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What Are The Best Pens For Note-Taking?

Top 3 Best Pens For Note Taking

When I was research for note-taking pens I found the most features of these 3 pens!

1. Pentel Gel Ink Pen


2. PILOT Acroball Pro


3. Pilot Metropolitan


You love taking notes with a pen but if you fail down to select the best pens for note-taking it might be one of your biggest mistakes in your school/college life! 

Because in our student life, taking notes is our most important task and that’s why you have to be serious when you’re thinking of buying the best pens for note-taking.

Anyway, Recently I was thinking that how would it be if I would write a complete review about note-taking pens, and then I sat down to write this post!

But all things are not too easy to capture, yes 🙁 finding the well-quality note-taking pens from online.

because there are a few sites where you can just see their reviews and I’m sure you will not be able to decide after reading these reviews what pen you should buy to use as a note-taking pen from their lists.

But it’s me and after a long period of researching now I’m happy and ready to show you not one or two pens but 20+ most popular and most reliable pens for note-taking.

Well, I’m not like others, I’m a little bit unique 🙂 but wait, Why? Right?

On the internet, other sites just listed a few of the best quality pens at very high prices and where I just listed and reviewed some good quality note-taking pens at a very low cost so that you can reach out to these pens and use them. Okay, I ‘m unique for it 🙂 agree? Maybe!

Top 25+ Best Pens For Note Taking


We’re students and we need some well-quality pens for use as a note taking pen at a low cost and that’s why these PILOT G2 Fashion Refillable Rollerball pens are my first pick of choosing the right pens for note taking.

It will always make you happy and assured when you use these pens because these pens come with a long-lasting Pilot premium gel ink feature and also it’s comfortable rubber grip makes these pens more suitable for doing any types of works like note taking, office writing, school/college uses.

Look At The Features

It’s a pens by the Pilot brand which is one of my favorite pen brands and is manufactured by Plastic.

It comes with a pack of 12 pens and point size is fine, line size 0.7mm which is great line size for use as a note taking pen, and the available ink color is black.



2. Zebra F-301 Ballpoint Stainless Steel Retractable Pen


Zebra F-301 Ballpoint Stainless Steel Retractable Pen is a kind of pen that can change all of your poor handwriting style! This means it’s a very popular pen to use as a fast writing pen on any type of paper. 

The 0.7mm fine point size allows you to write faster and comfortable handwriting, and also if you look at the design of this pen you will find a world-class design with the pen which makes the pen a little bit professional.

This pen comes with just 1.44 ounces weight, Black color, a pack of 12 pens, fine point size, 0.7mm line size, and black ink color.

What I like the most about this pen is This durable Ballpoint Pen is refillable with Zebra’s F-Refill, so if you would like to try a pen for a long time, then it’s the great one to try once.



3. Pentel Gel Ink Pen


A gel pen always makes me a happy pen user! Because gel pens are the great option to write faster than other pens. And that’s why the Pentel Gel Ink Pen is my 3 number pick of selecting the best pen for note taking in this top list.

The Pentel Gel Ink pen will guarantee you good quality writing all the time and also give you the ability to buy at a low cost.

It can be used any time any place you want to write with, because it looks like a small tool that will help you to carry on anywhere!

Moreover, this pen used the High-performance ink technology that works on any type of paper.

Not only are these features last, but more features are worth seeing like, it’s come with the Liquid gel ink that dries so faster than other pens, also it’s used stylish barrel design with stainless steel accents that make the pen more professional and smarter!

Lastly, this pen is just awesome for any kind of note-taking tasks, I will absolutely recommend this pen to use as a note-taking pen.



4. BIC Round Stic Xtra Life Ballpoint Pens


These BIC Round Stic Xtra Life Ballpoint Pens are somewhat little bit special pens in this top note taking pens list! Because these pens are the most popular pens of the BIC brand that you can buy at a low price.

As the real customers say, these pens are able to use as any multiple works, like office uses, school uses, home work, ETC. it means these are the complete solution for your daily life.

Because all you need to make your writing life better, all things are here in these pens like these pens write very fast and they dry quickly, it has the flexible round barrel for writing comfort and also the translucent barrel shows the ink level, which is great for any pen user!

These pens are made by the strong Plastic that makes these pens long-lasting to use and the simple design of these pens makes its own popularity!



5. Staedtler Triplus Fineliner


I always mention to my visitors that you guys should try to use a super fine point pen because the superfine point pens are great for note-taking!

That is why I listed Staedtler Triplus Fineliner 0.3 mm Porous Point Pens on this top list. They come with the Ergonomic triangular barrel for fatigue-free working and They don’t bleed.

also These pens can be the great option for bullet journaling and any precision writing tasks that call for color.



6. TUL GL1 Retractable Gel Pen


If you’re looking for a kind of pen that will help you to deliver bold writing lines size and skip-free smooth writing then there is no Doubt about it that these TUL GL1 Retractable Gel Pens are going to your pocket.

its retraction mechanism is very crisp and too strong which is great! and the ergonomic smart design offers optimal balance to the users and writing precision.

If anyone asks me what are the main features of these pens then I will say these features: The rubberized grip offers comfort writing and the retractable tip protects from unintentional markings inside your pocket.

Moreover, the stainless steel clip secures to pockets for hands-free carrying.



7. STABILO Point 88 Fineliner Pens


Looking for the best and unique pens for note-taking? then “Point 88 Fineliner Pens” are just waiting for you! because they have a hexagonal shape so these pens don’t roll off your desk while you’re trying to write any notes.

Moreover, they are the most popular pens for some specific reason like they dry quickly and don’t smudge that’s why the left-handed persons can easily use them!

The 0.4mm line width provides a good deal of control and also the metal-enclosed tip offers you the strength and durability.



8. Paper Mate 28503 Liquid Flair Porous-Point Pen


it can be said that these pens are kind of the superhero for any note-taking tasks! Because there are so many things to consider why these pens are the superhero,

The first thing to consider is they have a medium tip, so they’re well qualified for long-time uses.

The second thing is these pens have felt tips so they glide right over the note when you’re writing.

The next most powerful feature of these pens is they have the thicker body so it’s easier to hold! And the advanced quality polymers have been used as components also there are many ink colors available to choose from!



9. Gel Ink Ballpoint Pens


If you’re looking for a couple of pens for drawing then without any worry you should try out these MUJI Gel Ink Ballpoint Pens set once!  Because without a well-quality drawing pen, people can never taste the true taste of drawing!

That is why I would like to suggest to you that if you’re a one of the small artists then try to use these pens for your daily drawing tasks. 

Monover, According to the real customer from amazon, these pens are just perfect for drawing and gliding really smoothly.



10. PILOT Acroball Pro Advanced Ink Refillable Ballpoint Pens


These PILOT Acroball Pro Advanced Ink Refillable Ballpoint pens are my 10 number pick of choosing the best pens for note-taking and if you feel like you’re using a cheap and non-quality pen for note-taking then just try out these pens once!

The grip of this pen is great and unobtrusive and the Oil-based ink ensures that the pen is super fast and easy to write on paper.

Moreover, this pen has been used with advanced ink so that they would be somewhat unique and the premium metal accents offer you the sophisticated writing experience.



11. Marvy Uchida Bulk Buy Le Pen


When it comes to buying the good quality pens for note-taking Then you will see that different websites have not written a single pen review, Are you surprised?

This is because people are usually just not buy a single pen once for note-taking, rather, they try to collect many pens at one time so that they can use those pens for a long time

So if you are one of those people who do not feel comfortable buying many pens at once, but are looking for an opportunity to buy a single pen, then this pen is for you.



12. Sharpie Pen | Fine Point, Assorted Colors


If you suddenly asked me which are the most popular note-taking pens in the current market? Then I can undoubtedly recommend these pens to you!

The pens didn’t get much popularity in the market at first, Gradually, when people began to realize that these pens were paying their fair price, these pens began to gain popularity.

So if you do not want to miss out on enjoying the fantastic features of these pens, you should definitely try once.

Also the most attractive of these pens is that they can be written on any type of paper, whether they are expensive or inexpensive and the Ink won’t bleed through paper!



13. Pilot Metropolitan Collection Fountain Pen


Have you ever thought that with a fountain pen you could do your note writing tasks very easily?

If this thought is in you, then it’s time to apply that idea to fulfill your dream. Whatever it is! Usually, a student or teacher will never think of doing things like note-taking with a fountain pen.

But if you want to do such things in a unique way, then you must use a different kind of pen such as fountain pens and that’s why I listed this Pilot Metropolitan Collection Fountain Pen to my top list.

This Pilot Metropolitan Collection Fountain Pen has become known in many cases as good quality pens like it’s The finest quality at a mid-range price this means you have the ability to purchase this pen at very low cost.

Also used in the pen is a medium sized nib which will help you to feel very comfortable when writing and its Dye-based ink will play a big role in writing faster!

Also if you look at the additional benefits that come with the pen, you can see that it comes with one Pilot black ink cartridge, one Pilot Press Plate Converter, and a Gold barrel.



14. Sakura Gelly Roll Gel Ink Pen


From the beginning, the gel pens have been providing us with the right values, Because if you look at fast writing pens, this gel pen will appear first.

Even though Rollerball pens provide us with the right values for fast writing, If you think in another direction we can never forget gel pens.

Again if there is a comparison between rollerball pens and gel pens, then we can notice many advantages and disadvantages such as rollerball pens are allowed to be written everywhere, on the other hand, gel pens are not allowed everywhere like exam time.

Anyway, the main features of these pens are they come with so many colors like black, blue, burgundy, purple, brown, green, orange, royal blue, pink, and red.

Also because of the lightweight, these pens can be easily carried anywhere. And they will play an important role in fast writing.



15. Zebra Pen Sarasa X20 Retractable Gel Ink Pens


Believe it! we should look at this model once. As a reason for saying this, I can cite many reasons in front of you!

One of the reasons is it comes with 0.7mm medium point black gel ink and the pen is Proven by fastest drying Rapid Ink Technology that allows ink to dry in a few seconds on most surfaces.

Moreover, the pens are well-balanced enough to provide a seamless writing experience.

Also if you look closely at some of the amazing features of the pens, you can see that the pen has all kinds of features like, The retractable system with convenient pocket clip allows for faster and easy access.

And finally, if someone asked me, what kinds of work can I do with these pens? Then I would say that these pens can be named in the best place for multiple tasks like these are the best pens for note-taking,  journal or planner writing and also, they can be your multiple personal writing partners!



16. Cross Classic Century Lustrous Chrome Ballpoint Pen


You may have heard this name before, Cross Classic Century Lustrous Chrome Ballpoint Pen, it’s an all rounder and most popular pen on the market!

While this does not guarantee 100% smooth writing, it does guarantee good quality writing because it has multiple features, which is why it is not able to maintain the value of numerous features and smooth writing one of them!

But if we look at the core features of this pen, then we can see there are so many features available in this pen, like the chrome appointments provide consistent ink flow.

It comes with a trademark conical tip, and you’ll get the manufacturer’s lifetime mechanical warranty with it.

Including the Patented propel-repel ballpen system and comes with one black medium ballpoint refill.

What Did I Like?

  • It is available in many colors
  • Patented propel-repel mechanism
  • A pen from the most popular brand
  • With it, you are going to get a beautiful box.

What Didn’t I Like?

  • Its price has increased a lot compared to before

17. Uni-Ball Jetstream Retractable Ball Point Pens


When you’re thinking of buying the best pens for smooth writing for the right-handed person, then it’s ok! But finding smooth writing pens for left-handed people will not be an easy way, you have to research more and more and then you will be able to choose the right one!

But in this case, you don’t have to go anywhere, because here is the solution to the problem, the Uni-Ball Jetstream Retractable Ball Point Pens is an option for the left-handed and Few capitalist people.

The ink of the uni-ball jetstream retractable pens is super smooth because they are filled with the well-performing ink, and it’s a verified go-to pen.

The pigment-darkened ink flows works smoothly and evenly with minimal pressure without any skipping on the paper.

It’s available in a variation of colors and tip widths (0.38 mm, 0.5 mm, 0.7 mm, 1.0 mm), and this is a pack of the three black ballpoint pens.

What Did I Like?

  • They deliver the fast and clean writing experience that keeps up with your thoughts.
  • The Faster-drying ink helps minimize smudging.
  • It makes a stylish statement with the embossed grip and stainless steel accents.
  • Protects against water

What Didn’t I Like?

  • In terms of the smooth writing quality, The price should have a little bit more. 

18. Zebra Pen 29212 Ballpoint Pens


The Zebra Pen 29212 Ballpoint Pen is my four number pick of selecting the best pens for smooth writing, and this is going to be a new option for everyone! Because if I start saying its features, then the functionalities will not end within 5 minutes!

Including 0.7m m fine points and offers the black simple-glide ink to provide the top of the line writing performance.

It has the retractable ballpoint pen feature and the stainless steel barrel combined strength and style.

Moreover, to increase your writing comfort and stability, the F-402 stainless steel feature and the non-slip rubberized grip will always help you! And it is refillable with Zebra’s F-Refill.

What Did I Like?

  • 0.7mm fine point
  • Stainless steel barrel
  • It has a non-slip rubberized grip that provides writing comfort and a good feel!
  • It’s refillable

What Didn’t I Like?

  • in terms of the body size of this pen, the weight is a little bit thin
  • This may not be a preference, especially for those who like traditional designs because it is made by modern design.

The Top 6 Best Pens For Note Taking: For Left Handed Person!

So far I was only reviewing the best note-taking pen for right-handed parsons. But I wondered how my left-handed friends would find their pens for note-taking? So now I’ll start with some pen reviews for my left-handed friends!

Before getting started, let’s be clear on how to choose the best note-taking pens for left-handed people?

How To choose a note taking pen for left handed?

Just knowing this, I’ve discovered many kinds of questions from many people and have tried today to answer those questions and help people like you.

According to the BBC news, 10% of people are left-handed in the world!

Then think a little! If you are one of that 10 % of people, how unique are you? Yes, I know it’s not scalable, Yet if you are left-handed, you are a bit unique!

Anyway, Let’s come to the main point. There are many things to look for when choosing a pen for left-handed people. From them, I’ve tried to highlight the most important things.

1. Precise design of the pen

As like other pens, left-handed pens are designed in a different way to make pens easier to use in any style that suits them.

So, before buying any left-handed pens, you should look at the design of the pens. Is the pen designed for left-handed people? or for common people like me?

2. Tip Size

And while other things are not confused, most people are confused about this: what is the acceptable standard tips size for the best pen?

Your answer is 0.5mm is the standard middle ground tip size for small and big handwriting. with a 0.5mm tip size, it is easier to create any perfect line on the paper

Also if you look at the big pen companies you can see that they recommend 0.5mm tips size for everyone to get the real taste of the writing!

Monovar, for some specific tasks, different types of tip sizes are available in the market like 0.4mm, 0.7mm, 1mm and more!

So at last, 0.5mm tip size would be my recommended tips size for left-handed people.

3. Fast-Drying Ink

This is the most important thing when it’s come to finding the best note taking pens for left-handed people. But the sad thing is many left-handers do not notice this 🙁

But there is no reason to worry because most of the pens in the market are now used by fast-drying Ink technology, Which makes the pens faster and useful.

Still, be careful! Because danger does not take time to come!

Hopefully, as a left-handed person, if you follow these three rules you will be able to find a good quality pen for note-taking.

Now let’s discover 6 amazing note taking pens for left-handed people

1. Pentel Pink BCA Pentel EnerGel RTX


When it comes to finding a note taking pen for most of the common peoples like right handed persons then you will find many types of pens reviews on the internet, Right? 

But if you are a left-handed person, you must research a little more to find a better note-taking pen. What do you do then?

Then, of course, you have a reliable solution and that is you should try this pen once and share its original writing experience with the people around you.

It’s the kind of pen that deserves to be the best for multiple reasons like the first point is a pen that is perfect for a left-handed person and already a lot of left-handed pen users have started to like this pen more than any other pen.

Also, this Pentel Pink BCA Pentel EnerGel RTX gel ink pen comes with the medium point size and the Metal Tip makes this pen more strong in the top part of the pen and Silver Barre of the pen is flowing into the highest position and Also, their Violet Ink system has been a great choice for me!



2. Maped Visio Left-Handed Pens


This pen is designed to be left-handed so that they are able to use the pens freely, and they feel very pleased when using it.

One thing I noticed about this pen is that it was created in such a way that it looks completely different, this means, a completely unique type of pen. so it goes without saying that as a left-handed person you are going to create an experience with a great pen and that too at a small price.

Moreover, the unique designs of this pen not only enhance its beauty but also give it a more comfortable feel to use.

These are the features you’ll find with the attractive designs of the pen that have a comfortable grip for better writing experience and have a curved barrel. 

On the other hand, you can see the soft anti-slip material is ergonomically designed to conform to the natural writing posture for all of the left-handed pen users!



3. Uni-ball Power Tank Retractable Ballpoint Pens


We all know that all of the simple things make our life better and more comfortable! So, What I mean by this sentence is these pens are extremely simple and easy to use. 

That is why they are my 18 number pick of finding the best note taking pens for left-handed people like you!

With these pens, you will be able to write freely from any angle and that’s why they are the most popular pens in the market!

Moreover, these pens are retractable with the pocket clip and ergonomic grip and also The ink of these pens are pushed out of the pen using air pressure, this means you can write with these pens at any circumstances.

Also people can buy these pens for a very low price and love to use them, Especially left-handed people.



4. Stabilo EASY original Rollerball Pen


Now I’m going to discuss another well-quality left-handed pen for note-taking, and that is “Stabilo EASYoriginal Rollerball Pen”. It is an excellent pen that you can use for a variety of works.

As you can see the review of my 17 number pens, this pen is not like these! It’s a bit different.

Compared to the 17 numbers pens, it appears that this pen contains Blue ink and it’s rollerball tip only about 0.5mm and also it’s a Refillable rollerball pen that makes it a little bit functional!

Also, if you take a look at the benefits of using it, then it is undoubtedly meant that its weight is lightweight and suitable for all use cases.

On the other hand, it is within your reach that you should think of yourself as one of the lucky ones!



5. Left-handed Visio Pens


These can be many solutions for you at once! This means it does not come with only the 3 Left-handed Visio Pens but also it’s a pack of 2 Left-Handed College-Ruled Notebook with 3 Left-handed Visio Pens.

I like this package a lot, but the quality of their product is not as good as most customers have given them 4-star and 3-star ratings.

Moreover, if you look at the products and on the other side, you will find that they are not comfortable to use. And the materials are very low quality which is not suitable for long-lasting uses.

So, in this case, my personal opinion is that if you absolutely need these products, then you can look for these products alternatively. For example, you can see 17 and 19 numbers of products on this list.

While there are thousands of bad aspects of this product, there are some good aspects that we need to know, such as



How to Choose the best pens for note taking

Choosing the right and perfect pens for note taking is just like a herd work! Because when it comes to choosing the right type of pens there are so many options out there!

But from these options it can be heard to find out which pen actually do you need to solve your problem.

So, for your consideration, recently I was thinking that let’s write down some tips on how to choose the right type of pens?

So, here I just made a list of tips tables that will help you to find your right type of pen!

Brand: Yes, the brand. Before you think about buying any pens you must consider that are you going to buying a brand’s pen or a non brand’s pen,

These two things are very important! because a brand’s pen always comes with some extra features where a non brand’s pen does not come with any extra features.

So, make sure you’re going to buy a brand’s pen that you trust.

Here’s the good news is, all of my reviewed pens in this review are brand’s pens, so do not worry about it! You’re in the right place!

Tip Size: Generally, in my personal opinion, all I can say is that 0.5mm which means fine tip size is the standard tip size for the note-taking pens.

Pen Weigh: Usually in the case of note-taking, when you decide to buy a pen, try to buy a pen between 20 grams and 50 grams, because the pens between these weights are easy to use and comfortable!

The ink of the pen: Usually, if you buy a ballpoint pen, you will find oil-based ink that is good for normal writing, but again if you want to get a little better quality than this then you must use a water-based ink that you can find on a gel pen or rollerball pen.

The Materials of The Pen: There is no way to minimize this! Because if your pen is not made with a long-lasting material to use, it can quickly deteriorate over time and become ineffective.

In this case, if you can, try to collect a pen made by Metal Material. In addition, plastic pens are taken, but in those cases, it is a matter of looking at the type of plastic made by those pens.

Smoothness:  When it comes to using a pen, we should first look at the smoothness of the pen, because if you choose a pen that doesn’t provide you smooth writing at the time of writing, then you will feel sad!

Performance: The Performance of the pens means, How long does that pen give you the power to write?

You should not choose a pen which doesn’t give you the strength to write for a long time. basically the performance of a pen depends on many things of that pen like the body material of the pen, ink system and also, depending on how carefully you use the pen!

Best Pens For Note Taking: FAQ Section!

Having said the details of this post for so long, now I will try to answer some of the short questions that most people search on Google.

Answer: If you’ve read my entire post, I hope you’ve already got your answer!

Answer: All pens have some color, so I can say that all pens in my list are colored pens!

Answer: Of course, The gel pens are best for note-taking because they provide smooth writing and are available at lower prices.

Answer: You can do it! Because it will be entirely up to you, even though experts recommend Rollerball Pens, Gel pens, and Ballpoint pens for note-taking, you can use fountain pens for this purpose whenever you want.

Answer: Pencils are basically useful for certain tasks, Although many are using them for their note-taking.

But my personal opinion would be, try to use any pen not pencil because for note-taking the pen would be a professional machine!

#Outline: The outline is the most common type of note-taking style for students that is highly organized and most of the students are following this method. 

The outline note-taking is particularly beneficial in the scientific disciplines, where information is often intrinsically embodied into categories and groups.

Web: it’s another effective system of note-taking but in particular, their use varies. one of the benefits of utilizing the web technique is that it offers you the capability to show how diverse ideas are accompanied.

Cornell method: Although not a very common method, it serves as an epoch which means that the (Cornell method) for note-taking is a way that rituals remarkably for both taking notes and studying after the speech.

What I most like about this Cornell method is you can juxtapose multiple note-taking formats in one.

Answer: It can be said that note-taking is very important for storing your knowledge and further enhancing it by negotiating it later.

Many people may have many different opinions on this topic, though everyone’s opinion depends on one thing which is note-taking is the job of the intelligent and applies only to the intelligent!

So if you want to make yourself known as a wise person, then you must follow these things!

Answer: That may not be the end! Because it has so many good aspects that most people need. Like,

  • Keep yourself organized!
  • it keeps you active and involved
  • It will keep you away from emotional problems like heartache
  • It offers the summary in an illustrative way
  • When using it, you can think of yourself as unique
  • This will increase your learning generosity As well, your creative thinking will have an impact

Answer: I think one of the disadvantages of note-making is that it is a traditional system, so to overcome this problem you can use the gadgets that are available at the digital time, such as different apps.

Answer: Now if you say that you are wasting time on important tasks, This is not a reasonable argument! That means note-taking is an important thing for students that all students must do.

So get out of your misconception as soon as possible and take note-taking seriously!

Answer: When you are rewriting or recording a learning topic through note-taking, it will definitely help you to learn!

For example, suppose you summarize what you learned in today’s class and write it down in your notes so you can definitely see them in the future.

So it can be said that note-taking is one of the most important things for learning that plays a vital role in increasing your academic knowledge.


Note-Taking- Taking notes are the things that you write down in your notes after listening to something or watching something.

Note-Making- Note-making is a method by which you can capture notes in any of your thoughts! This means, you will not suffer from any restrictions here! You can make a note at any time by converting any of your creative ideas into any important information!


Answer: Price depends entirely on the quality of the product. So in a word, you have to spend a little more to get the best pens for note-taking, Moreover, if you want to buy low quality products, they are always available in the market!

So in my opinion, the approximate price might be 10-50 dollars!

Bonus: How to Use Cornell Notes

 Cornell Notes are a helpful study tool in class while reading a textbook, or when using online resources.

Writing key information down as you learn will help you retain more. How do you use Cornell notes in a variety of learning environments?

You can modify the Cornell note-taking system to match your learning situation and needs.

The Notes section is where you write down what the professor says and what she puts on the board.

But you don’t need to write down every word. Useful notes capture both the gist of what’s being said and the important details.

Using abbreviations and symbols can help you keep up. If you’re learning from a video or online text, treat it just like class and write down the information you think you’ll need to know.

Different online resources have different options for taking notes. Find out what’s available and what will work best for you.

Students use the Cue section for all kinds of questions and comments. Traditionally, the Cue column of Cornell notes is used after you take your notes.

This is the place where students add questions that will help them remember or organize the material.

Using the Cue section idea for textbook reading can help you identify what you still need to study more.

With many online textbooks, you can use a Comments or Notes feature that will allow you to do your notes and cue questions online, or just use regular paper.

One of the best things about using Cornell notes is that it gives you the opportunity to keep your brain active in several different ways.

Some students find it helpful to use the Cue and Note columns simultaneously. Right down what you need to learn while you are thinking analytically at the same time.

Some students find the standard Cornell notes setup doesn’t give them enough room, so they open their notebook to a new page for each class.

They used the whole width of the page for their notes section and the back page of notes from the last class for their cue section.

If you’re given class slides ahead of time, you can just draw a line to make an area for regular notes and a cue area.

Using the cue column for your questions while you were writing more factual notes in the Notes section is a powerful learning tool.

This kind of thinking can help you stay active during a lecture or class. The summary is the place where if someone asks, what did you learn today, you can tell them in just a few sentences.

The summary can be challenging but don’t skip it. The ability to go back and forth from details to the big picture will help you learn and is a great skill to have for school, work, and life.

Taking facts and distilling them into main ideas is a powerful learning tool. You’re making your brain digest what the professor said and you’re transforming it into your own knowledge.

Try to get to the summary soon after class while the information is still fresh in your head. Looking back at your summary before the next class is a good way to see connections throughout the semester.

You can use any part of the Cornell note-taking system no matter how you’re learning the material.

Taking notes on the information helps you remember it better than just listening or reading.

Asking yourself questions about what you are learning keeps your brain active and activates a higher level of thinking beyond just memorizing.

It lets you apply, analyze, and evaluate what you are learning. Summarizing makes you go from details to the big picture.

Try out Cornell notes and learn what works for you.

My Ending Statement of Choosing The Best Pens For Note Taking!

Last but not least! with my pure confidence, I can say that I have tried to present this review to you as a very informative review so that you will not have any trouble finding the best pens for school or note taking.

So start with these pens all the writing work in your school life and make yourself as a professional and unique student as I did in my school life!

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