing. It’s used as a dry material, suitable for making different writing types and drawing from beginners to pro-level writers and artists. Despite these good aspects, it has some harmful elements, so let’s show you a shortlist of a pencil’s pros and cons.


  • A pencil is perfect for drawing details because the tip of a pencil is short.
  • A pencil is suitable for work on almost all types of surfaces with a certain level of a paper tooth.
  • Gives the ability to control it for all kinds of light and dark writing tasks
  • A pencil is erasable.
  • If you use a pencil that is made of wood, you’ll enjoy its renewable feature!
  • Long-lasting
  • You can remove your mistakes by using an eraser.
  • The wide range of hardness grade 
  • You can write with a pencil over a pen ink.
  • And so on!


  • A pencil needs to be continuously sharpened.
  • You may notice that a pencil writes very light, so it can be challenging to read the text after writing.
  • A pencil written document is not suitable for photocopy.

Why Is A Pencil Useful?

The choice of a tool of handwriting will depend on a user and his activities. In most math and science classes, students and teachers prefer a pencil because they know a pencil would be a better option than a pen.

Students and teachers need to draw many arts and diagrams in their class and need to erase things repeatedly. So a pencil plays an essential role in our school and college life.

What Are 5 Ways To Use A Pencil?

In addition to writing, we get many uses of a pencil. If you’re interested in reading some great use of a pencil, read the section below.

  1. Drawing and writing: this use of a pencil is the traditional thing, but a pencil can be used for doing stylish writing and drawing
  2. You can use a pencil as a weapon to protect yourself.
  3. Use a pencil to Massage your body.
  4. Door knocker: When you go to your friend’s home or anyone else, use your pencil as a Door Knocker
  5. Balance game: Are you love to play a balanced game with a pencil? Then a pencil can be an excellent tool for that!

If you’re looking for over 100 use of a pencil, just click here to check the list on

What is the best pencil in the world?

According to google top search and amazon best selling item for a pencil, I’ve found the Palomino Blackwing 602 pencil is one of the best and most famous writing and drawing pencils in the world. It writes great and offers a fine quality product under $30.

At the end of Pen vs. Pencil’s article, it’s clear that they both are essential things in our life, but there are still some facts. Pen offers us formal writing, while a pencil only provides a good drawing and light writing experience.

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