How To Store Ballpoint Pens!

This is a common question from the most ballpoint pens collectors like you! Maybe!

Or, if you have tried storing your ballpoint pens before, you may ask this question.

The ink of the ballpoint pens dries if you set it aside for a while. Then, when you need it, it doesn’t write anymore as it used to. This is the reason for the ink stuck and dried up.

If you’re a pens lover and need pen regularly, you don’t want to experience this, and you may want to keep your all collection of your ballpoint pens functional within a considerable period!

So here I shared with you some of the easy and coolest tips for staring ballpoint pens.

1. Position the nib downward

This is the first way to keep the ink intact, but remember that the other tip of the ballpoint pen ink cartridge, “The one opposite the nib tip,” is an opening.

When you think of storing ballpoint pens with the nib upward, your ink will ultimately drain through the opening. And you’ll be mirthful to know that your ballpoint pen has been emptied.

In contrast, this process will keep the ink intact, but you will have to remember that you’ll not forget to put the cap on because your pen cap seals the pen, making it much secure from solvent volatilization.

2.The Funny Way: Dip the nib in the Wax

Suppose you’re decided to lay low from work for a while or to go on an extended vacation and would like to make sure that your pens are secured. Ordinarily, storing your ballpoint pens will not be enough for you!

So, you’ll need to find out a great way to store your ballpoint pens in a safe way like this way. Yes, I’m telling you about tWaxWax!

it is one of the best processes to store ballpoint pens. The Wax will serve as a seal that closes all potential air entry duration. And this way will make sure that your pens are secured.

To do this at your home, you’ll need a candle. I assume you have it, then dip the tip of the pen in the candle until the wax sticks at the end of your pen.

But For some reason, if you don’t have the Wax, there is an alternative for it. The resort is you can use a silicon rubber and put the cap on.

3. Store The Ballpoint Pens in the Refrigerator:

Did you know that it is easy to store the ballpoint pens in the Refrigerator? I know you didn’t know that before!

If you’re fully ready to writing with your ballpoint pen, don’t be surprised if it doesn’t function instantly. 

Sometimes, depending on the length of the season, it has been in the fridge. It gets colder than in turn from the ink inside.

But after a few moments, you may feel that your pen is running again. If not, you’ll need to heat your pen with fire or hot water. As soon as the ink liquefies, your pen will run again.

5. Secure in the airtight bag

If you have any science knowledge, you may know that evaporation happens when there is air. If you remove air from the equation, the evaporation process will be less likely.

The reason for saying this is one of the extraordinary processes to keep your ballpoint pen from losing its ability to write it to put it in a well-made airtight bag.

I know that you’re not familiar with this because one few people know how to store their ballpoint pen safely.

To do this, just lay the ballpoint pen flat inside your chosen airtight bag and squeeze the bag, but please make sure that all the air comes out and look the back using its built-in zip.

5. Store in your pen box

If you’re a brand pen lover like the cross, pentel, or Waterman and buy one of the pens from these brands, you’ll get a box with your pen, and the package can be used for storing your pen very quickly. 


If you follow these ways to store your ballpoint pens, you can easily do the work without any problem, because here I just tried to show you some of the ways to store ballpoint pens safely!

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