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Which is The Best Highlighter Pen For Studying | With Buying Guides

Markers or Highlighters, whatever it is, are just a must-have and initial tool required in our student life. But did you know which is the best highlighter pen for studying?

If you don’t know and are looking for a review, you can find a complete review of the best highlighter pen for studying. Then you’re on a kind of page where I’ve reviewed the top 10 best marker pens for students!

Some students use the highlighter for coloring, and some are using them to highlight their textbooks, but the use of a marker pen is the same.

So considering all these things, today’s list can help you utilize which one would be the perfect highlighter for your task.

At present, you’ll find various highlighter pen making companies, and markers are available in different sizes, colors, and shapes. But the question is: did you know that considering these, which one can solve your problem?

If you want to in-deep review of each of these markers, you’ll need to read the entire post because this is not a list. This is a review where I’ve discussed almost everything that you’ll need to know when you think about buying a good marker pen for your studying.

So let’s get started,

Best Highlighter Pen For Studying in 2021


Glide softly on paperCheck Price

Dual tips

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Light color

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Fast-drying ink

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Affordable to buy

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inexpensiveCheck Price

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Best for bibes, textbooks

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Versatile tips

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How to Choose the Best Highlighter Pens?

If you’re a school or college or even university student, you might know how important it is to have the best and comfortable use of the highlighting pen. However, since there are thousands of highlighter pens out there, it becomes so hard to know the difference between all these options.

But don’t worry, because, in this comprehensive guide, I’ll help you find the best highlighter pens for all your needs. Not only that, at the end of this guide, I’ll also show you some of the best and market’s best-selling highlighter pens that you will love for their easy to use functionality and affordable price range.

But before I go into the complete guide, you might want to know the first thing about what makes a good highlighter pen?

So let’s start this guide with the most common question!


What makes a perfect highlighter pen?

If you’re a school or college or even university student, you might know how important it is to have the best and comfortable use of the highlighting pen

Before buying a highlighter marker pen, it is also essential to know what makes one stand out from the rest.

The first thing that I’ll tell you in this section in a highlighter pen doesn’t bleed on your paper. When you’re trying to point out any of your essential words in your book, you don’t want your pen ink to bleed through papers.

This makes it quite challenging to keep your book neat and organized. Lucky for you, as school and office supplies have become more specialized, all types of book point outing pens can work on all kinds of notes, books without bleeding.

Liquid ink highlighter pens tend to bleed and smear less. This type of ink can also be left uncapped for hours and days without drying out. However, liquid ink tends to be less precise.

On the other hand, we can see the pencil highlighter that is commonly brightly colored pencil. Pencil highlighters will make your text stand out, and it will guarantee you that it’s not to bleed or smear on your textbook when you use it.

 Select a highlighting pen with ink specially created not to smear. The Sharpie Pocket Highlighter pens will be the perfect option because they come with water-based ink that means they won’t stain books written with a gel or ballpoint pen.

When you have to point out multiple books or notes at once, you should choose a kind of highlighter that dries very quickly to avoid smudging.

. However, since there are thousands of highlighter pens out there, it becomes so hard to know the difference between all these options.

But don’t worry, because, in this comprehensive guide, I’ll help you find the best highlighter pens for all your needs. Not only that, at the end of this guide, I’ll also show you some of the best and market’s best-selling highlighter pens that you will love for their easy to use functionality and affordable price range.

But before I go into the complete guide, you might want to know the first thing about what makes a good highlighter pen?

So let’s start this guide with the most common question!

Highlighter Will Make Your Text Stand Out

When highlighter pens were first founded, they have come a long way, but at present, highlighters come in all sorts of colors. However, all of these highlighters are not ideal for making essential lines or words point out.

One more thing is, you may don’t want to use marker pens that look too dark. Typically, when pointing out something in your book, you should only go over your word once, so you don’t oversaturate the note.

The color you want to use in your book will depend on your choice, but Yellow color is one of the most used colors when people highlight something on their book using a highlighter pen.

 From this variety of options, if you want to stay organized differently, you still have a solution! You’ll need to buy a pack of highlighter pens where you’ll get so many color options to choose from like, green, pink, orange, blue, and more, and yes, the most useful color yellow too.

Here are some tips to highlight books with different colored highlighting pens:

  • Using the yellow color, you can point outlines you’re unfamiliar with.
  • Significant line can be pointed out with the pink color.
  • If you want to highlight some of the general information that you may want to read in the future, these lines can be highlighted with the orange color.

Tip Size for a Best Highlighter Pen

Now I’m going to share some of the highlighter pens tips that are available in the market today.

There are four types of marker tips available in the market

1.Chisel Tip: this type of tip is flat and ideal for pointing outlines of text

.2.Window Tip: if you want to highlight your textbooks with a clear window that lets you see your text as you’re using it, the window tip would be the perfect tip size for a highlighting pen.

3.Dual Tip: this is a kind of all in one solution because this type of tip allows you to switch between two colors conveniently.

4.Bullet Tip: this is a rounded option where you’ll find thick and fine sizes. If you just want to underline your documents, this is a perfect solution for you.

Highlighter Colors:

Mainly four colors are the key colors of a highlighter pen, others as extensive as 20 colors. This thing will depend on your specific needs and purpose.

In a common pen, 4-6 colors should suffice. If you want to use a highlighter pen for doing bullet journaling, you might need multiple colors to do that.

Just all you need to know about what you are getting. When you search for a set of pens, you may find some pack where you’ll get 12-20 highlighter pens in one package, but you may only have 4-6 shades, so there are multiples of each color a single pack.

I think as a student, you don’t need a set of highlighter, because a best quality single highlighting pen last more than one month, so you should use a single one, but if you want to get a pack of highlighter because of you don’t have enough time to buy them monthly, you may purchase a set. But they are a little bit pricey.

Highlighter Ink Quality:

Most students don’t look at the ink quality before they buy a pen, whether it is a regular pen or a highlighter, but they should look at that point because it’s essential for a pen.

So you need to make sure you’re going to buy a kind of pen that comes with the right amount of ink so that you can use it for a long time, and you should also look at the ink smoothness for better writing.


When it comes to selecting the best highlighter pen for studying, it is also essential to make sure you’re going to buy a pen that offers a comfortable writing style.

The thick and flat types of highlighter pens are a little bit difficult to hold and use too. You can try a pen-style marker for easy use, but it is only better for doing calligraphy. There is still a solution. The flat ones are ideal for shading; the Chisel Tip is better for highlighting.

Body and Nib Durability of the Highlighter

The body and nib of a highlighter pen should be made from strong material so that the pen glides very smoothly on most paper because anybody doesn’t want the bills to snag and eventually fray.

Ink Opacity:

This will be the central fact when you highlight something on your note, book, paper, or anywhere you want. If your ink is too substantial, your highlighted lines may be hard to see, and you might have time to read the text already.

Simultaneously, you might not want to be too light that you have a hard time determining where you point it! You should maintain a perfect balance!

You may also love to know more about a highlighter pen, so that I’ve found some more essential things about it, read these carefully.

What is a Highlighting Pen?

The highlighter pen means you can use it to highlight anything on your books. You might also want to underline or do bullet journaling with a special kind of pen, and this specially made pen is called a highlighter pen. The highlighter pen has a fluorescent color and has a chisel tip.

How Does Highlighter Pen Work?

This type of pen also can be used in the exact way as pens. All you need to do is open the pen’s cap, push a button, and use it. Still, if your highlighter pen has the retractable function and glides it over your highlighting line, it’s commonly ink will dry up very quickly. Still, the highlighter has a runny consistency. You have to wait a few moments to prevent smearing.

What are the different types of highlighter pens in the market?

Ink: if you want to use an adequate level of a vivid ink highlighter pen, this is a good option. It also has the same ink consistency as that common marker pen. The liquid type of ink helps to glide very softly on paper.

Wax: it’s similar to crayons, but there is an effect between gel types of highlighter pens and ink. They don’t bleed through.

Gel: Gel types of highlighter have a thicker ink consistency.

Who is this for?

Although highlighter pens are perfect for students studying for important exams, adding more color and visual marks helps develop memory functions.

However, Highlighter pens are perfect for students and are ideal for professionals when taking down notes.

What is the Best Color Highlighter to Use for Studying?

Although most students are using yellow as their primary highlight color for the best color for highlighting, blue is the best-used color for challenging learning situations.

Because blue seems a relaxing and calming color, it helps improve reading comprehension too. But you can use your preferred color.

What are the best highlighter pen brands?

There are many highlighter pen brands out there, below is the list of the top four highlighter pen brands make makes quality pen to provide the best highlighting experience to the users:





1.Sharpie Brand: Sharpie is writing implements, especially highlighter and marker pens manufacture handled by Newell Brand (A public company) founded in 1964 and headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia.

2.Prismacolor: This brand is one of the professional artist’s supplier brands originated by Berol in 1938. But at present, it’s also handled by Newell Brands. They are making colored and graphite pencils and soft pastels. They not only produce these types of products, but also they are making erasers, pencil sharpeners, pencil cases, and more!

3.Copic: if you’re looking for a refillable marker pen, you can buy Copic marker pens. Because this Japanese brand makes refillable marker pens, this brand was founded in 1987, and they only produce marker type pens.

 4.Tombow: this brand is a market leader for school, office, crafts, and art products. They supply their quality product all around the world by selling their work online and offline. Tombow was founded in japan in 1913. They make products like art markers, fine writing pens, liquid glue, adhesive taps, drawing pencils, and more!

That was the complete information, and when you want to buy a good quality highlighter pen, you should follow this guide on how to choose the perfect highlighter pen.

As I’ve said in the beginning section of this article, now I’m going to show some of the ideal highlighters for you to start your book highlighting so that you can never miss any of your essential lines or words in your book when reading.

1. Sharpie Highlighters

The number 10 pick of choosing the right highlighter for students is the Sharpie Highlighters!

One of the main useful features of this Sharpie Highlighter is you’ll never have to worry about running out of ink. It contains a viable ink supply that displays when your ink is running low level.

Its barrel is created to connect your highlighter to a key-chain or clip, but one thing that you may notice about the marker is it does not contain any carrying box. Don’t worry because the barrel will help you to solve this problem.

The Sharpie highlighters use vibrant liquid ink that is brighter than any ordinary marker ink on the market, and the chisel tip glides very smoothly for a pure, clean application. They come with 12 fluorescent yellow Sharpie markers.

Final Thought:

Most of the students who used these markers prefer this highlighter due to vibrant ink because it helps them a lot. These markers also do not dry fastly as fast as other markers dry.

Why do I love These?

The ink lasts for a long-time, but of course, it will depend on your usage, but it can be said that as a college student, if you use one for 2-5 hours per day, It will last about 1-2 months easily.

Technical Details:

  • Brand: SHARPIE
  • Weight: 0.64 ounces
  • Dimensions: 1 x 7.63 x 7.63 inch
  • Color: Yellow
  • Point: Chisel

If you’re looking for the nice highlighter for studying, this Zebra Mildliner will help you meet all your needs in your student life to improve your book reading skill by highlighting your reading’s main point.

This marker is perfect for high to low-level students, and it’s also suitable for organizing a planner, creating a bullet journal. 

One of its most significant benefits is it is safe for Bible highlighting. Its ink is lightweight and suitable for layering colors. The ink is not only water-resistant; the Zebra Highlighter will not bleed through paper.

The colors of the marker show up smoothly so that you can quickly achieve its true colors and highlights. There are 15 unique colors available for this marker. A pure white barrel with ink colored lids will keep it minimalistic. Not only that, there is a convenient clip attached to the pen.

You might know that the zebra highlighter comes with water-resistant ink that will not bleed through any of your documents. The marker color is applied very smoothly so that the marker is Bible secure for underlining bible passages.

Some so many real customers used the Zebra marker once. They enjoy it for its softness, writing style, and water-resistant colors. 

There are two dual tips that we can find in the market, one is blunt, and the other is fine. These are a bonus to managing how the highlighter is applied and the results while highlighting anything in your textbooks.

Technical details:

  • Brand: Zebra Pen
  • Ink Color: Assorted
  • Drill Point: Chisel
  • Number of Pieces: 15

If you have some books or documents, especially some bibles, you might know that this kind of paper comes with tiny handwriting, in this case, you may need to do a lot of concentration.

So if you would like to point out or mark some verses, you’ll need to have a marker pen that has precise abilities and one that can point out small writing, and that’s why the GTL Accu Gel markers come for!

This is a pack of 6 color pens that can highlight small text or handwriting sizes. These highlighter tips glide across the paper very softly without smearing. 

As with other marker pens in this list of the professional highlighter pens for students, these are long-lasting, compact, and even easily portable. They come in violet, pink, green, blue, orange, and the last one is Yellow, one of the most used colors for highlighting books, notes, documents, etc.

All of the GTL Accu-Gel Marker pens come with a protective cover that is very easy to open and close. 

As the last point for these markers, I would like to say there are so many markers you’ll find on the market that bleed through thin sheets of paper or dry off over sessions.

But if you use the GTLAccu-Gel marker pens, you’ll see that they will work on most paper very smoothly without any bleed.

So why are you waiting? Just hit the view on amazon button and read the complete review about them and buy them at an affordable price range.

Technical Details:

  • Weight: 1.6 ounces
  • Dimensions: 2.8 x 0.4 x 5.5 inch
  • Ink Color: Blue

At the seven number pick of finding the good highlighter pen for school/college, I’ve selected the Mini Pill Shaped Highlighter pens for you to highlight your textbook effectively and clearly.

These highlighters are super cute. They’re smaller than the photos but still quite convenient to highlight anything in your books. The ink colors are significantly lighter than average pens, and also they are vibrant. These highlighters would be best for your handwritten notes.

One of the good things about the Mini Pill Shaped Highlighter pens is that it comes with a zip bag that makes it very easy to keep them together and bring them to places, but you may notice one thing that it’s a little short to hold comfortably.


One of the Sharpie Tank Highlighter pen’s main features is you don’t have to worry about running out of ink with this bold Sharpie. It features a big, long-lasting barrel, which will offer a soft, consistent supply of vibrantly hued ink.

We mainly use highlighters to point out the keywords and phrases in our books. The easy-glide chisel tip will help you highlight the critical line in your book.

See-through smear guard ink will keep your text very easy to read and straightforward so that you can mark up documents or notes for later reference. The ink will dry very fastly to minimize smearing and smudging, and the color resists fading for worry-free use on most papers.

If you love the variety of colors, you may also love the Sharpie tank highlighters because they come with seven colors to choose from.


At this five-choice of the amazing Highlighter pen for studying review, I have selected the Sharpie Liquid Pocket Highlighters. They are just great choices for students and teachers.

The Sharpie pocket highlighters will work perfectly well. They will write softly on paper surfaces. You may also love its chisel tip because it makes it easy to point out words with just one easy swipe. Its fluorescent colors are bright and comfortable to see.

These colors are not too dark. Its price is perfect so that anyone can buy them and use them efficiently. They will also work consistently to point outing almost all types of books, notebooks, and more.

It features a smear guard ink and specially created to resist smearing when you want to highlight many pen and marker inks. They use non-toxic ink.

This is a set of 24 highlighters, including four fluorescent, blue, green, fluorescent pink, six yellow, and two lavender.


Suppose you want to use a highlighter on your thin Bible page. In that case, the U.S. Office Supply Bible safe Gel Highlighter pens can be an excellent solution for you because the color of these pens does not show through to the other side, and the colors are lighter than other regular Bible highlighters.

These U.S. Bible safe liquid ink highlighters are more like crayons and very waxy. This set comes in a box of 6 bright neon colors that highlight while gliding softly across a book or a paper.

This pack contains an additional purple highlighter, but this color seems too dark to highlight anything. This color can make it harder to underline or read the text. So I’ll only suggest using other colors that come in the pack such as Yellow, blue and more.

These will work as your expectation, if you look at the price section, you can see that these markers are available only for under $7, so it can be said that you’re going to get an affordable highlighters pack.

They are ideal for color-coding Bibles. These markers are safe for highlighting on any paper surfaces like legal books, study, and text; professionals can also use these for their document highlighting.

They won’t bleed on paper and also won’t dry out if left uncapped. A comfortable grip helps hold the marker very quickly.


At number three, I’m going to share these bleed proof highlighters with you because These are the Bleed Proof Gel Highlighters for Bible Study. They are also safe to use on thin pages and smudge and bleed proof unique guarantee making them the ideal Bible markers.

There are five different colors highlighters we can see in the pack, including one each: pink, blue, green, orange, yellow, Vivid, and bright transparent colors that help you to highlight important lines, texts, and easy readability.

Each of them has a handy pen clip-on cap and beloved scripture reminders printed on the barrel section. Retracts to protect highlighter tips. These are the all-in solution for Bible study, school, home, and office usages.


The Zebrite Double markers are outstanding, and these are better than you remember. This set is one of the oldest highlighters set in the market, but today we can see that the set is redesigned to add more highlighters in the pack, the old pack had three colors, and the new set has five colors.

The three old colors were: Yellow, blue, and red, and the new set comes with five colors: Yellow, green, red, blue, and orange, so if you love multiple colors for highlighting your books, this affordable pack can be your next choice.

These no bleed markers offer color vibrancy that jumps off the note without displaying up on the other side. Not only that, but these pens also feature a medium chisel tip and good bullet for precise highlighting and too broad marking. I think this feature makes them ideal for legal documents, bibles, textbooks, and more.

These markers’ barrel is made with recycled materials and has a convenient pocket clip that is entirely safe. You can use them for planning papers, editing rough drafts, and coloring. In a word, There is no limit to using them.


This is the last pack of choosing the best highlighter pen for studying, and the Ohuhu 40-color Alcohol Markers is my number one choice for you because this is a fantastic pack of 40 vibrant colors that gives you the ability to highlight anything with fun. After all, you have so many colors to choose from.

These are one of the most popular marker sets for their long-lasting ink. You can use these for a long time without the fear of the ink finishing because not only is it durable, but also no piece you point out will fade at any moment.

As these are a set of 40 markers, they come with a carrying box and color-coded caps, which will help you identify and organize the colors very easily. It offers you a broad and fine twin tip for precise marking and underlining and drawing thick and thin lines.

You can also create various formats, styles, patterns, and sketches with ease. The pack comes with a total of 40 unique colors plus one free colorless blender. One more good thing about the highlighters is they will dry very fast in your note where you highlight.


Summing-Up for Finding the Best Highlighter Pen for Studying:

Highlighter pens come in different sizes, shapes, colors, etc. Finding the best highlighter pen for studying is not a simple thing. You have to research for more than 1 hour to select the perfect one!

But if you follow this guide with a complete review, you can easily choose your perfect one from the list of top 10 best highlighter pens because I did a lot of research on this topic, and then I’ve listed these.

If you have any additional questions about today’s topic, let me know by the comment box. I’ll help you as soon as possible.

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