Are There Any Best Rollerball Pens Under $100?

I’ve recently started a brand new series on right writing instruments focusing on Rollerball pens, and I’ve already reviewed two posts about the best rollerball pen under $20 and $50.

But today, I’m going to review one more review based on my rollerball pens reviewing series that is “the best Rollerball Pen Under $100” Rollerball Pens under 100 dollars, it seems something expensive, right? 

But you have to know that expensive pens are made with the most potent materials and provide the best writing experience than any non-expensive one!

Generally, let’s look at the ballpoint pens. They are especially helpful writing tools for left-handed writers since they dry so fastly; on the other hand, rollerballs are commonly considered a good quality writing instrument and the excellent nest thing to the fountain pen.

You might know that the rollerball pens use the same tackle as the ballpoint pens but take advantage of gel-based liquid ink or water-based ink rather than an oil-based ink that we’re found in the ballpoint pen.

Rollerball pen’s ink provides a different handwriting style closer to the softness found in a fountain pen. 

Anyway, let’s get started with today’s review,

The Best Rollerball Pens Under $100


Well-designed body

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Easily removable clipCheck Price

Sophisticated designCheck Price

Sophisticated finishes

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unique thermo-sensitive inkCheck Price

1. Cross Townsend Rollerball Pen

The Cross Townsend rollerball pen is a beautiful and well-designed writing pen and a pleasure to write with. It can be used for your regular writing tasks. If you already used Cross pens, this one might be a little bit expensive for you to buy.

The pen will make a crackly noise every time during your writing; they (amazon) will be shipped the pen in the boutique-quality pen packaging.

You’ll also like its secure click mechanism when you post it, and the cap’s friction fit because there is relatively little chance the cap will become loose over time.

Its balance and weight are excellent, and the pure black coloured lacquer with rhodium silver trim appearance proceeds for a quite beautiful-looking rollerball pen.

With never a blob or a skip, the included refill with the pen writes very smoothly with the solid line! It also comes with a mechanical failure lifetime guarantee.


2. Lamy 2000 Rollerball Pen

The Lamy 2000 Rollerball pen is a classic, and it’s considered by many to be one of the best iconic rollerball pen designs of the current market. That’s why I’ve listed this one on the top five rollerball pens under $100.

It’s a well-balanced pen in at a solid 25gm weights. From a distance, it could be confused for something as easy as a paper mate flair. 

Up close, wide only about 15mm diameter that makes the pen a higher quality look and the pure matte black textured finish brushed stainless steel clip.

Instead of posting with its click, the pen’s cap slides calmly onto the back of its barrel, creating a short vacuum that will keep it in place.

Customers of amazon complained that its cap falls off when they posted their Lamy 2000 rollerball pen, so you may face the same problem when you use it! 

If you look at the clip section of the pen, it’s clear that the spring-loaded clip is adequate-

The spring-loaded clip is adequate—hard enough to stay attached, but don’t think it is hard to remove; it’s easy to remove!

This made in Germany Rollerball Pen is made of Polycarbonate Makrolon, and it comes with M size black liquid ink and a nice-looking gift box.

Technical Details:

  • Brand: LAMY
  • Weight: 1 pound
  • Colour: Black
  • Point Type: Medium
  • Ink Color: Black

3. Waterman Deluxe Rollerball Pen

You might love to use an elegantly solid and slim, stylish design pen when you have a little bit $$ in your pocket. So with this in mind, the Waterman Deluxe Rollerball will meet all your needs!

It’s a fine point rollerball pen that provides you with entirely skip-free lines with the richness, flow, and feel of liquid ink. Its made with a stunning black lacquer finish and varied excellently with a chiselled palladium-plated.

At writing point, the pen writes with a sensationally soft quality, making relatively easy work of all written jobs.

With its beautiful pro-level gift box, you’ll also get one pure black rollerball refill. But that’s not the end of it, you can get a three-year warranty against defects in pen’s materials, and Waterman will cover all these processes!

Spacially, this one would be an excellent waterman will cover all these processes option for celebrating occasions like anniversaries, birthdays, and some like that.

Technical Details:

  • Brand: Waterman
  • Weight: 6.8 ounces
  • Colour: Blue Wave
  • Material: Lacquer; Chrome
  • Point Type: Fine

4. Cross Classic Century Rollerball Pen

Over 5500+ good customer reviews, this one has been one of the best selling writing pens on amazon, that’s why I can’t skip this one from my top list of choosing the best rollerball pen under $100.

It’s also called one of the iconic and newly redesigned rollerballs pens in the current market that offers tons of useful features to the writers.

If you want to use an expensive and quite stylish rollerball pen to get a smooth writing experience, this one will help you!

If you love a Black Lacquer with Chrome colour, you’ll probably love its body colour because the body seems so sparkles and a next-level writing instrument.

One thing that you may want to notice that if you don’t get its cap locked in just right when you write, that could fly off! Without this little problem, there is no other issue in this Cross Classic Century Rollerball Pen.

Technical Details:

  • Brand: Cross
  • Weight: 0.704 ounces
  • Colour: Black Lacquer with Chrome
  • Closure: Twist
  • Material: Metal
  • Ink Color: Black

5. Sheaffer Intensity Rollerball Pen

The Sheaffer Intensity is the five number pick of finding the professional rollerball pens under $100, and it’s quite impressive than others on the list.

The carbon fiber rollerball pen, which features chrome plate trim, makes the Sheaffer Intensity rollerball pen a more pro-level writing tool.

Not only that, but this one also features the Shaffer white dot. It’s a symbol of writing excellence. It has a streamlined, thin cylinder profile. It comes with one black Shaffer slim refill and packages in a professional gift box.

If you used one of the pens from the Sheaffer brand, you might know that all the Sheaffer pens will be guaranteed a lifetime warranty for mechanical breakdown.

Technical Details:

  • Brand: Sheaffer
  • Weight: 2.08 ounces
  • Colour: Carbon Fiber


Well, the journey of selecting the best rollerball pen under $100 was not an easy process. I did a lot of research to display you the top five list,

So I hope you’ll love the list and select the right one for your next rollerball pen writing tasks.

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