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The writer needs imagination! [Read These Tips]

Whether you write for profit or just for fun, making sure you give yourself a personal “Professional Writer” Image” will improve the quality of your writing. The “Tips On Writing” I give you here will be about how you can give yourself that writer’s image. I will discuss things like appearance, writing area, what you see, what you hear, and setting a schedule.

Dress For success

What do you see, in your mind, when you think of a professional writer? Whatever it is should be your guide on how YOU should dress and look. If that image is of a man wearing casual slacks, an open collar shirt, shoes and socks, and a sports jacket, then that is the way you should dress. The gender of the writer you see in your mind isn’t necessary (unless it matches your gender), it is the way they dress that you want to copy to build your self-image as a writer.

Where You Write

Your writing area, whether a desk in a home office or the kitchen table, needs to be free of clutter. Remove anything that can distract you from writing. Your desk or tabletop should only have things you need for writing on it. A dictionary or a thesaurus and even files of “work in progress” is good, but toys or other matters that don’t concern writing should be removed.

What You See

Everything you can see while you are writing should make you think about writing. For example, on the walls around your desk, you could have framed “Writing Goals,” writing theme ideas, articles on how to write articles and blogs,

your writing schedule, or a picture of a famous writer you find inspiring. When you look at your writing area, either consciously or subconsciously, you should think this is a place a professional writer works.

What You Hear

Different writers have different opinions on what you should hear when writing. Some will like a tranquil writing place with as little sound as possible; others will want instrumental music playing softly. Some writers,

even like the sound of a TV being on in the background as long as what you can hear while you are writing, should not distract you from the task of writing. Find what works for you, in particular, and do your best to remove any sounds that can distract you.

Set A Schedule For Writing

Write at the same time every day. Set a schedule and stick to it. Doing this, you will find that you will start to automatically get into the writing frame of mind at your scheduled writing time. Make sure you schedule breaks.

Writing for more than two hours at a stretch will tire your intellect and creativity. Breaks are significant in your writing schedule.

The only real difference between a professional writer and an amateur is that the Pro gets paid for their writing. If you get paid to write articles and blogs for Internet clients, you are a professional. If you write them to post them on your website and don’t get paid,

you are an amateur. Some amateur writers can write even better than writers that get paid, so don’t confuse the quality of writing with the status of amateur or professions!

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