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Are There Any Best Pens Under 20 Dollars?

Recently I reviewed a review of the best pens under $10, but some of my visitors requested me to write a review of the best pens under 20 dollars.

So, today I’m going to share with you a complete guide and review of some of the best writing pens that you can buy under $20.

If your budget is under $20 and wants to use a cheap pen made with high-quality materials and uses advanced ink technology, then spend some time on the page!

Top Five Best Pens Under 20 Dollars


Refillable with F-RefillCheck Price

Offers Super-smooth writing

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Visible ink supply windowCheck Price

Offers you smudge-free writing

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The pen is ultimately airplane safe

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1. Zebra F-301 Ballpoint Stainless Steel Retractable Pen


The Zebra F-301 is the first pick on this list, and what I love about the pen is its design, the sleep is perfect and good looking, and the diameter and barrel length both hit those just big enough sizes.

It comes with 0.7mm fine point black ink with easy-glide Ink for the top of the line writing performance.

If you would like to use a lightweight ballpoint pen with excellent design, this is the solution for your dream!

Moreover, if we look at the pen’s durability features, we can see that the durable stainless steel barrel offers a refined and attractive appearance.

And for the smooth writing experience, the F-301 stainless steel pen also features a nonslip comfort grip.

Note: This pen is refillable with Zebra’s F-Refill (85512)

Technical PartsBrand: Zebra Pen, Weight: 1.44 ounces, Closure: Retractable, Grip Type: Soft, Material: Stainless steel, Point Type: Fine, Line Size: 0.7mm, Ink Color: Black, and Tip Type: Ball


2. Pilot G2 Retractable Gel Ball Pens


In this pen world, Pilot make their brand value by creating the most popular pens at a low price, and this Pilot G2 Retractable Gel Ball Pen is one of those pens that you can buy if your budget is under $20.

It has a pretty good looking and soft finished healthy plastic body. The pen uses a kind of plastic that doesn’t feel like this pen will have sharp shards to break the pen somehow.

I most love the pen because it is immaculate and designed, and I like the ink-matching tinted barrels instead of clear barrels.

It has a dynamic gel ink formula, which can be an excellent solution for smooth writing, and the contoured rubber grip will help you for writing comfort.

It’s a refillable and retractable gel pen and acid-free for documenting and record-keeping.

Comes with a variety of sizes like fine, extra-fine, bold, and ultra-fine. And also offers you an excellent range of colors: blue, black, red, purple, green, burgundy, orange, pink, and more.

The pen’s clip is pretty solid and has a bulbous type end against the pen body, so it holds notes pretty snug.

Technical Parts:

Brand: PILOT, Weight: 3.52 ounces, Color: Black, Closure: Retractable, Grip Type: Contoured, Material Type: Plastic, Point Type: Extra fine, Line Size: 0.5 mm, Ink Color: Black, Tip Type: Conical


3. uni-ball Vision Rollerball Pens


The uni-ball vision rollerball pen is my 3 number pick of choosing the best pens under 20 dollars, and it’s a kind of pen that offers several great features.


First, the Independent uniflow rollerball ink system gives consistent smoothness and color energy, and also this feature will protect your pen against fading, fraud, and water!


The most favorite parts of this pen are the convenient, visible ink supply window that will help you know how much Ink remains.


Technical Parts:

Brand: Uni-ball, Weight: 4.8 ounces, Color: Black, Point Type: Fine, Line Size: 0.7mm, Ink Color: Black


4. PILOT The Better Ball Point Pen


Are you searching for a simple writing tool? Or want to use a pen that will help you to write with confidence? You may know that the “Pilot The Better Ball Point Pen” can be an excellent solution for you!

Because this one is one of the top-selling and most popular pens in the market, also known as a budget-friendly pen.

The Pilot, The Better Ball Point Pen, has a slim profile that reminds me of a pencil, including the hexagonal appearance of the body structure created from a smoky translucent, healthy, and robust plastic that corresponds to the Ink color of this ballpoint pen.

At one end of this budget pen, you’ll see a stainless steel clip that is too sturdy, takes a lot of clipping capability, which can clip to multiple writing notes without losing the pen’s grip.

If we see the button section of the pen, we can see that the button is also made from metal, and it does not change the tension needed to extend the tip of this pen.

The pen feels great when you press down on the button and no mushy feeling when it bottoms out, and the bounce-back of the switch is embodied.

The grip section starts where the hexagonal body ends, and it’s ribbed for comfort, not pleasure. The tip is also created from metal to better protect this Pilot The Better Ballpoint Pen from cracks due to drops.

Believe me or not, this pen is smooth enough, and you can still feel the ballpoint moving across the grain of the notepaper you’re writing on, but one thing you should know that it doesn’t hinder the writing at all!

It comes in three colors: black, blue, and red and in tow-point sizes: medium & fine. This is a very waterproof ballpoint pen-like many oil-based ink pens.

I would like to tell you one thing that If you want to use a slim but long-lasting, retractable pen with an excellent click that writes quickly and smoothly with a fast-drying period but also waterproof, then this pen would be the perfect pen for you.

Technical Details:

Brand: PILOT, Weight: 3.81 ounces, Color: Black, Closure: Retractable, Grip Type: Ribbed, Material Type: Plastic, Point Type: Fine, Line Size: 0.7mm, and the Ink Color is: Black


5. Uni-Ball Vision Elite Stick Micro Point


Are you a traveler? Searching for a kind of pen that completely airplane safe and want to buy? I have a solution for that! The Uni-Ball Vision Elite Stick Micro Point Rollerball Pen is the solution for you!

Because the Ink will not explode or leak due to a change in cabin pressure during flights, this is why this pen is one of the most popular pens for travelers!

It uses an exclusive uni-flow ink system that regulates a steady flow of waterproof Ink to balance smoothness and color predominance down to Ink’s last drop.

 And finally, if we look at the tip size of the pen, we can see that it uses a microtip ideal for fine line and detailed writing.

 Technical Details:

Brand: Uni-ball, Weight: 2.4 ounces, Color: Black, Point Type: Micro, Ink Color: Black.



When you decided to use a pen under $20, you must select the best one, so considering all these things, I have tried to review some of the budget-friendly pens that you can buy under $20.

So if you have any questions about finding the best budget pens, you can comment in the comment box. I will try to answer you as soon as I can

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