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Best Paint Pens For Glass – The Top Pick in 2022

A Paint pen plays a vital role in the art industry, and however, if you want to paint on glass, not all marker pens will be suitable for this task.

What’s the solution? Are there any good pens that can be used to paint on glass?

Yes! `We have a solution, so we have comprehensively reviewed the best paint pens for glass.

All the reviewed pens are well researched, so you can trust all of them and pick them for your next project.

This entire post will not only cover a review, but also we will share a guide on how you can choose a marker pen for painting on glass and other materials.

Best Paint Pens For Glass

1.  Never Fade Quick Drying Paint Pen

A glass painting pen should deliver a smooth ink flow, and the ink should look brighter. With this in mind, we’re now presenting the most popular and best-selling paint pens.

They write pretty smooth and have pretty bright, vibrant colours. They are made of opaque ink that is chemically permanent and quick drying. Not only that, since the ink is oil-based, it’s non-toxic and acid-free.

Twelve bright colours come with the pack that will allow you to write or paint to your glass or other surfaces such as canvas craft, plastic, rock, and so on.

These oil-based paint pens look pretty stylish and intelligent. They are designed to be a good option for beginners and professionals too.

They are created with a durable fine round nib, and this is a great advantage that will support application and precision, even in short spaces.

They come with the outer package sealed, and each pen packed and has an internal seal that let you know about their details.

Note: You should not try to wash them off with water because these glass marker pens are not supposed to be water-soluble.


  • The caps are incredibly tight.
  • The price is within your reach
  • Each pen comes in a dedicated heat shrink film
  • Easy to paint on glass
  • Oil-based ink
  • No xylene and toluene


  • Quite thin
  • They are not water-soluble
  • They might not be suitable for use in regular paper

2.    ZEYAR Paint Markers

If you’re an artist and tired of using a paintbrush with standard colours, now you might need an option, and this is where the Zeyar paint markers come in.

These permanent glass markers will make fine art on your glass, and they are much easier than a paintbrush. The latest ink flow technology has been used with these paint markers to make them move faster in writing and drawing.

The extra-fine point size will ensure you a 0.7mm line size for well details work. They are non-fading in nearly all weather and rapid drying.

In addition to this, they are also water and fade resistant and work fine on a piece of paper, rubber, wood, and glass.

But when it comes to the entire pack, you’ll see that this is a pack of 18 permanent writing pens with 18 different colours options. From hot pink to brown colour, the package includes the most common colours.

Come to the safety feature of these glass markers, and they Conform to the ASTM D-4236 certificate, which means these are safe for kids and adults.


  • They confirm the safety standards
  • Perfect control of ink
  • 18 ink colours
  • Smooth writing and painting on glass
  • The durable option for most artist
  • Permanent finish
  • Extra fine point tip for details work


  • The primary colour might not be able to be visible on black plastic.

3.   Acrylic Paint Marker Pens

This is a package specially designed for beginner artists, and they are the ideal option for all kinds of surfaces.

With 22 primaries and eight metallic colours, the pack also comes in two unique colours, Golden and Silver.

But some of the colours are not entirely opaque on black surfaces. The lighter colours like yellow and white colours need much more layers to get a perfect opaque look. But the metallic colours will look bright in black.

The 1.0mm tip is suitable for drawing and writing. However, the paint itself is a little bit liquidity even when you have shaken it very a bit.

These Acrylic Marker Pens comes with 24 pieces of 1.0mm and eight pieces of 2.0mm plastic fine tips, and all of them are wear-resistant and sturdy.

You can keep them in your bag and carry them anywhere you want because the cap is designed to be easy to carry.

This environmentally friendly marker pen pack is suitable for multiple jobs. No matter how long your art project is, you can use them for different purposes in different situations.


  • It’s Follow ASTM D-4236 safety standards
  • Easy to carry
  • Anti-rolling
  • Best Pick For Detailed Artwork
  • Superb airtightness prevents the ink from volatilizing
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Safe and Non-toxic
  • metallic colours are included
  • Waterproof


  • If you’re looking for a smaller pack, this pack is not for you

4.    ARTISTRO Paint Pens

The Artistro markers are the four number pick of finding the best markers to write on glass. They work well. The pigment is rich, and the coverage is also good.

They are not only the right option for painting on glass, but they will come in handy for several artwork projects.

The thickness of the line will fluctuate from 0.5-0.8 millimetres. However, if you carefully touch the surface, you get 0.5mm, but the regular writing or painting is 0.8 mm.

These pens utilize water-based ink to dry rapidly to create a deep, reliable opaque, and brilliant finish on dark and light surfaces.

Each colour has a different shade, and you can select your preferred colour with shape according to your requirements.

Another best part of these paint markers is writing on the wall with them without facing any issue.


  • European EN71-3 safety standards
  • Ideal for detailing artworks
  • A wide range of colours
  • Permanent finish
  • The ‎0.7 mm is excellent for drawing on small spaces and don’t bleed or run
  • Opaque finish


  • Seems they are larger

5.   Gold Silver Metallic Permanent Acrylic Markers

The gold-silver metallic permanent acrylic markers offer an eye-catching metallic contrast colour so that you can add an attractive design to the glass material.

The pack contains three gold colour pieces and three pieces of silver colour pens for writing on glass. They are made with high-quality abundant oil ink.

Each of the pens is waterproof, non-bleeding, and non-toxic. They write well on most surfaces. The ink dries quite fast.

The extra-fine 0.7mm tip size will ensure a solid line on your surface. The body is lightweight and comfortable to hold and use. The ink is bright enough to stand out in darker colours.

You’ll need enough shaking before you use them to keep the rich pigment mixed. But this is not an issue because this is true of any rich pigment paint pen.

Note: Since different materials have different drying times, you might need to wait for a while after drawing to ensure better drying.


  • ASTM D-4236
  • Work well on the smooth surface and dark surface
  • Rich colours
  • They Ensure Permanent Paint
  • Ideal for detailed projects
  • Waterproof
  • Balanced weight and the price range is not so higher


  • They dry out and has to rest to get back the flow of colour

Buying Guide For The Best Paint Pens For Glass:

Before you get a detailed guide from us, you should know some basic things about the paint pen, such as the ink type, built materials, price range, etc.

What is a paint pen?

A paint pen is a simple name of a pen known as a marker, and a marker pen is widely used in painting on wood, rock, glass, paper, and so on.

But if you ask for a glass marker, the answer will be “A Glass Marker Is specially Designed to be Used on Glass”, Most permanent markers are suitable for painting on glass.

Painting pens offers high-contrast colours that add an attractive look to your artwork. You’ll not only be able to use the glass marker for a single task, but also you can use the same pen on multiple jobs.

Permanent and temporary are the most common ink type. The permanent ink-based pens are used mainly for professional painting work, and the temporary ink-based pens are used in schools, colleges, and offices.

But in the case of glass painting, the permanent ink type is required to make your art long-lasting.

Why Should You Use A Glass Painting Pen?

There are so many reasons we can show you why should you buy and use a glass painting marker pen.

The Most Common Reasons Are:

  • Markers are super affordable than a regular pen
  • They are convenient to use
  • Works well with most surfaces
  • You can produce bold colours quickly
  • They offer a wide range of colours
  • And so on

In addition to these fundamental reasons, you can see that artiest prefer marker pens because they’re easy to control, and the ink dries rapidly on most surfaces.

The ink of a Marker Pen:

The most common inks that are used in a marker pen:

  • Oil-based,
  • Water-based, 
  • Acrylic,
  • Water-based,
  • And Alcohol-based Ink.

Oil-Based Ink: This type of ink is permanent and AP-certified. You can use oil-based ink on most surfaces such as wood, pottery, stone, rubber, and glass.

Acrylic: This ink type is also permanent. And the essential benefit of this ink is they are water-resistant and dry relatively fast! Acrylic ink will be best for you if you’re looking for a particular type of ink for adding watercolour effects to your art.

Water-Based Ink: Water-based ink is cheaper and has a poor fade resistance than other types. Dries less rapidly, but the good thing about water-based ink is you can re-activate your pen with water once you notice your ink is finished. This is also widely available to buy.

Alcohol-based: It has a better fade resistance and dries quickly. But the only issue is they are a little bit expensive. More colours are available, and some are refillable.

Note: We suggest you pick the oil-based paint markers for glass painting because they are reliable and AP-certified.

Built materials: A massive number of paint markers are made of plastic and metal. Plastic material is the most common and metal, on the other hand, is expensive.

Tip Size: The tip sizes of the marker pens are measured in Millimeters. Several point sizes are available on the market, and the most common and suitable point size for painting on glass is 0.7mm and 1.0mm.

However, it is always recommended to check your needs before selecting a point size.

In addition to 0.7 and 1.0mm, you can also find 2.0mm, 3.0mm, 4.0mm, and so on, but if you don’t know which point size should try first, check other’s arts and then ask them about the point size and finally make a decision.

Price: This thing can be a consideration matter when buying the best permanent paint markers for glass. Although the cost will depend on the pen’s quality, the standard price for a paint marker is $3-$5.


Writing or drawing on wood or paper is normal, but you may need a kind of pen that can offer you huge benefits when it comes to painting on glass.

Since the current market offers an immense number of pens at an affordable price, it’s tough to find the best paint pens for glass. But if you follow the guide and the review that we have shared in this post, you’ll be able to select the most popular one.

Still, facing any issue with selecting the right one based on your budget? Follow the shortlist below:

  • Try the Acrylic Paint Marker Pens if you have a reasonable budget and look for the overall best performer permanent marker.
  • Buy the Never Fade Quick Drying Paint Pens if you don’t have enough money in your pocket and search for a budget-suited option.
  • Pick the ARTISTRO Paint Pens that will help you to give you better control and smooth ink flow during your painting on glass or other types of materials.

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