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Best Fountain Pen Ink For Cheap Paper – Smooth and Quality Inks

We all know that a fountain pen requires a special page so that the page can handle the fountain pen’s ink properly.

But if you already have some cheap paper and want to use them for your fountain pens, you may want to use an ink bottle that will be suitable for your ordinary paper.

With this in mind, we have posted a review about the best fountain pen ink for cheap paper. Since the entire topic is going to be a cheap ink-based review, we only focused on some of the most popular inks that are mostly used for normal paper.

We have also researched the features of each ink bottle, pros, cons, smoothness, and so on! So stay connected with us till the end.

1. Rohrer & Klingner bottled fountain pen ink

If you’re looking for an ink bottle that will work well with your fountain pen on cheap paper, then we will highly recommend this bottle to try once.

The first reason for selecting this one is the ingredients that are used in making the ink, the ink is made from high-quality, Brillant colourants, and particularly treated water, and natural ingredients.

It offers a well-balanced composition that makes optimal soft and consistent ink flow on your cheap paper.

All the materials that are used in producing the ink are ideal for fast drying, the ink is also permanent and intensifies when it oxidises in the air.

This is the only ink we have found on the market that doesn’t bleed through on paper such as cheap legal pads, various notepads, Moleskine notebooks, and more.

This 50ml bottle ink is not only suitable for your fountain pens, but also it will be the perfect option for quills and other calligraphy instruments.

Technical Details:

  • Brand: ‎Rohrer & Klingner
  • Weight: 2.82 ounces
  • Ink Color: ‎Black


  • The Ink Is Act As A Permanent On Cheap Paper
  • It Comes With A Durable Bottle
  • It Dries Rapidly
  • The Shade Is Ideal For Formal Writing


  • A Little Bit Pricey

2. Pilot fountain pen ink 70ml Blue Black

If you’re already familiar with the Pilot brand, you may notice that they are one of the most reputed pen brands worldwide, they are playing a vital role in making different types of professional and solid-looking pens.

But they are not limited to producing pens, Making ink is one of their primary tasks and the Pilot fountain pen ink 70ml blue-black is the real example.

If you are serious about your fountain pen ink colours and looking for an eye-catching option, there’s nothing to complain about.

The ink has a medium to wet flow and offers the ability to write extremely smoothly on any cheap paper with any of your fountain pens.

When it comes to fountain pen ink, waterproof can be a big fact to consider, but if you pick this bottle, you don’t have to worry about that because the ink is mostly waterproof and has no issues with feathering or bleed-through.

It’s saturated. That’s why it can give some amazing shading when writing, it also has a slight amount of purple sheen when it goes down thick which makes the ink something special than others.

Technical Details:

  • Brand: Pilot
  • Weight: 8.5 Ounces
  • Colour: Blue Black
  • Ink Amount: 70ml


  • Writes Smoothly
  • Provides A 70ml Bottle For This Good Budget
  • Waterproof
  • Dries Very Quickly On All Type Of Paper
  • It Will Power Up Your Pen


  • Not Recommended For Signing Documents

3. Herbin Fountain Pen Ink 30Ml Bleu Nuit

The Herbin fountain pen ink is primarily suggested for left-handed writers because the ink flow is super smooth and it’s dry with no time.

If you’re a leftie, you might already know the importance of a quick-drying ink during your writing time. The sooner your ink dries, the better performance you will get on your paper.

This one has the greatest variety of colours that will attract you. While your fountain pen is not very good in performance, it will give a premium writing feel.

The ink does not dry out too rapidly in the fountain pen’s nib but does dry on the paper. You may also love the colours that are well balanced and saturated.

The packaging quality is durable, The inks are stored in a bottle very carefully, you can open the bottle without any hassle and you can pour as much ink as you need for your pen.

Technical Details:

  • Brand: ‎herbin
  • Weight: ‎4.6 Ounces
  • Ink Amount: ‎30 Ml
  • Ink Color: Blue


  • Ideal For Left-handed Writers
  • Non-toxic
  • Made From Natural Ingredient


  • It’s Not An Interesting Blue

4. PILOT Iroshizuku Bottled Fountain Pen Ink

Since Pilot is the most popular pen brand, we’re assuming you already have some fountain pens from the brand and looking for bottled ink for them.

If our investigation matches your mind, you may love this bottle because it’s a brand of ink that is used by a lot of people all over the world.

But don’t think this ink only works well with a pilot pen, you can also use the bottle for any of your fountain pens, just make sure you’re using the right pen that supports quality ink.

The Pilot brand makes the ink so that it can provide fresh and solid lines on any cheap paper or notebook you have.

The major advantage of the bottle is it’s available in different colours, so you can pick the right colour based on your requirements including blue, dark blue, sky blue, pink, brown, black, and more.

The pilot named the ink bottle an Iroshizuku, and the meaning of the word is a combination of the Japanese words, (LRO, means colouring) and (Shizuku, means droplet) that embodies the image of dripping water.

The ink is made from pure Japanese ingredients that are 100% natural as the brand says! The ink is also created using the highest standard colour that looks professional on the page.

Technical Details:

  • Brand: ‎pilot
  • Weight: ‎6.7 Ounces
  • Ink Color: Variety
  • Ink Amount: 50ml


  • An Ink Bottle From A Trusted Brand
  • The Color Is Awesome And Vibrant
  • The Ink Bottle Is Elegant
  • Well Packed


  • Expensive

5. Platinum Carbon Ink Bottle 60ml

As the five number collection of picking the best fountain pen ink for cheap paper, we have reviewed this platinum carbon ink bottle.

If you’re an artist who always uses a fountain pen, you may look for the deepest black ink for your pen to make quite deep art on your art paper.

In this case, your art paper doesn’t need to be of good quality, you can use the ink and make your art more professional and brighter with the deep colour.

You don’t have to worry about the ink drying time. Even if you use a medium nib with your pen, it will dry fast and provide a smooth ink flow on cheap paper.

You can also use the ink on your watercolour paper without addition to this, it’s extremely resistant to water and fading and this feature makes it an ideal pick for keeping important notes secure from spilled beverages.

Besides its good sides, there is one downside of the ink, since it’s a spot of pigment-based ink, it’s hard to remove from your page and can make it equally hard to clean out of your pen if the ink dries out inside of it.

To solve the issue, we’ll highly recommend you clean your pen every three-four weeks! Hopefully, you’ll get a good result.

Technical Details:

  • Brand: Platinum
  • Weight: ‎5.9 Ounces
  • Colour: ‎black
  • Material Type: Carbon Ink
  • Ink Color: Black


  • It’s A Pigmented Carbon Ink
  • It’s A 100% Waterproof Once Dry
  • Work Well On Cheap Paper
  • Doesn’t Feather Or Bleed


  • They Should Further Increase The Amount Of Ink At This Price


You can’t use your fountain pen on any normal paper unless you use cheap paper friendly ink. If you use it you will either ruin your paper or your pen.

To solve this serious issue, you should look for the best fountain pen ink for cheap paper, and that’s what we have done in this review.

Each of these ink bottles can give you peace when you write on cheap or normal paper, although you can use them on your special page such as loose-leaf paper.

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