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Complete Guide For The Best Tactical Pen With Flashlight

A good tactical pen with Flashlight feature is just great for everyday use and carries elements that are used for self-defense and also survival situations. If you’re working in a self-defense department you should know which is the best Tactical Pen With Flashlight?

The tactical pen also likes a tactical knife, is an often overlooked piece of daily use gear which cloud quite well save your self-defense life one day, or at the very least offer you the means to jot down your feelings or notes.

These powerful pens normally feature a heavyweight machined metal material and are outfitted with pressurized clean ink cartridges. And also match simply in your large or small pocket.

Anyway, below is the list of the best tactical pens with a flashlight that can be your choice, read the comprehensive review about my in-deep research pens. I did a lot of research!

Are there any Best Tactical Pen with Flashlight?

I’ve found some extra powerful and easy to use tactical pens that come with a bright flashlight. A flashlight certainly plays an important role in combating that darkness of the night.

So a self-defense person, the night also comes at the end of each day in your life and like all other ordinary people, you have to use a torchlight to cope with the darkness of night, but what if you had a pen and it could be used for writing and night vision? 

As an era, it’s a remarkable solution and that’s why the tactical pens are made and flashlights are attached to them!

So let’s see some lightweight and amazing pen with light for a self-defense person that can be bought at a very low cost.

Should You Get A Tactical Pen?

A large everyday carry device that’s become a favorite in the past few years is the tactical pen. And it looks like the blogosphere has gone nuts with them at times. it’s an ideal tool to have since you can write with them should you need to.

Also, you have the ability to use one to cause some serious hurt when you need to. But is it worth selecting one up? Let’s clear it!

What is Tactical Pen?

In a word, a tactical pen is a special type of pen used for self-defense and some special places. They were made of much sterner elements than a normal ballpoint pen. In addition to this, a tactical pen also comes with some features built into it so the tool has functions beyond just singing for pizza. 

What kinds of functionalities you’ll get depends on the type you purchase, as do the elements used in manufacturing it. That said, some of the tactical pens can be quite a handy piece of everyday use gear.

The water criterion and tip are frequently related as would be encountered in any other decent rollerball or ballpoint pen, though there are some particular type tactical fountain pens for the user who would like to class up their tactical essence.

The covering is produced of the long-lasting element. hard nylon polymers, ABS plastic, aluminum, and steel are all considerably standard, as is a strong clip. 

There are some functions that are common on tactical pens including a small LET flashlight, strong glass-breaker tips, and also influence edges in case the pen has to be used on a writer.

In particular, a basic style is where the main nib to be housed inside the cap with a tapered edge on the opposite end. That is commonly where the impact border is located. Remember, the functionalities you get, production and so many things depend on which item you get!

Things to consider when buying a tactical pen:

Pen Clip: as a self-defense tool, a pocket clip for a pen should be strong enough and comfortable, because it’s something that needs to have in all pens. A comfortable clip that won’t bend is necessary for safe use and carry when the feces begin to hit the fan.

Grip Section: the grip section of your pen should feel pure natural in your hand. If the pen feels a bit uncomfortable during use, just imagine how your pen will feel when striking a mugger.


Design: In the case of design, there are two types of tactical pens out there and they are: capped and clicky. The former needs to remove a cap during the latter uses a push key to begin the retractable pen. These two types of pens are great, so you can choose one of them!

Body Materials: ohh! This is the main thing to consider when you are looking to buy the best Tactical pen with Flashlight because as a tactical pen, strong materials built with a pen can help a lot more than a plastic-made pen.

Most of the tactical type pens are made of aluminum and titanium. You should also look at the pen’s weight: should be lightweight so that you can carry it easily, durable: so that it can last a long time.

Aesthetics: believe it or not, Aesthetics is much more important than choosing the perfect model for a tactical pen. A harmless-looking pen won’t draw undesired consideration or get appropriated at the airport.

Tactical Pen Ink: people only the self-defense person’s use tactical pens for their writing, but the original thing is this tool is not only helping for writing but also they are helpful for so many different works. 

If you can’t sign a credit card receipt without the ink running dry, this tool is nothing more than a pocket stem. With this thing in mind, you should also look for a special model that you can simply replace the ink cartridge with. 

So these were the key points to consider, just follow these tips and pick up your perfect one from the page today.

1. MTP-6 Tactical Pen

Best Tactical Pen With Flashlight

As my number one choice for a tactical pen that has a Flashlight is the MTP-6 Tactical pen, it’s the world’s original most loaded pen, people love it for its well-designed body with lightweight features.

This MTP-6 combines the most required everyday carry a pen in one sturdy. The multi-mode LED Flashlight will provide you a premium light using a feel that great.

At this budget point, you’ll get a powerful and premium glass breaker that can break almost all kinds of glass with a single touch. Not only that, the writing quality of the pen is smooth and has a long-lasting ink.

It’s created for ease of use and superior durability and manufactured with correctness from aircraft-grade aluminum for the greatest durability and ease of maneuverability in self-defense situations.

According to customer reviews and their valuable feedback on Amazon, this one is now one of the top-rated self-defense weapons that most women love and use! So if you’re a woman and looking for a tactical pen with a flashlight, then you can start your work with it.

Most lightweight pens guarantee smooth writing because lightweight pens are fast and responsive, this MTP-6 is no exception. It’s a ballpoint type pen and writes like a dream: precise and soft. Write notes, sign books, and more with it!

Ain’t Just A Tactical Pen, When you look at the first side, this robust weapon looks like a pen. With one swift move, a useful multi-tool tactical pen with its additional flashlight feature becomes one of the most trusted self-defense weapons.

Extra things you’ll get with the pen: Three black ink cartridges, four sets of long-lasting batteries, limited lifetime mechanical warranty, and online self-defense class, and more!


  • Weight: 3.2 ounces
  • Material: Aircraft Grade Aluminum
  • Color: Black
  • Power Source: Battery
  • Voltage: 1.5 Volts
  • Type of Bulb: LED
  • Luminous Flux: 130

2. WEREWOLVES 6-in-1 EDC Tactical Pen

Which is the Best Tactical Pen With Flashlight?

Although your country is independent, do you believe that it’s still a dangerous world? That’s why a tactical pen is not only an initial tool for a self-defense person but also it’s more important for normal people.

Every smart citizen needs to keep a very useful and effective everyday defense tool like this one. This Werewolves EDC tactical pen is also an ideal choice for those who love to travel and need to have a tactical pen with their pocket! So no matter where you go and travel, it can be a useful device to protect your body and your family too!

As you can see in the picture, this lightweight pen contains many features to offer a massive amount of good service to their customers. Has an advanced glass break head, bottle opener (This is an important necessary feature to me), LED flashlight, screwdriver, and smooth writing ink and nib.

Most people love its unique design that is made of aircraft-grade aluminum, with a little bit of density, high strength, and no rust. Secured thread design at the handle and thumb head provide a thumb grip.

99% comfort hand feeling with a lightweight body makes it a very simple and user-friendly tool for beginners and professionals, no matter where you travel, you can always carry it because it can be checked by aircraft, station, and high-speed rail.

This multi-functional pen is made with in-depth improvement according to user recommendations. Users mainly use a tactical pen with normal flashlight features, this pen not only has normal lighting features but also has a flash design that looks very bright than others.

With the amazing ability and grip section, it was created for continuous and soft writing, can give a powerful writing experience in answering mode, also can write softly even when wet and maintain consistent ink flow.


  • Brand Name: WEREWOLVES
  • Weight: 3.98 ounces
  • Batteries: 4 LR44 batteries required. (included)
  • Color: Black-Box
  • Material: Aluminum

3. WUBEN Tactical Penlight LED Flashlight

Professional Tactical Pen that has a Flashlight feature

Tactical pens should be sturdy and well-balanced because these are used for some special tasks, required to break windows and glass. So if you’re looking for a strong pen with some powerful features, just pick this tool for your future!

Super Bright: 130 lumens flash-light for lighting and this is an ideal pen for tactical situations like police activities, night patrols, night walk, security, and camping.

Pro Quality: made with powerful strength aerospace aluminum and featuring a reliable and durable carbide tip glass breaker, it can be used to break glass in an emergency.

Writing Quality: gives good writing tools with top performance accord with ergonomics design, you can easily hook on your pocket, bags, backpack, and notebook.

Rechargeable: you’ll enjoy its 10180 battery that is rechargeable with a micro USB port, and the charging cable also charges for mobile phones.


  • Battery: 10180
  • Max runtime
  • Emitter: XP-G2-LED
  • Working Voltage
  • Waterproof: IPX-8

4. Smith & Wesson M&P Delta Force

Pen with a flashlight

With a faster twist of the delta, the smith tactical pen with a flashlight is ready for writing all time. And this is the main attraction of the pen I’ve ever heard from most of the users from amazon.

If you buy any other pen that has a flashlight feature, I’d tell you that you’ll not find this feature on any other pen and it’s too hard to find like this one!

Tactical pen users love to use a lightweight device and this is what you need! It’s a lightweight tool with a low weight that makes it simple and nice looking. Users love its strong body that can be used to break any car window!

It was constructed from anodized aerospace aluminum that is strong, durable and allows for a drop from up to 1 meter. Easy accessible with its spring steel pocket clip.

The flashlight of the pen is shiny clean and will be disorienting when flashed into eyes, as a short weight pen, a user might not be satisfied with the delta’s capacity. I’d like to say to you that if you carry this in your pocket as it’s light can sometimes rotate when you move around a lot and turn it on.

This is the primary thing that might be a noticeable thing for you. Despite the hundreds of problems, it has many good aspects so it should be one of the best tactical pens in the market. So thank them who created this pen!

Notes: if somebody is looking for a well-balanced and professional writing pen with a flashlight feature, this is not an ideal option for you, this pen is awkward but not too bad for common writing tasks, it will help you to get your job done! 

This Smith & Wesson M&P Delta Force will not be my recommended one if you’re planning on working on a lot of writing but it will be perfect if you only need to write a note here and there! 

But don’t think that this is a bad device, I’d be great if you need

  • A strong self-defense device
  • A powerful window breaker
  • A bright and clean flashlight for your night-time safety and mobility
  • An affordable tool
  • And more


A tactical pen is a must-have tool that is used by self-defense people and sometimes even normal people use them for their safety reasons. But if you have a special type of pen that has a flashlight, This will add to your fortune as a bonus. So pick one of them and get started on your journey!

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