Which Are The Best Rollerball Pens in The World?

Best Rollerball Pens in The World

Finding The Best Ballpoint Pens in The World is OK, But When It’s come to finding The Best Rollerball Pens in The World, and it’s going to be a little bit interesting to me or also to you, right?

So After a lot of research, with high confidence, I would say it’s time to find The Best Rollerball Pens in the World! And it’s not only a list of 1-2 Rollerball pens,

But it’s a list of 15 amazing Rollerball pens that would be your next writing friend, and these will help you to write faster than a ballpoint pen! 

So Before I go, let’s make a shortlist of these quality Rollerball Pens and save your valuable time if you’re a busy guy like me!

5 Best Rollerball Pens in The World!


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1. Cross Calais Matte Black Rollerball Pen

The Cross Calais Matte Black Rollerball Pen is one of the OK quality and affordable rollerball pens on the market. I love its soft writing nib that provides almost skip-free writing to the beginner level rollerball pen users!

The specially formulated inks flow gives a superior handwriting experience. Its tapered profile has a substantial presence. You can also see its exceptional finishes accented with a chrome middle band and the wide diversity of good finishes from endless to trendsetting.

Packaged with a great gift box that would be perfect for use as a gift set for your next special occasion! Lifetime mechanical guarantee is the main attraction of this pen, so you don’t have to worry about its body.

It’s also a lightweight pen for beginners.

Users can carry it everywhere, and it’s a long-lasting pen with long-run ink.

Designed by Cross (My all-time favorite Pen Brand), and the Weight is around 3.52 ounces. There are 5-6 body colors available based on your choice, and the pen is created by using pure metal material that comes with black ink.


2. uni-ball Vision Elite Rollerball Pen

The Uni-ball Vision Elite Rollerball pen is known as a safe airplane pen, and its ink won’t explode or leak due to a change in cabin pressure during airplane flights.

The vivid steady ink flow is the main thing you might want from this one, made with business-focused design and offer consistent writing on all kinds of papers.

The pen can give a color intensity and smooth writing line with its official exclusive uni ink flow mechanism. Long-time writing can be acceptable for the pen easily! Not only that, the ink of the pen is waterproof and safe against fading and fraud.

Including 12 pure black color perfect size (0.8-millimeter bold point) rollerball pens, and one of its right parts is all of these pens are refillable. You can use any of the brand’s refills when you finish their primary refill.

The Weight of the pen is only about 0.48 ounces that most people love to use, and it’s also suitable for carrying everywhere. Five colors are available to choose from, and there are two types of ink sizes. So choose one that will help you to meet your needs.


3. Medalist Chrome Selectip Rollerball Pen

Some people are looking for a good and affordable rollerball pen to use as a gift, but they might not sure which one would be good because it’s quite challenging to choose a good rollerball pen for a gift.

Rollerball has some good reputation as well as some bad. But if you put those things behind you and select this one, you are one of the lucky persons.

This is a well-known rollerball pen for a gift; people buy that pen and present it to their loved one. 

All Cross pens are delivered in boutique-quality gift boxing that people will be proud to use as a gift. The Cross brand plays an essential role in this part of using a pen for a gift.

I’m sure people like you must love its excellent precious metal, and translucent lacquer finished body, professional outlook and its ink quality, and lastly, the polished chrome and 23 Karat gold-plated appointments.

The total body length of this Cross Medalist Chrome Selectip rollerball pen is 5.31 inch/135mm, width around 0.38inch/7.7mm, and Weight only about 1.06oz/30g.

Comes with a professional and good looking gift box and gives you a lifetime mechanical guarantee.


4. PARKER IM Rollerball Pen

When I’m explaining to you about the best rollerball pens in the world, without the PARKER IM Rollerball Pen, how do I complete this entire list? Tell me! Yes! You got it right. Not possible here!

If I start to say the useful features of this pen, it might not end today, and that’s why I highlighted some excellent features, and they are, 

It’s perfect for working everywhere, and if you have never had experience with this pen before, it is not a problem, as it is a pen that can quickly form your friendly relationship. And in a short time, you can control it very quickly.

The pen is limited to many of these features, but it has been created by many smart and modern technologies so that the pen can move over time and give users a new level of taste.

Parker (A pen company) always guarantees 99% for their customers to write more smoothly and their pens are sold in almost all countries of the world. From the beginning, they have been offering their pens in various countries with great honesty.

I have noticed that this pen is suitable for multiple tasks. Still, in my opinion, if you use this pen for professional work in the Office, it might be the right decision, because these pens are very professional. So the pen should be honored by using them in professional places.

So if you work in an office or a professional corporation, then, of course, you have to do a lot of work with a pen, such as a document writing, signing, etc. In that case, you can feel free to choose this pen.

It offers you their polished and established design that meets a stylish and modern, tapered silhouette.

Delivers a very effortlessly smooth and consistent flow of ink onto a note. It also has a pleasing shape paired with excellent Parker craftsmanship to evoke the company’s rich heritage.


5. Waterman Expert Deluxe Blue Obsession

This is the only pen in my entire list that is a little expensive, but it is called the king of a market in terms of quality and writing performance.

Not only that, it’s the only pen that every pen user will recommend you use as a gift because this pen has everything that needs to be contained in a gift-giving pen.

Such as the best Writing Quality made by advanced technology, straightforward to use, relatively lightweight, perfect for carrying anywhere, and much more.

The good news, you might know, is that the Waterman makes the pen. And almost all of their products are made in France and have a full warranty of up to two years.

So that if there is a technical problem you can contact them to solve your problem in a short time, which I liked a lot and maybe that’s why Waterman is one of my favorite pen brands.

Since you want to use this pen as a gift, you can do so by spending only $ 25 extra if you custom engrave on the pen and write down the name of your loved one,

This means you can spend $ 25 with a maximum of 22 character words to write the name of your favorite man on the cap of the pen.

You will also receive a special offer to do so by contacting them and limiting Amazon’s policy.

As I said earlier, it should only be used for gift-giving because everyone who has purchased this pen has used this pen in gift-giving and recommends it to others, but if you want to use the pen personally. Is no problem!


6. PILOT Precise V5 Stick Liquid Ink Rolling Ball

In our daily life, a pen is something that is always needed and not only made for students but also made for people of all classes.

That is, what I am saying is that it is a pen that will fit everywhere, for instance, you can use it for school or college, homework, office work, that is, a solution for all the work.

I was surprised when I was researching this pen because this pen got an average of 4.5 customer ratings even after getting over 3,000 ratings, which is a surprise.

It has a patented extra fine precision tip to deliver smooth, skip-free writing all the time; also, the Pilot has a unique ink formula that maintains even, flowing strokes for precise writing.

Made by Pilot (Pen Brand), Weight is just around 4.6 ounces, and robust plastic has been used as a material.

It comes with 12 pens together, and the point size is extra fine, and its line size is 0.5mm. Besides, there are varieties of body color and ink colors available to choose from!


7. Zebra Pen Jimnie RollerBall

The zebra pen Jimmie Rollerball pen comes with 0.7mm point size and rapid-drying ink technology that will do your writing or any other work is free of any smears and smudges.

It has a wide barrel and an ultra-soft rubber grip for a comfortable writing experience, and the acid-free ink prevents your writing from bleeding on most writing surfaces.

Along with this, let’s give you a piece of small good news, the pen has a transparent barrel for you to check on your remaining ink supply!

The pen weighs only around 1.6 ounces, and the only two colors available are Blue and Black, and the same Ink Color included. It comes with a pack of a total of 12 pens.

Maybe you’ve been waiting for this pen for so long! Right? Anyway, these pens are not the same as all other pens because they are straightforward to use and purchasable.

These pens are designed to allow you to enjoy many benefits, such as when you start writing with this pen, the pen will begin to have a kind of reign over your paper, which means you can write happily for a long time without any problems.

Also, the Zebra pen company is trying to offer its product at a low cost so that anyone can buy their products.

So if your pocket is empty and you are looking for a quality pen, then I would say that it is the only pen that understands the value of all your amenities.


8. Zebra Pen Jimnie RollerBall

If you are searching for a pen that has a great combination of quality performance with some fantastic features, then wait! The Cross Edge Nitro Blue Selectip Rollerball Pen wants to go with you!

This is a pen that can quickly become your trusted writing buddy because the pen will never hurt you and give you an incredible moment in writing that not all pens will offer!

If the pen’s best features can be described, it will have significant features, such as it has the Lifetime Mechanical Guarantee, and you can use other refills once the original refill ink is gone! That doesn’t accept all pens.

But the pen seems to have a small problem that is a bit thicker than other pens but no worry, its Weight is light and easy to use.

Created from Cross, its Weight is just about 1.12 ounces, and metal is used as a material. Capless gel ink pen technology has been used in this pen.

There are many colors available such as Nitron Blue, Jet Black, Sonic Titanium, Red, Teal to choose from, and Blue; Black ink colors are also available.

I love the most about this pen in the technical part because they have used the capless gel ink pen technology pen to make it unique.


9. Wordsworth & Black Gel Rollerball Pen

Are you looking for a unique and amazing rollerball pen? It’s the solution, but the question is, why is it a unique pen? Right? The whole body design is different from other pens, and it has been made to offer a lightweight that is best for both left and right-handed writers.

Again this is a pen that can be called a sophisticated quality machine combined with modern and classic designs.

I want to point out that if you have been looking for a unique gift pen for so long, this might be your solution because it has a great gift box and quality writing guarantees.

It can also be used for a specific purpose, such as your work, professional places like the Office or corporate sector.

Created from Wordsworth & Black and its Weight around 5.6 ounces (Which seems a bit much to me), there are more than ten colors to choose from, and the point type is medium.

Another useful aspect of this pen is you will get complete instructions with this pen that will show you how to use these pens if you are a new executive pen user.


10. PILOT Metropolitan Collection Gel Roller Pen

This one is one of my favorite Rollerball pens in the current market, so I always recommend it to ideal persons like you!

An interesting thing is if someone told me which pen would you choose from this list? Then I will choose this pen first because the modern design of the pen fascinates me and will fascinate you, not only me.

It’s called a mid-range rollerball pen for its affordable price, and with a thought in mind, the Pilot has designed the pen from beginning to end so that it can be used everywhere for Office uses, School-college uses, personal use. In a word, what you want from it!

Made by Pilot and weight around 3.52 ounces (which is a little bit heavy), there three body colors available (black, silver, gold)


11. Arteza Rollerball Pens Fine Point

When selecting the best rollerball pens for long writing performance, you can find many rollerball pens on the market, but when it comes to selecting a good rollerball pen with more than the long-writing performance like skip-free writing, 0.5mm needle tip, and more!

Without any doubt, the Arteza Rollerball pen will support you!

Now let’s discuss what kind of features you will get from these arteza rollerball pens. These pens come with the 0.5mm point size, called the most reliable point size for rollerball pens. 

With these pens, you’ll get acid-free red ink, and the water-based ink saturates more deeply than a ballpoint and flows freely.

They have a most comfortable grip, which will ensure you can hold them comfortably, giving you the most control over your writing lines.

12. PILOT Dr. Grip Limited Refillable

The pilot brand makes exceptional writing instruments to suit all our needs; that is why I will always try to show you some good quality pens from the pilot rollerball pens collection.

Anyway, if you would like to use a smear-resistant advance ink, then this pilot dr, grip limited refillable rollerball pen might be your next choice to get a smooth writing experience!

Because all you need to write very smoothly is included in this pen-like, the latex-free cushioned grip is my most liked thing that will help you to write stress.

And if we look at the barrel features of the pen, we can see it has a full barrel with an ergonomic feature that is something unique from other pens.

Now, let me tell you what you will get with this pen: it comes with a medium and fine point tip size, and it’s available in a few colors, black and blue.

13. PILOT Precise V5 RT Refillable Rolling Ball pens

Are you looking for a kind of pen that will help you to write smoothly with a dark line, or want to try a pen that would be an excellent option for writing for a long time?

Then I can’t think of anything else but this! Yes, I’m talking about the most popular pen, the Pilot Precise V5 RT Refillable pens!

This is because, in terms of a smooth writing pen nowadays, it should be the first one, and you should try it.

So let’s see what the smoothest features on this pen are, first of all, it will create a darker line that many people like and it’s tasted on almost all kinds of paper and the result was remarkable, this means it is suitable for writing on any document for a long time.

Now let’s know some more things related to it. It’s an affordable and widely available pen on the market and has a slightly thicker grip that makes the pen more expert.

14. Rollerball Pens, Shuttle Art 25 Pack:

These rollerball pens have optimized extra fine points with flow-free smooth ink that play an important role in giving a great writing experience. There will be no smudging for its high-quality and quick-drying ink.

Pack: The pack contains three colors: two blue, two red, and 21 black colors. In a word, this pack will completely meet your demands of daily writing.

Pro-Design: the premium design of these pens not only gives you a nice look, but also its design and comfortable grip are a perfect combination that offers an easy to hold feature.

Its reliable and durable metal clip will make you happy because it makes these pens most convenient to carry with you. No need to worry during your use, because the larger ink volume will last for up to 2-3 months, however, this will depend on your usage.

These are completely non-toxic and acid-free, so it can be said that these can be used in your home, office, note-taking, or for your children, journaling, underlying, and more.

Technical Info: Brand Name: Shuttle Art, Weight around 10.4 ounces, 21 black colors, 2 blue, and 2 red, closure type click-off cap, the material used: plastic, and 0.5 millimeters line sizes.


15. Uni-Ball Jetstream Rollerball Pen

If you’re searching for a pocket rollerball pen with a lightweight body, then you should take a look at the Uni-Ball Jetstream Rollerball Pen. people often buy these for their daily needs.

Everything about them is just created for small to large types of tasks, you can clip each of them to a pocket or lanyard because the cap of these pens fit tightly. With its own manufactured hybrid ink, you’ll get a soft and extra smooth line, no matter what type of paper you’re using.

There is three-way protection that fights against water, fading, and fraud, most users always love its maximum control over their usage for the embossed comfort grip and translucent barrel.

If you’re left-handed, then I have a piece of great news for you, yes, you got it right, the uni super ink rollerball pens are ideal for left-handers because of the quick-drying ink.

Technical Details:

  • Brand: Uni-ball
  • Weight: 2.75 ounces
  • Color: Blue
  • Size : Bold
  • Ink Color: Blue

FAQ For Finding The Best Rollerball Pens in The World

Best Rollerball Pens in The World

Definitely good! because the Rollerball pens are dry quickly and it’s a great choice for fast-paced writers like you!

The main difference between the rollerball pen and the ballpoint pen is their ink, where the Rollerball pen uses the thinner water-based ink which takes a long time to dry and the ballpoint pen uses oil-based ink which is able to dry quickly on any paper!

So, in this case, it can be said that the ballpoint pen is better than the rollerball pen!

It dries, but it takes a while to dry because it uses water-based ink

with normal use! a rollerball refills should last between 1-3 months

Final Words

I sincerely hope that this whole review of today helps a lot in finding the answer to your question,

and from now on you can make your own decision to find the best Rollerball pen.

Another good news for you on this topic is that if you are regularly connected to this website then you will get regular updates through this post to find the best quality pens.

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