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Let’s Find Some Best Fountain Pen Under 30 Dollars

Over time, I’ve reviewed many different well-made fountain pens, inexpensive to expensive ones.

So if you would like to use a smoothly performed fountain pen that writes good with a low budget,

Don’t worry! 

Because here, I’ve rounded up the top five smooth writing best fountain pens that you can buy under $30.

It’s particularly perfect if you don’t know if a fountain is right for you, so I focus on a low budget, easy to use and maintenance, and overall a good experience at an insignificant investment.

What to see when you buy the best fountain pens under 30 dollars

When you decide to buy a fountain pen, you have so many options out there, and you might know that the fountain pen comes with different kinds of nib sizes, colors, materials, and more.

So remember that when you choose a pen, that pen should have all kinds of good material, nib size, and color combination.

Now, Let me tell you these things in detail.

#The Nib Sizes of a Fountain Pen:

You might know that the first and most important part of a fountain pen is its Nib, it’s a little metal piece at the tip of a fountain pen that you write with on a piece of note.

The fountain pens use capillary action and gravity to get the water-based ink from the middle of the fountain pen through the Nib onto the paper you write.

#The Ink Feed of a Fountain Pen:

Acjectly right below the Nib, you’ll find the ink feed that will help the capillary action and get the ink onto the note.

Unline rollerball and ballpoint pens, you know that nibs always come in different sizes, Extra Fine and Fine.

But did you know that what nib size is most prevalent? Your answer might be going to the medium size.

If you would like to use a broader nib, you get a B, and a even wider is a BB nib, and if you would like it overall, that is usually used for some specific tasks like doing signatures.

You get a 03b nib size. Or sometimes you’ll also find oblique nib sizes that mean they’re angled at the tip and that would. For instance, be an OB, which is a diagonal broad nib size.

When you start your first-time fountain pen writing, I suggest you start your journey with a medium nib size, a fine or an extra-fine nib.

Because these nib sizes will easiest to learn with, and later on, you can upgrade and invest in more fountain pens with broader nib sizes.

#The Converter of a Fountain Pen:

Unlike a rollerball pen, you know most fountain pens don’t come pre-loaded with ink, and you can either receive cartridges, but they’re extra pricey on a per-use charge and preferably.

But you can use a converter so you can choose from any ink you would like to use in your pen, and you can also fill the ink into the converter.

In general, they cost anywhere from $1-$5, but you’ll save $$ over time compared to the cartridge that is commonly a one-time use.

#The Piston-Filler of a Fountain Pen:

The piston-filler doesn’t have a cartridge. You’ll quickly turn the knob at the pen to usually suck ink in or push it back out.

You’ll find this type of mechanism in more expensive pens. Subjectively, I’m one of the biggest fans of the piston fillers because down the line, 

These piston fillers are inexpensive than cartridges and less hard on the atmosphere because you have more limited waste.

Fountain Pens Under $30


Lamy Safari Green Fountain

Made in Germany

Check Price

Noodler’s Konrad Flex


Check Price

PILOT Varsity Disposable Fountain


Check Price

Removable converter

Check Price

Useful for a giftCheck Price

1. Lamy Safari Green Fountain Pen

Lamy Safari is the name of the fountain pen’s king! (From my perspective Might be).

One of those pens offers a smooth and better quality writing experience and long-lasting using experience.

The Safari is made from the same heel-piercing indestructible plastic as legos, and if you look at its design, you may love the plan because it’s not fancy, and the system is world-class.

The pen is durable for starting your lifelong fountain pen obsession. The steel nib may take a lot of pressure and effort, even a little abuse.

The barrel window will help you see how much ink you have left for using, and it comes with 1 Lamy T10 blue ink cartridge that you can use with a Lamy Z28 converter, and it is made in Germany.

2. Noodler's Konrad Flex

Here is another one that I listed in the review for its affordable price range.

The Noodler’s Konrad Flex fountain pen is one of the affordable fountain pens that take any fountain pen bottled ink.

It comes with Flex fine/medium bib sizes, so the ink line will depend upon pressure places on the Nib and includes a Noodler ink cardboard box.

3. PILOT Varsity Disposable Fountain Pens

If you look at these pens, you’ll see that these look pretty cheap like these are typical rollerballs, and it is all made with cheap plastic.

But these pens are elegant, the pre-filled disposable pen is ready to use and requires no maintenance.

The visible ink supply will help you see how much ink is left in the pen, so you never run dry.

At the ending moment, in a word, this is going to be a great choice if you’re looking for a cheap but not qualityless fountain pen.

4. Gullor Advanced Full Silvery Mat Fountain Pen

Most peoples think that a cheap-priced fountain pen means that you’re getting the wrong one! But this is entirely wrong thinking.

Because with th Gullor Advanced Full Silvery Mat Fountain Pen, you can get the best quality services at a low cost.

It will provide you an experience of classic, smooth writing and its use of 18K gold-plated stainless steel nib, and this is why most pen users love the pen.

It has a Removable converter. The ink is the international standard.

Note: if your budget is too low and searching for a reliable fountain pen to get started, this is just the perfect one for you that you should try once in your life.

5. Waterman Graduate Chrome Fountain Pen

My last pick of finding the best fountain pens under 30 dollars is the Waterman Graduate Chrome Fountain pen.

It’s one of the most popular pens with over 1000+ five star customer reviews on Amazon, and this is a perfect pen used by most students and teachers.

When writing with the pen, you’ll feel an elegantly smooth writing experience for it’s delicate lightless.

It’s skillfully crafted Nib engraved with its iconic brand name called Waterman.

For marketing the pen more useful for a gift, it comes with a premium dark blue waterman gift box that looks professional and beautiful also!

Summing-Up The review:

When it comes to buying the best fountain pens under 30 dollars, you should not look at only the range, but you should look at the features, reliabilities, brand value, and more.

So with this in mind, I have selected these pens for you, and I hope you got the right one from the list for your needs!

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