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5 Best Black Fountain Pen Ink 2022: The Ultimate Guide

Black fountain pen ink is the most popular color for writing and drawing with pens. It can be difficult to find the best black fountain pen ink, but this post will help you find it.

Black ink is a staple of any fountain pen enthusiast. It’s the perfect compliment to a cool, crisp white paper and it has been for centuries. In this blog post, I’ll be giving you my favorites in ten different types of black ink.

On top of that, I’ll also give you some tips on how to get the most out of your favorite type of black ink as well as an explanation about why these inks are considered “the best.”

Best Black Fountain Pen Ink on the market.

1. Parker Quink Black Ink (The Best All-Around)

There are a lot of ink colors to choose from, but black is the most popular. If you’re looking for the best all-around black fountain pen ink, Parker Quink Black Ink should be your go-to.

This ink is dark with a quick drying time. Be warned, it may bleed occasionally but not as much as many other inks.

It’s very smooth and goes on well. Dry quickly to a dark, even color that is resistant to fading from sunlight exposure. The ink dries fast which means you won’t have smudges or blots.

The best feature of this fountain pen ink: it doesn’t bleed through any kind of paper. Suitable for all paper grades, from rough to smooth and thin or thick.

Parker Quink Black Ink is the best black fountain pen ink for any situation. It goes on smoothly and dries quickly so you won’t have smudges or blots.

2. Waterman 50ml Intense Black Ink

This is one of the best black fountain pen inks out there. It has a small, sleek packaging that takes up less room and looks great on your desk without being too flashy.

Waterman 50ml Intense Black Ink is the best black fountain pen ink for any use, from writing to drawing. Its intense color and waterproof properties make it perfect for whatever you want to create on paper.

Waterman is an old and popular brand of pen ink. They have been in production since the 1900s, and the Intense Black has been a best-seller for them.

This ink is not waterproof. The ink flows really well which means it is easy for beginners to write with.

It is dark and without any shade. But it’s not 100% black. You can see a brownish-yellow color around the edges of it while you are writing.

One of the best features is its fast drying time- something that we really appreciate, as a beginner. The reasonable price also makes this pen a great investment for someone who wishes to try out fountain pens without breaking the bank.

3. Sailor Kiwa-Guro Pigmented Black Ink

Sailor Kiwa-Guro Pigmented Black Ink is one of the best black fountain pen inks on the market. It has a beautiful texture that makes it glide off your writing tool for an incredibly smooth experience.

The pigmentation of this ink means you can write with any kind of nib size and still get a dark, rich black color. The ink is waterproof and lightfast, so it will stay on your paper if you’re using a fountain pen.

The small size of this bottle makes the Sailor Kiwa-Guro Pigmented Black Ink an excellent choice for people who like to travel or just want to try new inks without spending too much money.

Sailor Kiwa-Guro Pigmented Black Ink is a great ink for anyone who wants to use it in any size nib. The pigmentation and waterproof properties make this one of the best black fountain pen inks on the market.

This ink is one of the best products you can find. When it dries, it will have a deep color and some shine to it.

A lesser-known measure for this ink is its dry time. It takes around 40 seconds for ink to dry, but can take up to 100 seconds. This makes it better for those who require a more professional looking document, and less appropriate for everyday use and note-taking as the ink may smear from light touches before drying.

However, it can’t be seen where the ink goes. It doesn’t feather and bleed that much.

This cartridge ink has a deep, dark color that will last for years- perfect for people who want to write something more permanent.

4. Lamy Black 50ml Ink

Lamy Black 50ml Ink Cartridge is a great buy for anyone who needs ink in the office! The cartridge style of this pen means that you can use it with any kind of fountain pen, and refill as needed without spending too much money up front.

If you’re looking for an inexpensive, low-maintenance ink option for day to day writing then this ink will provide a great balance of usability and price.

When the painting is dry, it has a matte finish with an inky black color. The darkness is not as dark as other paints, but the sheen isn’t quite opaque either.

Even though the ink is wet, it leans more toward dry. This makes it perfect for everyday use.

Every time you buy a bottle of Lamy fountain pen ink, the company also includes blotting paper that gives you big value for your money.

The refill cartridge allows you to fill ink without tipping the bottle. The ink is really black and runs smoothly.

5. Platinum Carbon 60CC Ink

Platinum Carbon 60CC Ink is a black ink with excellent opaqueness and color saturation that will give your work professional-looking results.

This ink is also water and light proof. It can be used for all types of writing, whether it is calligraphy or regular handwriting.

If you’re looking for an ink that has a matte finish, this is it. This Platinum Carbon Ink is very different from other ink. It doesn’t create a sheen much- so your paper won’t be as shiny.

Many people like to write with Platinum ink. This ink is different than most because it is made of pigment and carbon particles that set well on paper.

It will take around 10 seconds to dry and it won’t have any shine or sheen.

The only thing you have to take into consideration when using a fountain pen is making sure you clean it regularly. Carbon particles can dry out in the feed channel of your pen as easily as they do on paper, so make sure to clean it often.

What to Consider Before Buying Fountain Pen Ink

To have the best writing experience possible, you should think about 3 things before buying your next ink bottle. First is flow. That means how quickly the ink comes out of your pen or how smoothly it goes on paper. Second is saturation. It means if the ink goes on thick or thin. Third is composition, which means what colors are.


The flow of ink is important. If it flows more, the ink will be wet. You can tell if an ink is wet or dry by how much it flows. Sometimes a wet ink might bleed or feather on paper.

The wet ink provides smoother strokes and this is why it is often used by people who write everyday.

When you are writing with a fountain pen, you need to consider the flow of ink. For example, when your pen is dry and the ink is wet, it can give a smooth experience.


Whether or not you want to saturate your ink depends on what you prefer for the finished product. Less saturated inks dry quicker, making them better for writing that needs to be done and dried quickly.

The more saturated an ink is, the longer it will take to dry which makes it impractical as a choice for everyday use.


Pigment-based inks are made from solid particles. They are the most waterproof after setting. But they can be hard to clean out of the fountain pen because they dry for a long time. Water-soluble inks are easier to clean out, but it is not as good because they run when it gets wet or after a long time.

Pigment based inks are made out of particles that are not soluble. This makes them more waterproof. It also means that they will be harder to clean when they dry inside the pen.


When you are looking for a black fountain pen ink, it is important to think about what type of writing experience you want. Some options will produce an opaque finish while others leave the paper shinier. The dryer inks tend to be better with everyday use and have more opacity than wetter ones- which makes them perfect for calligraphy.

When you are considering what fountain pen ink to buy, it is best to keep in mind the flow of the ink and how quickly it will dry. You should also think about whether or not you want a saturated finish- which means that your paper dries with some sheen on top of it.

Lastly, make sure when purchasing an ink that you are aware of its composition. Pigment-based inks will be more waterproof, but they might be harder to clean out of the pen because they dry for long periods of time and use particles which won’t dissolve in water.

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