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How To Take Care of Your Pen Safely & Effectively!

The pen is the key to success in writing life, the best friend in our school/college life, but did you know the exact way to take care of your pen?

You may know! But most of us didn’t know that and ask the same question: how to take care of a pen very safely and effectively.

When you decide to buy a pen for your needs, you may choose the perfect one that helps you write fast and smoothly, looks sleek, and is sturdy enough to last you forever.

But if you fail to take care of your pen correctly, you may lose your pen because, without proper care of your pen, the pen can be damaged or broken, which can have a detrimental effect on your student life!

So you have to be Sirius about your favorite pen and should take care of your pen in a safe way,

So for your consideration, I have tried to list down the five best way to take care of your pen,

1. Keep your pen in a safe place:

We just buy a pen, start writing and keep them where it belongs. Don’t be busy because This is one of the reasons why your pen is damaged!

So the simple way to take care of your pen always knows where it is. It means that your pen is petty likely to be broken floating around in a cluttered drawer. 

If you’re traveling as you will always have a pen close to your hand and effectively tucked away with your writing paper, this can be the best way for you to save your pen.

2. Treat the nib with care.

All fountain pen users should not put pressure on their fountain pen nib when they write. If your fountain pen is of good quality, long-lasting, much pressure will not be necessary as your ink flow once it touches the paper.

And you have to know that applying much more pressure can damage the fountain pen nib both aesthetically and inwardly. To get around having to purchase many nibs by writing leisurely and without violence.

3. Try to Use Fresh Ink For Your Pen

Most of us don’t know that our old ink can become clotted and cause our pen to be unusable! 

So if we want to write smoothly with our pen, we should check our pen ink regularly, 

If we’re filling up a pen, especially a fountain pen with any bottled ink, we have to be sure to stir the ink before filtering it into our enclosure.

Believe it or not, it will ensure that there are no clumps and the ink gush out of the nib undisturbed. 

We should not store our ink in direct sunlight, as this can cause it to fade that first moved us to a particular color.

4. Use Your Pen Often:

If we don’t use our pen regularly, your pen won’t last long. So it can be said that the more we write with our pen, the more it will become accustomed to our hands.

We should treat our pen to lovely inks and replace the nib if it becomes old so that we can use our favorite pen for years to come.

But if you would like to store your pen won’t be writing it straight away or for a while, you should take care of your pen correctly so that you’ll use your pen entirely.

I’ll recommend to you that blending the ink out of the pen to make sure that no ink falls out clogged inside the pen barrel.

Then make sure it is out of danger before putting it away. These ways and tips will ensure that your pen will be long-lasting whether you’re writing with your pen daily or monthly.

5. Keep Your Pen Protected By Using A Pen Holder

If you want to protect your pen from external influences, you should use a pen holder.

I always recommend to my readers use the ASHLIN Genuine Leather pen holder to keep two pens.

It’s a 100% genuine full-grain leather holder designed to fit two pens, padded interior construction, top flap closure.


Taking care of a pen is just like you love your pen a lot, don’t want to lose your pen anywhere.

So with this in mind, I have shown some of the best tips and ways to take care of your pen, no matter what type of pen you’re using!

Just follow these ways and get started!

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