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The Best Ballpoint Pens in The World?

The ballpoint pens are not the writing tools, they are the life of our success, from our primary level education to higher, a ballpoint pen is playing an important role.

But have you ever asked yourself which are the best ballpoint pens in the world? And what’s your personal opinion on finding a good ballpoint pen for writing?

If the question matches with you and you are looking for a complete guide and review on this widely asked topic, you’re on the right page.

Because here I’ve shared a list of the most popular pens that you can buy at an affordable price range, so all read the review until the end!

1. Cross Classic Century Satin Chrome Ballpoint Pen

Best Ballpoint Pens in The World

This one is one of my favourite ballpoint pens. The reason why I like this pen is that it’s so low priced as a brand pen, and will give you a premium writing experience that fascinates me all the time.

Moreover, this pen is popular in the market and is used by professional people in popular countries like the USA, Canada, UK, Indian people!

The Cross Classic Century Ballpoint pen has a screw-off cap with 23k gold-plated appointments, The Weight is around 1.12 ounces, which is excellent, 

The Cross Classic Century Satin Chrome comes with Chrome – Satin body colour that may you like. Point type is medium, and the ink colour is black, which is fine for use everywhere, and the tip type is conical.


2. Lamy 2000 Ballpoint Pen

If you’re looking for a pen that will help you to change the overall writing style, then the Lamy 2000 BallPoint Pen might be your solution or next plan! You may know that Lamy pens have long been respected in the Pen market because of their product quality.

It looks excellent. There is no cringing when you drop the pen. That will be fine. The pen seems heavyweight, but actually, that’s not true. It’s a lightweight ballpoint pen that can be easily used everywhere!

The Lamy brand makes the 2000 model an excellent way, as the body size, perfect for all sizes of hands, can also be fine for right and left-handed people.

The clip looks like a pure solid, and there is no challenge moving in or out of the pocket. Its clicking system is also rock solid and can jump up, but with a little bit of twiddling, the pen will automatically fix itself.

The Lamy 2000 itself is not rattling or creaky when writing with it. I like its board refill because the refill will provide you with a soft line in your notes.


3. PILOT Precise V5 RT Refillable

Are you looking for a simple and Super affordable pen that will give you something different tastes?

Then wait! I have a solution for you! The Pilot RT Precise V5 RT Refillable pen would like to be your next writing solution. Believe it or not, it’s a short pen that most pen users love around the World.

It’s an ordinarily pro-level retractable rolling ball pen with a patented additional fine precision tip to offer soft and tension-free writing. You’ll feel an Unparalleled experience for ultra-soft writing.

If you love a clean and smooth ink delivery, you’ll love this one because it delivers a pure, clean, and soft line. Available in 12 professional ink colours and features a sophisticated metal tip point.

In a word, these packs of Pilot Ballpoint pens are great for beginners and professionals too. As soon as you want to start writing with them, the ink is ready to go. No longer need to re-write anything.

They look kind of more classy with their pure silver trip. So, people who love a pocket clip are mighty lucky! These pilot pens’ writing width is reasonably narrow, not too bold, and not too thin.


4. Cross Townsend Collection for Scuderia Ferrari

Are you working in any professional places? Like a software development company, any corporate office, or any offices? Then wait! Because now you should be somewhat updated, that means you need a pen that fits in with your professional work.

The Cross Townsend is a professional and handy pen that can be used in any office, school, home. It features a signature double band with black and red enamel detail. A perforated particular pocket clip modelled after the nose and cockpit of a process one race car.

You’ll love its Anti-counterfeit label that ensures its authenticity; in addition to using the pen in your office, without any question, this one should be used as a gift because it looks like an amazing pen and is more beautiful than others.


5. Waterman Hemisphere Ballpoint Pen

This unique type of ballpoint pen is a beautifully slim design for a delicate lightness when using a sophisticated silhouette, bold, gloss black lacquered barrel, and sleek 23-karat gold plated trip.

The powerfully constructed tip raises flawless writing lines that dry easily and quickly. Also, it will give you free rein for spontaneous expression anywhere at any time you want!

It comes with a professional dark blue waterman pen box that looks pretty good, so it’s perfect for marking momentous occasions. It writes softly, and the nib is engraved with the waterman emblem.

Created by the Waterman, it weighs approximately 1.6 ounces, and the pen Dimensions are around 6.9 x 2.7 x 1.5 inches, which are perfect for holding on.

Black and gold colour used as primary body colours, and the Material used to make the pen solid is Metal, which is fine. The point type is Medium, and it comes with blue ink colour.


6. Waterman Hemisphere Purple Chrome Trim Ball Pen

Have you been looking for a Simple and Quality pen for a long time, although the pen’s price is a little higher, however, you will love this one because it’s just simple, standard, and cool!

One of its features is It writes so smoothly and glides across the page, and also, the ink doesn’t spread too much!

Besides, the Waterman Hemisphere Purple Chrome Trim the ballpoint pen looks fantastic as well. It has a nice, solid, weighty feel to it that is balanced too well. It will fit perfectly in your hand, and the pattern is incredible.

Created from Waterman, Weight around 6.4 ounces that is not too much, Body-color is pure Purple. The point type is medium that is fine, and the Ink Color is Blue. After all, all these technical details are perfect for an ideal pen.


7. Montblanc Pix Edition White Gold Ballpoint Pen

All of Montblanc’s pens are known for their quality in the market because Montblanc knows that quality products are the king of the digital World.

Not only will the pen increase your writing speed, but if you have poor handwriting, this pen will help improve your handwriting. And that’s why I always recommend this one to my readers!

It uses a little bit thinner point ball pen, but that will not be a problem, the pen looks like a nice looking woman, so most women love this one to use as a gift.

Made by MONTBLANC Brand, its Weight around 8.8 ounces, which is slightly higher (but no problem if you would like to try a heavy pen), and body Material is pure Metal.


8. PILOT G2 Premium Refillable

Want to get a box of 12 ballpoint pens for everyday use? If yes, then, you might need this type of pens that are fit for all the work.

The PILOT G2 Premium Refillable ballpoint pens write very smoothly, and it’s made of durable plastic that does not break if extra pressure.

Over 45K+ good customer feedback, the Pilot G2 Refillable ballpoint pens are doing well in the market. Their product quality helps them to grow day by day. So you can buy them to meet your all needs at a low price.

Created by World most favourite pen brand Pilot, Weight around 5 ounces, Black coloured body structure, Material used just Plastic (But not weak Plastic)

It comes with a Dozen Box (So you can get several ten pens at once), point type fine that’s good, line size 0.7 that’s also great, and it includes black colour ink.


9. IDEAPOOL Genuine Rosewood Ballpoint Pen

After a long time of research, I found a different type of pen that maybe you also searched on the internet before seeing it on my site, Right? Yes, it’s a different type, but not significantly different. Only the body of this pen is made of natural wood.

Are you surprised? I am also because when it comes to using a ballpoint pen that is made of any material or Plastic, it’s normal. Still, when you think about using an enclosure made of natural wood, then it’s something unbelievable, right?

It has many more features than other common pens as it is uniquely stylish; also, it will provide you with good quality writing smoothness. It comes with one extra stainless steel black ink refill. 


10. Parker Jotter Stainless Steel Ballpoint Pen

Parker is a brand where you can find all kinds of best and quality pens that will massively improve your writing skills and add a new dimension to the writing world.

The Parker Jotter Ballpoint Pen is made of high-quality and long-lasting Stainless Steel materials that make it more strong! you will see that the pen is designed straightforwardly so that anyone is encouraged to use it once like me 🙂

With its chrome trip, the signature retractable design opens and closes with a confident click.

You probably love its pocket clip with its iconic arrowhead design. The black ink helps you to write on all kinds of papers.

It’s fitted with a fast flow ballpoint pen refill for optimal ink flow and a smooth user experience. The M size tip is a standard tip size for all kinds of works! It comes with a perfect gift box!


11. Fisher Space Pen Bullet Chrome Finish

A ballpoint pen should allow you to write everywhere and from any angle! And that’s why the Fisher Space Pen Bullet Chrome pen has come to solve this issue!

Moreover, this pen has long been popular in the market for its unique features, like it can write at extreme temperatures, write in zero gravity, and is a little bit more functional than other pens in the market!

Also, if you are upset, you will get a taste of classic design by using this pen because, although it is created in a high-functional way, it has been used in a classic design, which is the choice of almost everyone!

Technical Features:

Created from a Fisher Space Pen and its Weight is only about 0.96 ounces that make the pen a little unique! And there are many body colours to choose from.


12. Uni-Ball Jetstream Retractable Ballpoint Pen

Are you looking for a smartpen that will fit for use with your left hand? Then just wait and see! It’s a pen that is a trusted pen by almost all left-handed people. Left-handed people use it in their daily lives. They also enjoy a better quality and smooth writing experience with it!

It uses a fast drying ink that allows minimizing smudging ideals, especially for left-handed people. 

There are embossed grip stainless steel accents that make a stylish statement, it also features a uni super ink that will protect against fading and water. It includes three black ballpoint pens which are 0.7mm fine point


13. Cross Bailey Light Polished Teal Resin Ballpoint Pen

The cross bailey light polished teal resin ballpoint pen is a kind of pen where you’ll find a lightweight feel, and the pen is made by the lightweight resin material that makes the pen more user-friendly and easy to use.

If we look at this pen’s main feature, we can see the pen has a twist-action propel or repel feature, and the formulated Cross ink flows flawlessly offers you the most and superior writing experience.

Now, let’s see what will you get with the pen, the cross bailey light polished teal resin ballpoint pen comes with one fine black refill, glossy teal finish with polished chrome appointments,

and the most reliable feature that you might be interested in the company will provide you lifetime Mechanical warranty, so don’t worry about any mechanical issues!

14. BIC Soft Feel Retractable Ballpoint Pen

These pens will make you happy with the Bic soft feel retractable ballpoint pens tip that provides excellent performance and convenience.

Anyway, if you’re looking for a pack of 36 pens in one box with excellent quality, I would recommend you to buy these packs because they will fit all kinds of work.

Now the question is, why am I saying these are the perfect pens for all kinds of work? Right?

Ok, These pens come with a uniquely soft feel with a barrel for your ultimate writing comfort and a special, including the most comfortable no-slip grip, which will help you maintain a secure hold.

The tungsten carbide ball will offer you the most reliable performance when you write, while the retractable style provides you with easy one-handed operation.

The barrel colour is like the pink colour, so you can quickly identify the perfect pen for your needs, and we all know that the versatile 1.0mm medium point size is an ideal point size for everyday writing!

15. Zebra Pen 29212 Ballpoint Pens

The Zebra Pen 29212 Ballpoint Pen is my 15 number pick of selecting the best ballpoint pens in the World, and this is going to be a new option for everyone! Because if I start saying its features, then the functionalities will not end within 5 minutes!

Including 0.7m m fine points and offers the black simple-glide ink to provide the top of the line writing performance.

It has the retractable ballpoint pen feature and the stainless steel barrel combined strength and style.

Moreover, to increase your writing comfort and stability, the F-402 stainless steel feature and the non-slip rubberized grip will always help you! And it is refillable with Zebra’s F-Refill.

16. Pentel Ballpoint Pen Vicuna

The Pentel Vicuna is easily one of the smoothest ballpoint pens I’ve ever reviewed, and if you’re looking for a kind of pen that can help you write a sharp line, you can try this one! The pen debuted last year and has gradually been expanding to the global market.

The rubbery grip is pure solid and will offer you to write conveniently for quite a while. The ultra-lightweight body will help you hold the pen very quickly, and for its ultra-lightweight feature, you can write faster with the pen.

The barrel design of the pen is a mix of darker rubber and semi-translucent plastic, and the plunger mechanism is pure solid with a bit of play in its movements. If we look at the clip of this pen, we can see it is simple and made of clear plastic.

Moreover, the barrel is narrow on the head and flares out midway into the grip that consists of shallow grooves cut into the rubber.

17. uni-ball Jetstream RT Ballpoint Pen

The Uni-ball Jetstream ballpoint pen is the name of the king of the ballpoint pen world, the number one and most popular pen created by the brand.

Uni-ball jetstream RT ballpoint pen flows out smoothly and will allow you to write on all kinds of papers. If you’re a left-handed person, you will enjoy this pen’s ink because the ink sinks into writing, and the ink dries faster than other ink.

The pen is available in a variety of colours and tip widths so that you will have the ability to choose from.

The hybrid ink, which means low-viscosity ink with pigments, will help you get skip-free writing and the features of uni Super Ink that protect against fading, fraud, and water.

18. BIC Velocity Bold Retractable Ball Pen

I’ve reviewed so many pens over the years, However, the Bic velocity bold retractable something exceptional than others, the main reason for that could be its price.

Can you imagine you get 36 pens in one box only for under $15? I’m sure, it’s out of your imagination, but it’s true! The BIC velocity is one of the smoothest pens in the Universe, its easy-glide ink mechanism will help you with super-soft writing.

With its 1.6mm point size, you can create bold and vivid lines. All of the pens from the box have a soft rubber grip that might be helpful when you control them.

The customers who already use these pens use them in their office, school, and also for their home works. So you can try them and use them for a long-time because the box contains 36 ballpoint pens


19. Obacle Ballpoint Pens

The Oracle Ballpoint pens are just a great option for those who want a substantial feel in their hand. It can be said that any nurse or doctor can choose these pens for their daily use, these will make them happy.

It is 1.0mm medium point size ensures you incredibly soft writing on almost every type of paper. Made with firm construction to provide you with a comfortable feel with a long-lasting life.

Opening the pen is quite simple, just twist the pen and start your writing. Its perfect weight is also a helpful hint for those who love a lightweight product. Weight is only about 31g per pen.

Although these pens look a little bit weighty, however, it doesn’t mean that they are weighty, anyone can hold the pen comfortably and use it very easily.

Now come to the price section of the Oracle Ballpoint pens, I’m happy with the current price range, but the price could increase day by day for its popularity. 

Ok, let’s see what you get from the pack, including 2 ballpoint pens with 4 additional refills for your future use.


How To Choose The Best Ballpoint Pens in The World?

When you’re thinking of buying a ballpoint pen then you should know what the actual secret is to find a great and well quality ballpoint pen from the market. 

So in this part of the full review, I will discuss some of the hidden tips for you to choose a nice quality ballpoint pen,

Before that let me tell you the benefits of using a ballpoint pen 🙂

Benefits of Using a Ballpoint Pen

Believe it not, there are a couple of benefits to using a ballpoint pen and from them, the most common thing is ballpoint pens are much less expensive than other pens like a fountain, rollerball pen, gel pen, ETC.

And of course, ballpoint pens are very common writing tools that are used by almost every student, teacher or office worker!

Also, it’s a kind of pen where you don’t have to worry about unreliable ink because ballpoint pens ink dries very quickly and that you can call it’s better than a fountain pen.

Another big benefit of using a ballpoint pen is it’s an ideal pen for left-handed people, A left-handle personal can easily use a ballpoint pen without any technical problems because ballpoint pens are made with a very simple design and I think that’s why it’s the most popular pen in the market 🙂

#1. Find Out A Brand that You Believe

Yes, A pen brand that should have a reputation in this pen market, if you don’t look at the brand pens before making a purchase you might be going to the wrong root, because a non-brand’s pen never guarantees you that his pen will satisfy you after using it!

So please keep in mind that you buy a brand’s pen-like Pilot, Cross, Waterman, Pental or something like these!

And the very interesting thing is I already reviewed pens from these brands! So if you buy a pen after reading my review, I’m sure that you’re going to buy some of the brand’s pens.

And, if I’m being honest I like a lot of pen brands like pilot, cross, parker!

How much does it cost to buy a ballpoint pen?

Typically buying a ballpoint pen will cost you a few dollars, otherwise, if you look at other pens, such as a fountain pen, rollerball pen, you have to spend at least a little more than buying a ballpoint pen.

Which is the best place to buy a ballpoint pen?

You can buy a ballpoint pen from any local market and also buy from any online shopping mall such as Amazon. but It is not a big factor, but if you fail to choose a good quality ballpoint then it will become a big issue.

Are all pens ballpoint?

Your idea is completely wrong! because there are so many types of pens in the market, such as Fountain pen, Rollerball pen, gel pen, marker pen, ballpoint pen, etc. So you have to understand that not all pens are ballpoint pens.

Where ballpoint pens used oil-based ink, Rollerball Pens used water-based liquid ink,  Gel Pens used somewhat extra water-based ink and a fountain pen used water-based ink, Marker pens used pigment, water, oil, and alcohol-based ink.

FAQ Section

What is a ballpoint pen?

A ballpoint pen is known as a biro or ball pen. is a pen that distributes ink (normally in paste form) over a metal ball at its point, i.e. over a ballpoint. The metal commonly applied is brass, steel, or tungsten carbide.

Are Pilot pens ballpoint?

Pilots produce many types of pens. so they can’t be called just one type of pen manufacturing company!

Do ballpoint pens dry out?

Yes! but there are some facts! The ink of the ballpoint pen can flow unevenly and the ink is slow to dry. The ink is manifested to the air while it is fluxing through the pen, so it can’t dry faster.

How long do ballpoint pens last?

Approximately 7 years! If you have enough ink in  your pen and it is strong!

What is the smoothest ballpoint pen?

Uni-Ball Jetstream Retractable Ball Point Pens! Yes, this is the smoothest writing pen i have ever seen!

Which is the richest ballpoint in the world?

The Mont Blanc BallPoint Pens!

Which is the cheapest ballpoint pen in the world?

#BIC Round Stic Ball Pens

Which ink Color of ballpoint pen is good?

Generally Black! Becomes black ink pens can be used everywhere!  

Should the ballpoint be stored vertically or horizontally?

Much will depend on the preference of your pen! However, in many cases it is better to keep your pen vertically!

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