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Is It Good To Gift A Pen? Gift Pen Buying Guide!

People buy a pen and gift that to their loved one, but most people do wrong when selecting a pen to use as a gift! One of those mistakes is choosing a heavyweight pen, which is not the choice of their recipients.

So if you’re one of them, you must read the complete guide where I’ve covered something vital that you might need to know when you will buy a pen for a gift.

Here’s what I’ve written: how to choose the best pen for a gift, what to look at, how many dollars you need to spend to buy a well-designed pen for a present, and finally I’ll also suggest to you some of the popular pens.

Is it good to gift a pen?

Which is the best pen to gift
Which is the best pen to gift

The pens are great stuff, whether you use it for yourself or as a gift. Still, most people have confusion that is it good to gift a pen? Without a doubt, a pen would be an ideal option for a gift. 

1. Know your recipient

The first very initial thing you’ll need to know about your gift recipient because a useful writing tool is a personal thing. Before making any conditional decision on picking a pen, consider how well you know the recipient.

What does your recipient tend to write with & how often will the recipient be using the pen? Only after considering these things, then you should go to the next step.

But what if you’re unsure what the recipient likes? There is a useful solution. Yes, you can send him/her a simple gift card so your recipient can easily choose their pen as their wish!

Can we give pen as gift
Can we give pen as gift

Ok, now let’s move into the next point,

2. Know about the occasion?

A pen is not only an ideal gift for any specific occasion, but also it can be given as a present for several types of events like a promotion even, special milestone, graduation, holiday or birthday, and much more.

Get ready to start thinking about what makes the gift so appropriate. Is it worth wasting more dollars on? And how remarkable is the even or occasion? So think about these critical parts. 

3. Look At Which Pen Your Recipient Is Using

One thing that should be point outed at this moment is not all pens write the same. We can see vast types of pens out there, ballpoint, fountain, rollerball, gel, and marker type pens.

There may be doubts about which of them is better because you’re new to selecting a good pen. You can test each of these pens to understand which one would be. But my opinion is to choose a ballpoint or fountain type pen.

Fountain type pens have a nib and are more impressible to pressure. Your recipient might need to practice with fountain pens if they’ve never used them before.

Ballpoint pens are a quickly writing tool used by most writers. Ballpoint pen’s ink dries fast and offers a fast writing experience (ballpoint pen is one of the most used options for a gift because they are cheap and easy to buy).

Meanwhile, the rollerball pens use ball point writing mechanisms with pure water-based liquid or gelled ink that might not be a suitable option for your recipient (If they love you can try).

4. Know about what type of pen your recipient is using

We can see there are hundreds of pens available in the market. Fountain type: for instance, look professional and beautiful, but it can dry up and require to be washed out thoroughly.

On the other hand, the ballpoint pen is a recommended one to use as a gift because there are so many reasons why you should try a ballpoint while the market has some others. 

They write more smoothly than others, affordable to use, don’t bleed on paper, need a bit of pressure to use, and so on. So try 90% accurate that your recipient is currently using a ballpoint type pen. So pick a ballpoint pen If my idea is right.

If your recipient doesn’t use a rollerball type pen,  There is no need to move forward because such a pen is useless in giving gifts.

5. Which style are they accustomed to?

Ball, fountain, roller, and type of pens are coming in different styles; some are quite slim, and some have fatter barrels, big size pen, small size pen, besides, the pen’s color can be a big issue.

So ask your recipient which style and which color they love, and then pick a pen that will always give him joy. 

6. Find Out a Pen that Packaged with a Nice Gift Box

It’s important. Most gift pens come with a fine-looking gift box, but if you accidentally choose a boxless pen, then all your attempts may fail. So this thing in your mind and pick a pen that comes with a box.

For instance, all the Cross pens come with a gift box, so you can try to buy a Cross pen from Amazon. They will make you ready to use your product as a gift.

So these are the key points to look at when you are thinking about buying a gift pen. I hope these key points will help you to make a decision. 

Now I am going to put another word given to you. Guess what? Yes, now I will share with you some of the quality and gift-ready pens.
My first recommended gift pen is the Cross country classic ballpoint pen. Check here to see it on amazon and its current price. The second one is the Waterman Hémisphère Ballpoint Pen. Check it out. And the final suggestion is the Fisher Space Pen Bullet Pen. Check now on amazon.

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