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Are There Any Best Pens For Cursive Writing?

People have their own handwriting style that suits different pens, and that’s why they may respond to the question differently, that is, which are the best pens for cursive writing and which pen would be best for this kind of writing?

But did you know that ball pens are the best type of pens that help us cursive writing quickly (Although I’ll show you some of the fountain pens)? They play an essential role in cursive writing because it could determine your output’s writing quality and legibility.

In most cases, peoples start their writing with a handwritten draft with their researches. These ideas seem to flow quickly and smoothly when they use cursive writing.

I will recommend that you follow the longhand writing style during the conceptualization of your research papers. Using this method, you’ll be able to write effectively to express your ideas.

Anyway, let’s get started with the review of finding the best pens for cursive writing. Here I listed down the top 5 pens that can be an excellent solution for cursive writing!

The Best Pens For Cursive Writing


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1. Lamy Noto Ballpoint Pen

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Finding a unique ballpoint pen is not an easy way when it comes to finding the best pens for cursive writing.

But this Lamy noto can be a unique one from others for its triangular casing structure.

With this pen, you’ll get a better grip, a better quality of writing experience, and more!

This pen’s body is made from plastic with a matte surface, and it has a push mechanism and comes with Lamy giant refill M 16.

2. Lamy Safari Al-Star Fountain Pen

All the Lamy pen lovers love the Lamy Safari Fountain pen, but what is this Lamy Safari AI-Star Fountain pen?

Well, we can say that it’s another version of Lamy’s innovation, and Lamy Safari was made of just a plastic body while AL-Star made of aluminum.

AI-Star is a well-designed, solid fountain pen – Especially this aluminum version. You may know that Lamy is well known for having a unique triangular grip that helps you learn how properly hold a fountain pen.

This Safari AI-Star comes with a simple cardboard box that looks like a professional box, but getting an affordable fountain pen with a pen box is always the reason for happiness for the pen lovers like me!

The nib of this pen is typically wet and smooth. But most of the users who use the pen for a long time recommend that the Fine point size is excellent and perfect for a long writing period.

It’s a cartridge or converter pen. However, it only uses a proprietary Lamy cartridge and converter. The good news is one cartridge is included, but you’ll need to purchase the converter separately.

You’ll enjoy writing with the pen, it’s an attractive pen and durable too, and the grip feels well.

Notes: want to use a special fountain pen to start your cursive writing? Just try this out and get a better result from it!

3. DRYDEN Luxury Bamboo Fountain Pen

It’s advertised as a luxury pen, but it’s not, definitely not at a price of fewer than 50 dollars.

However, for its bamboo body, the pen looks great and unique from others. And its impressive finish makes the pen interesting!

The Dryden Luxury Bamboo fountain pen is not only enchanting, but also it comes with a fascinating bamboo-made gift box that can be used for a gift.

The classic shape makes lt like a cigar. Comes with an M size fountain pen nib with gold color.

The pen’s feed does well in keeping the ink flowing for its steel made feed and color, contributing to how the pen offers a skip-free writing experience.

Most people are confused about the nib of the pen that what materials are used to make the nib. The answer is steel and does not have a lot of flex in it.

When you write with this pen, you’ll get a smooth and perfect amount of ink, but one thing you should remember when you write that there may be some unexpected heavy bleeding. But don’t worry about that because it will depend on the note or paper you used!

One of the main reasons for its popularity is it has a satisfying click. Just pull off the cap and snap it on to hear a fantastic click. But from my perspective, the clip design does not seem to be designed that well.

At the end of the Dryden Bamboo fountain pen review for cursive writing, it can be said that if you’re searching for the best quality fountain pen – especially looking into a good wood pen. It will be useful for you!

You can also use the pen for your daily note writing, signing paper, documents, journaling, and even doodling.

4. PILOT Dr. Grip Limited Rolling Ball Gel ink Pen

This is a kind of long writing killer and one of the most popular gel pens to the gel pens lover or who want to get a pen that can be used for long-time writing.

Anyway, I would like to start and say that the Pilot brand is one of my favorite pen brands in the world and all their pens also.

If you have never used a pen with advanced ink technology before, this is the right time to get a teste of advanced ink technology used in the Pilot Dr. Grip Rolling Ball Gel Pen.

It comes in M and Fine point size and available in black, blue, or red smear-resistant ink, and commended for ease of use by the arthritis foundation.

The larger broadness barrel is just more satisfied to hold. Use and grip are more massive, so that gives a well overall handwriting experience. The build feels solid. The paint can get married after a long term of writing tasks, but the pen still works great as its fantastic ink quality.

5. Uni-Ball Jetstream Retractable Ball Point Pens

This amazing ballpoint pen is a very few pens that I can honestly say that I like to review with.

Besides enjoying reviewing with this Uni-Ball Jetstream Retractable ballpoint pen, I also have to say that this pen is one of the more attractively created ballpoint pens that I have seen in a long time!

First of all, Ib would like to tell you that just look at the design and tell me what’s in there? You’ll love the design.

When you start your first cursive writing with this pen, you’ll be surprised by how smooth the ink flow and how effortlessly the pen glide across the paper/note.


The ink color is a bit more muted, but don’t worry because this is not the case with the pen. The ink is a bright and vibrant blue.

You’ll find a bit of difference between the Uni-Ball Jetstream Retractable ballpoint pen and a regular ballpoint pen if you look at the pen’s ink cartridge.

The fact is that there is an exact light blue color that surrounds the base of the cartridge.

I couldn’t tell if this is just to act as a spacer or if it somehow offers the ink to flow as clearly as it does.

The next fact that you may notice is that the ink seems to hold together as you get more approaching to the tip inside the cartridge.


It’s delivery fast and clean writing when you start your cursive handwriting with the pen.

The quickly drying ink will help you minimize smudging, perfect, and ideal for left-handed writers.

Comes with three black ballpoint pens: 0.7mm fine point and the features uni super ink will allow you to protect your pen against water.


At the ending moment, it can be said that if you’re looking for the best pens for cursive writing, this list of top 5 pens will help you to select the right pens for your cursive handwriting.

So what you need to get started is just pick one of the pens from the list and create your writing!

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