A Crazy Tool To Get You Guaranteed Work Experience!

A Crazy Tool To Get You Guaranteed Work Experience!

In this information age, everyone is stalking everyone else. It’s like being part of a dating website where you have to look up potential matches in accordance with your own personality and needs.

What most applicants don’t realize is that just like they are stalking their future employers (I hope you are really taking this important step), they are also being stalked by potential employers at the same time.

However, instead of being worried about it all, you can make this work in your favor. How?

One of the most powerful ways is through Your Own Personal Blog.


Having a personal blog can be an effective way to showcase all the important achievements (personal and professional) that you have had and to get more endorsements from your friends and colleagues.

It is also an ideal way to demonstrate your problem-solving skills and business acumen by making suggestions and recommendations on various topics.

A lot of people go numb when I tell them to have their own blog because they all have the same three excuses –

Does it sound like a lot of work?

Actually, I have a terrible update for you – job hunting is hard work. It’s like having a full-time job on its own. The good news is you can work however and whenever you like. 

The bad news is you will need to find answers on your own. Nobody is going to hand you strategies on a silver platter. You will need to work on it using the thing that sits in between your own two ears, which makes “having a blog” a must-use technique to outperform your competition.

How the Hell Do I Create A Blog?

creating a blog is very easy – thanks to the advanced technological age we live in. If you are a novice in creating blogs, start with www.blogger.com. It’s the easiest tool you will find and a powerful one too.

You can get started within minutes – literally.

What Am I Going To Blog About:

While there are millions of topics in the world you can talk about, I will give you a few examples to illustrate how you can brainstorm ideas for your own situation.

You can have a blog about your personal struggles such as assignment due dates, research, report writing, and presentations. Talk about how you are solving these problems like planning in Ms-excel, networking, or other resources. One of my friends used to have very nice looking detailed excel worksheets, which he used to use to plan and manage his time efficiently at the university.

You can even put excerpts of your work like a report you wrote on project management, a short video of a presentation you gave (ask your friends to make one while you are presenting), any pictures from a fundraising or charity event and other related endeavors

It will work like magic because you are showcasing a candidate who knows all the things he mentioned on his resume (with visual details), unlike thousand others who claim to be superhuman but have no proof.

You can blog about your hobbies such as cooking or sports or books or anything that interests you. Although having a blog about things that the potential employer can relate to is beneficial and ideal, a topic you are passionate about will still separate you from countless others who have a perfect GPA of 4.0 and will be considered book worms with no social skills or interests.

Having a blog about a topic related to engineering will help you immensely. You don’t necessarily need to talk about a specific type of engineering as long as you can keep it relevant. So if I am a civil engineer talking about how the recent app that I have used from seek.com doesn’t work well and what can be improved, then that is perfectly fine. 

Having an opinion and creative suggestions about engineering problems are highly recommended. However, do not start criticizing everything; it’s not a place to rant (that is, of course, if that is the quality you would like to showcase).

An ideal blog as a civil engineer could be created as follows:

You are blogging about civil and construction engineering feats such as Burj Al Arab, Millau viaduct, Burj Dubai, etc. and posting the links from Youtube about documentaries on these structures and making a list of things learned, interesting facts and any suggestions related to various problems that occurred. 

If you decide to get adventurous, you could send a link to your friends and passionate lecturers to have some comments because, as academics, they will always have some.

Registering for Google alerts about any construction/engineering projects in the local areas and taking a few pictures of any developments that you would come across while strolling down the road or on your way to university.

Then finding information on these projects and writing about the potential benefits and effects they might have on the locals. If you get too excited with your blogs, you can even walk into these construction sites and ask the project manager or whoever is in charge a few interesting questions to get their opinion. 

Having a blog as your reason, you can make contacts and maybe even get a business card of the project manager to stay in touch for any internship positions that might come up.

You could also go directly to the local Council to get more information on the projects, and once all is assimilated, you can report it back on the blog with your own recommendations. Local Council is also a great place to increase your potential job contacts in the name of your blog!

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