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Fisher Clutch Space Pen Review in 2022

If you’re searching for a complete review for the Fisher Clutch Space Pen, you’re on the right blog post because here I’ve tried to share with you the Fisher Clutch Pen Review.

Well, first, let’s admit the pen isn’t the best pen for super quality writing; if you want to use an elegant, soft writing pen, move along. This Fisher Clutch Space pen is for the working man!

Fisher Clutch Space Pen Review

Who Needs The Fisher Clutch Space Pen?

The Writer who needs a special kind of writing tool that won’t fail and works in the worst of all conditions. This pen is solid and comfortable to write with. But if you have little hands, you might not love this one!

The complete compact design makes it’s super easy to use and carry, but for some, using this pen leaves something to be desired.

The Clutch of this pen was designed for use in the oil field area, so each function is perfect for the harshest of conditions.

The Fisher Spence’s anodized pure aluminum body perfectly complements the hefty hexagonal grip. You may love the grip section because the shape makes it quite simple to hold the pen quickly.

You’ll find a sturdy steel pocket clip, which will help you to keep your pen safely in the pocket.

You can also rest assured that the Clutch will always be there when you need this, you can write from all engle point like an upside-down, through grease, and more.

Its refill is pressurized with nitrogen gas and features a tungsten carbide tip. If you look at the pen very clearly, you’ll see its made with quite a unique design and body structure, and that’s why this one is one of the best space pens in the market.

Before you buy this one for your next writing needs, you should know that this pen can write in extreme temperatures from 30F-250F. It can write underwater and over wet surfaces. You’ll get their lifetime warranty against all manufacturing defects.

Technical Details:

  • Brand: Fisher Space Pen
  • Weight: 1.41 ounces
  • Color: Black
  • Closure: Twist
  • Grip Type: Knurled
  • Material: Aluminum
  • Point Type: M
  • Ink Color: Black

Are Fisher Space Pens good?

The Fisher Space Pens are not going to explode in your bag, and these pens give better writing performance on airplanes than other pens because they are specially made for use in airplanes. Their cartridges last a longer time than other pens.

How long do Fisher space pens last?

All of their pressurized and sealed ink cartridges last almost 3X longer than others with an estimated 100-years.

Where is the Fisher Space Pen made?

These pens are made in Boulder City, Nevada, and over 65+ workers were made the Fisher Space pens. These pens have been used by the world’s most prominent National Space Administration agency Nasa.

Summing-UP: Fisher Clutch Space Pen Review:

At the ending moment of the Fisher Clutch Space Pen review, I hope you love the pen and will want to try once. So pick the pen and start your writing!

Questions about the Fisher Clutch Space:

  • Does the Fisher Clutch Space pen write well on those days that get up to 249 degrees Fahrenheit?

A: It is designed to solve these problems, It will work perfectly!

  • Is the hexagonal finger grip created of rubber?

A: Its all-aluminum!

  • Is this pen that works upside down fine point or medium point?

A: Normally, It’s a medium point, however, some experts think that you can get a fine point size.

  • How does it retract?

A: Just pick up the pen and click on it. but the push bottom is not that smooth. 

  • Is this TSA-approved?

A: Not sure! But it won’t cause any problems. A customer discussed it in detail. He said he has been traveling to different parts of the world for a long time with this pen, And to this day it has not caused him any problems.

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