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Best Fountain Pen For Drawing – Review With Buying Guide.

Have you ever imagined that good drawing work can be done with a fountain pen? Properly not! But if you want to start drawing with a fountain pen, you’ll enjoy a premium feel.

Most artists prefer a fountain pen because the pen offers a wide range of ink colors and nib styles that can be used for different artworks.

So if you’re searching for the best fountain pen for drawing, you’re in the right place because here we have listed some of the most popular fountain pens currently ranking on the top of the market.

So let’s start the review.

1. Lamy Safari Fountain Pen – Charcoal

Lamy is one of the most favorite fountain pen brands worldwide, and we’ll suggest Lamy fountain pens if you’re looking for a budget-friendly, durable option for drawing.

The Lamy Safari is made of strong ABS plastic material. The ink flow is better and quite reliable, which will ideally help you to draw a great line on your art paper.

The pen uses a fine nib that will give a line width of around 0.6mm, so if you often need small lines during drawing, This fine point nib might improve your drawing experience.

The weight of this pen is only ‎0.96 ounces which is enough to be lightweight. You’ll have more control over your pen and write comfortably with your left and right hand.

The original ink that comes with the Lamy Safari is not waterproof. But if you want to use cheap art paper for this pen, hopefully, the ink will not bleed easily through your paper.

The pen feels natural to hold, and you can write in an hour-long period without pain.

Technical Details:

  • Brand: LAMY
  • Color: Charcoal
  • Ink Color: Blue
  • Material: Plastic


  • Pure Black Coated Steel Nib
  • Lightweight Body
  • Made Out Of Abs Coloured Plastic Body
  • Easy To Handle
  • Smooth Ink Flow


  • The Pen Cap Might Be Loose Day By Day

2. TWSBI ECO Fountain Pen Black F Nib

Compared to other fountain pens, this one is a little bit unique because the pen uses a piston filling mechanism that is why we have picked it and highlighted it in front of you.

The overall design of this TWSBI ECO Fountain pen seems clean and simple. You can show off your ink choice or get a handy indicator of when you need a refill.

If you have an extensive art project and need a large ink capacity, the TWSBI might be your next choice. This sharp-looking pen is also easy to use, and anyone can try it for multiple jobs such as daily writing, note-taking, drawing, and more.

The nib is designed to look premium and deliver a nice line every time you write on your selected paper.

In addition to these features, this pen offers another excellent option for new fountain pen users, and there is no cartridge system. You’ll need to use bottled ink for the pen. But the pack doesn’t include any ink for safety reasons. You’ll need to buy ink from the market.

This pen is sturdy enough to be a daily carry and still elegant enough to make a statement. The entire pack will come to your home securely after your order.

Technical Details:

  • Brand: TWSBI
  • Weight: ‎0.704 ounces
  • Colour: Black, Clear
  • Point: ‎Fine
  • Ink Color: Black


  • Piston Filling Mechanism
  • Large Ink Capacity
  • Sharp-looking
  • Well-balanced Weight
  • Secure Packaging


  • The Cap Is A Little Bit Heavy

3. Matte Black Forest Fountain Pen

When we research this model, many people prefer this one for its attractive and professional design and quality.

We’re amazed at how simple the pen is to draw or write with. We’ll highly suggest this pen if you’re looking for an affordable option for a long time.

The pen is completely equipped with a unique, streamlined stainless steel additional fine nib that will deliver an unequaled handwriting and drawing experience.

A balanced body will always ensure you have better control over the pen. The weight is perfectly calculated to offer maximum comfort so that you can hold the pen and write for a long-time without facing any hassle.

Since the pen comes with a metal pen case, You can give the pen to someone you know well who loves drawing with a fountain pen or use it for your jobs.

There is no fountain pen ink included with the pack because of safety reasons, and you’ll need to buy ink from your local market or online. It only offers one converter and one pen, and one metal pen case.

The customer service is also super, you can buy the pen, and if you see some issue with the pen, send a little message to the company, they will know the problem and send back a solution.

Technical Details:

  • Brand: Asvine
  • Colour: Black
  • Ink Color: Black
  • Material: Metal
  • Point: Extra Fine


  • Great Customer Support
  • Made of Metal
  • Classic Design with a matte black finish
  • suitable for long time writing


  • You’ll only be able to use their pen converter, and other converters might not work correctly with the pen

4. Jinhao Nature Rose Wood Fountain Pen

The Jinhao is another ideal fountain pen made out of natural wood, so if you want to add a unique pen to your table, the high recommendation would be this one not only for its built quality but also for its other features.

This is a brass-constructed fountain pen with a painted finish. If you’re already familiar with some of the other pens from the same brand, such as X750 and X450, you’ll notice this one is different.

The snap cap of this Jinhao fountain pen reveals a textured metal grip section that feels good enough in hand. The cap posts ideally, and it doesn’t make the pen too heavy.

The pen comes with a standard international converter and no cartridges. You can buy your preferred ink on the pen.

In terms of offering maximum comfort, Jinhao provides a comfortable ergonomically to their pen. This one is slightly shorter than other models, but it would be an ideal choice for both left and right-handed writers.

Technical Details:

  • Brand: Lanxivi
  • Weight: 1.58 ounces
  • Colour: ‎Rosewood bent nib
  • Material: ‎Metal
  • Point Type: Broad


  • Comfortable To Hold
  • Two-tone Iridium Bent Nib
  • Compact Size
  • Unique Body Material
  • Premium Looks
  • Well Constructed.
  • The Price Is Within Your Budget


  • It Doesn’t Perform Well In Long Writing

5. Rotring Fountain Pen

A well-balanced fountain pen can take your drawing to the next level. With this in mind, the rOtring brand has published this fountain pen to the market, and users love it for its well-contoured design and balance.

It’s a well-built premium pen that combines the nib shape and balance of a classic quill pen with the stylish convenience of a fountain pen.

The unique design might be a bonus for you and help you improve your art knowledge by offering a premium feel. Equipped with a durable stainless steel nib and ergonomic Body.

This finely crafted fountain pen comes ready with two prefilled cartridges of bold, pure black ink, and it’s available in extra fine and fine point size. You can select the fine point for more convenience.

The comfortable grip section will ensure you a fatigue-free drawing and writing for a long time. Besides, it has a thin body, so you can write fast to complete many drawing tasks in a short time.

Technical Details:

  • Brand: Rotring
  • Color: Black
  • Ink Color: Black
  • Weight: ‎0.634 ounces
  • Material: Stainless steel


  • Lightweight and Unique Body Style
  • Two pre-filled cartridges are included
  • Suitable For Long Drawing Project
  • Reliable


  • The Body seems like a pencil

Things to Consider When Purchasing The Best Fountain Pen For Drawing:

Fountain pens are available in different shapes, sizes, materials, colors, and prices. So it’s essential to know about all these things before you go buying one from the market.

This section will cover some of the key features and facts that you should look at.

Nib Material:

The majority of fountain pen producing companies use two materials to build their pen’s nib, Stainless Steel and Solid Gold.

Stainless Steel is much stronger and inexpensive than others, and this nib material is the most common nib-making element widely used in fountain pens.

Solid Gold, on the other hand, is mainly expensive and has different writing characteristics. You’ll have to pay a significant amount of money if you want to try a pen that is made of Gold.

Point to Notice: We’ll suggest you use the stainless steel nib fountain pens because they will help you a lot in offering better drawing performance on your art paper. And, of course, you can try Gold Nib if you have a reasonable budget! They are also handy.

Nib Width

Almost every Nib width is popular and plays an essential role in different jobs, but Fine, Extra-Fine, Medium, and Broad are the most popular.

But if you ask which nib width is better for drawing, we’ll recommend extra fine and medium points.

Body Materials:

The body materials might be a significant fact, some people prefer metal made pens, and some prefer plastic, so the decision is yours, here you can do one thing, first, try some other people’s pens and see which materials are giving you the most comfortable feel and then pick one according to your needs.

Pen Shape:

There are mainly two types of shapes: visible, ridged, and ergonomic. The ridged grip section can offer a balanced feel on the page while writing. On the other hand, the Ergonomic grip section is the most used and preferred grip section for beginners and professionals that offers you the ability to hold your pen correctly.

For drawing purposes, The Ergonomic grip sections will be the highly suggested shape for new and professional artists.

FAQ Section:

What is the best fountain pen for drawing?

We can’t answer in a single word because there are a large number of pens that are suitable for artwork. But the most popular one is the Lamy Safari Fountain Pen.

Can fountain pens be used for drawing?

A fountain pen will not only be the best for drawing, but also it offers more advantages than your normal drawing pens and pencil because fountain pens come in different colors and point sizes, so you’ll have more power and control over your drawing.

Who uses fountain pens?

There is no limitation, and anyone can use them for multiple tasks such as daily writing, note-taking, drawing, etc.

Does anyone still use fountain pens?

As we know, fountain pens are the most traditional pens, and with the advent of rollerball and ballpoint pens, many users are tempted by the benefits of these pens. However still, there are a considerable number of people using fountain pens worldwide.

Why are fountain pens so expensive?

As we know, Fountain pens are larger than a normal pen and designed with a lot of materials, so the pen manufacturers spend more money to produce the pen and at the end of the day, The fountain pens become a little more expensive.


It might be tough to find the best fountain pen for drawing because there are many pens available in the market, and they can confuse you when you decide.

Hopefully, if you read today’s review, you’ll better understand how to pick a fountain pen that can be used in drawing tasks and which one would be best for it.

But if you are still unsure which one you should try, buy the TWSBI ECO if you like smooth ink flow when drawing, pick the Lamy Safari Fountain Pen if you don’t have enough budget.

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